The Finish Line? A Knitalong Ends, Sort Of

By Ann Shayne
May 30, 2018
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  • Excellent idea. Had I but world enough and time…

  • I’m in for test knitting! That could be a lot of fun. The only rub for me is I cannot wear wool. So I would have to use alternate fibers.

    • Me too- on the wool. I’d love suggestions on your favorites to use instead.

  • I’m disappointed that I won’t have Cranberry Gose finished by the deadline, but life does what it does, so I shall continue to knit until it IS finished, then hand it over to my daughter, who is the beneficiary of most of my knitting! A wonderfully supportive group of knitters took on the MDKAL challenge, and they’ve all been quite the inspiration.

    And gosh, I’d love to test knit, but I’m reluctant to take on anything more right now, and I certainly don’t want to commit to something when I know full well that my current work and lifeloads mean that anything more/new will have to give.

    To those who will get to be test knitters: have fun!

  • It would be so much fun to be a test knitter, but alas, I fear like many others, I wouldn’t get anything finished in a timely fashion. I am sure you’ll find a bunch of fabulous helpers though!

  • I’m sure you will have a tsunami of volunteers to test-knit, so I will take my comfy seat in the Spectator Section and cheer everyone on 🙂
    p.s. I keep repeating myself, but have to say it one more time: Ann, I love your color choices. Such an eye!