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  • Wow. My neice is all grown up!

  • BEAUTIFUL! (And the shawl is quite nice, too!) God bless.

  • Excellent photo styling! Love it.
    And yes, it is vaguely interweavey.

  • OMG, how beautiful has Carrie become? Congrats to both girls!

  • Summer Tweed, garter stitch shawl?? You’ll have to keep us informed on the “saggging out of shape” progress, because I have heard stories about that. My fave picture is the one with the corner of that red chair!

  • Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Girl, shawl and pictures.

  • WOW! Carrie is really growing up. PUT BOOKS ON HER HEAD, MAKE HER STOP! Or, at least, if you find the secret, let me know, quick….I’ve failed on my oldest 3, and #4 is 12, and shooting up….
    Lovely girl, and niece Maggie took great photos. Hire them more often! 😉

  • Lovely on all counts. Thanks, Kay!

    Your daughter is a beautiful model…I should think IK will come knocking on your door!

  • Lovely!! I want to make one!

  • Uh, can I borrow your model and photog? I have a sweater that is happily finished and I need to post it on Rav, but I can’t seem to get a picture of the thing that doesn’t include a doofy looking me, or the parts of the sweater that count! Ay yi yi!
    The shawl is lovely, as are the pictures. Look out, Rowan Mag!

  • Your daughter is beautiful.

  • Kay, Gorgeous shawl!!! And where do Carrie’s jeans come from?! LOVE!!

  • adore the joyous leap!

  • Gorgeous! You did a wonderful job with the shawl (I’ve been trolling shawl patterns in the last couple of days even though I have no reason to start something new except for the joy of starting).

  • Kay,
    I love this shawl and your first cashmere version has me dreaming and wishing I had the time and some extra cashmere. Thanks for posting again and including your instructions. Your daughter is gorgeous too!

  • Carrie is freaking gorgeous and the shawl is pretty.

  • And once again I want to knit a shawl – right after that shadow[]box thingy…your daughter is beautiful and a compelling shawl model!

  • i agree lovely shawl family and autum leaves

  • Most excellent photos AND shawl. Such fun!

  • Fabulous! Hold the herbal tea mug and ennervated touching of hems in dark wood shelved libraries, I like these locations, styling & model so much more.

  • Carrie is so pretty – and so’s the shawl! But- I believe that a cup of contemplative tea out in the woods may have made it more Rowan-y than Interweave-y….

  • Kay, did you take the beach pen to Carrie’s pants?! Happy post Tday.

  • Carrie is freaking gorgeous and the shawl is pretty.

  • I love the ruffle. I went back and looked at the posts about the first two shawls and saw where the ruffle went away with the blocking. That’s ok, but I really like the ruffle. Now a question on blocking, please tell me if I should block a rectangular shawl done in cotton ease by LionBrand. It is tending to roll because of the design and I don’t know if I can block cotton. I’m such a greenhorn at this knitting. I would love your suggestions.

  • The shawl has a lovely flowing drape. Excellent photography and beautiful modeling. IK: The Next Generation, where sitting with herbal tea gives way to running in funky jeans.

  • Carrie is unreasonably pretty, and she’s making that shawl look downright hip, in addition to being plenty beautiful by us knitters’ standards.

  • The girl and the shawl are both beautiful and graceful. The pants, boots, and inside-out shawl make for a great “je ne sais Carrie” style. The autumn leaves and light are wonderful too.

  • Heartbreakingly beautiful record of Carrie’s youth and spirit. Yummy rendition of Tehri’s wonderful adaptation of the Wool Peddler’s Shawl. Not to mention I’m a big fan of that red Eileen Fisher poncho. Stop it already, would ya?!

  • I’d love a recipe for the pickles the divinely coiffed woman is holding in the top photo, please. (Reminds me I did make pickles and conserves as holiday gifts one year–the unopened jars remind the recipients I did, too.)

  • Interweavy? Not with those jeans! I think I need a pair!

  • The “inside out” part. Ha! Love it.

  • gorgeous

  • Wow – What a great idea! Hire the kids. Lovely photos. And lovely shawl.