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  • Thanks for the memories! For years I would take the NJ Transit/Septa connection back home from college in NY! Those taxi rides to Penn Station were always a great way to jumpstart the trip – I always thought I’d miss the train. You’re lucky you had a quiet ride – not usually the case as I remember. These days I’m an Amtrak girl – cuts about an hour off the ride. But train travel is still my favorite – comfortable seats and lots of knitting time!
    Love the ugg booties and hat. Printed out the pattern for my soon to be born niece or nephew! They will be so cute!
    Thank you for sharing.

  • hat and booties are adorable!

  • I, too, want to thank you for the train memories. The summer after college I commuted between Philly and NY to visit da boyfriend. Oh, those dramatic, teary goodbyes at 30th Street Station! Must have given our fellow travelers quite a show. ( I didn’t knit then, but I did occasionally drag my sewing machine on the train with me.) Now that I think of it, how many 22 year old girls take the sewing machine for a weekend with the boyfriend?! Well, I really do love to sew.

  • Is it just me but does “Buttonhole Ranch” sound kind of dirty? Just me? OK.

  • Oh Angela, to drag an innocent felted bag down into the gutter…..xox

  • I do love those uggs. Once I prepared to travel from Toronto to Vancouver on the train (yes, romantic ideas of an undergrad…) by buying some yarn and needles to make a scarf. But somehow I lost a needle before I even started. It was a sad 4 days.
    I also love those big gates and would like to wander around with them. Have you seen this:

  • Kay, the hubby and I–we are with you on the Gates! We’ve both spent hours wandering around the park and we’re off for more this weekend. Love, love, love them! I’ve got one photo up, but I promise to eventually share all three bazillion we’ve taken…

  • ohhh….. kay….such tender moments you shared with the wee bambino…i’m absolutely cooing….and your ugg-nesses are so sweet…. thanx for caring and sharing….bon voyage “down south”….and hearts, too…

  • The finished objects, they are all super fantastic! And as for the gates, surely you have seen Jennifer’s orange gates scarf?

  • oh, how i love the manolo and his gallery of the horrors.

  • the baby uggs are SO awesome! i NEED to make a pair for my daughter.

  • The Manolo… how he has messed with the grammar classes we have all taken. But oh! How fashionable we are!

  • I LOVE THE NEW BABY ELIO!!!! Bring on the Louis Armstrong!!
    Cant wait to have a play date!

  • Fabulous post. I also bootied on the go this weekend – much fun. I love the buttonhole bags as well. I’m not a felter by nature, but I may have to add a little buttonhole to my list of WIPs sometime this year. Tres chic. As for the Gates, I will be in NYC on March 5 for a baby shower – mere days too late. I am considering hopping an Amtrak up there for a single day this weekend just so I don’t miss them – we’ll see.

  • Ah, baby cuddles. Have just come back from a weekend away with my older (age 10) son. The baby in the next room was fond of waking up at 2 am and 4 am and screaming its wee little lungs blue. Each night, my sleep-fuddled reaction was, in order: (1) “oh, maybe I should see if I could help,” (no Evelyn, that is insane, these poor parents do not want you knocking on their hotel room door at 2 am); followed by (2) “(sleepy smile) it’s not mine…”
    My son, a true man, slept through it all.
    Am waiting for the next baby boy (at the rate my friends are popping babies, it shouldn’t be long) so that I too can plunge into fluffy faux-suede madness. Yarn is ready to go, and I’m sure I could find a train trip somewhere to oblige!

  • oh oh oh i also love the gates and visited them (from toronto) just this past weekend. people may mock them, sure. but they are fabulous, nonetheless.
    ps thanks for the link to bemused.typepad.com and the amazing quilts!

  • Fantastic those Ugg booties…and in blue, too! I just used the Berroco suede for a poncho, and loved it. Perhaps the booties will be on my list soon… Great blog!

  • Love that hat and booties set!