Finishing and Starting: The Best Thing about Knitting

By Ann Shayne
May 15, 2017
Looking for a new project? So are we. All the time.

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  • I LURVE that swooshy curved scarf shawl…but Must. Finish. Brambling. Shawl. First!

  • I’m with Kermit. Love the Glee. ❤

  • I like Kermit, I too love the glee.
    Hope yall unlike DS, better than I did. Had to stop after 3 epis, it just didn’t do it for me. I love the actress who plays the wife, even if I wished she was less Whitney or something. Hmmm… maybe an don’t love her, cuz I thought the same thing in Californication. Unlike, every color of those Lichen scarves, which is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Just finished my colorwash scarf, can’t wait to block it. Love the yarn and pattern. I absolutely love your snippets and newsletters.

  • You’ve captured both the Starting and Finishing feelings very well! Love the projects, and Kermit’s sweet little head resting on the skein of yarn. I suspect that you are part of our “There’s knitting in my cat hair” family!

  • Speaking of Haymarket, I was thinking aqua and grey for a Bumble. Any thoughts?

    • I think that would be really beautiful! The gray is a very soft gray (aka my favorite color!).

    • I love that color combo!

  • Every time I see your scarf I love it a little bit more. Just a perfect yarn/color/pattern combo. Yum.
    Moxie and Della have only recently become dangerously interested in the part of the knitting process that looks like a very thin creature moving jerkily in a way that calls for leaping and landing. I’m surprised I’ve gotten away with it this long, honestly. Now I’m waiting for them to become bored with it and have a little nap while I knit. Guessing it may take a year or two to reach that point.

  • Tuxie cats look beautiful in all shades of pink!

  • Haven’t used this one as yet

  • Is there a pattern somewhere for this beautiful scarf? MDK Colorwashalong

  • looking for the pattern for this gorgeous scarf … cant find it on ravelry … rsvp… thanks, daisy