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  • Um, dear Kay.
    Everyone’s 2009 started at midnight. That’s the way it works, y’know.
    Your Kiri is loverly, nice and driftwood/sand coloured! I suspect you did not take those pictures in Manhattan, though!
    I hope you are enjoying the back-to-school thrills this week. One of mine doesn’t have to go back till Wednesday! Ack!

  • Lurvly, just lurvly. There’s almost enough gray in all those pictures for me. That Kiri is just schrumpshus.

  • What lovely pictures. Makes me wish I was back in my hometown of San Francisco, CA. Although, I don’t remember many warm “beach” days, the sunsets were magnificent.
    Listen, that Kiri shawl looks an awful lot like one I began in 2006 (finished in 2007). I made it from Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere (I guess a fingering weight–it only took one skein).
    The pattern, I think, was from the book ‘Wrap Style’. It was such fun to knit! It was also my first completed “lace” type shawl–not so much fun to block. I still think I could have gotten those border points a lot pointier…Let us know how you fair with those blocking wires (I had only used pins).
    Thanks to you and Ann for these early 2009 entries. Knit on!

  • Kiri!!!! I knew it as soon as I saw your picture. I knitted this shawl as my first laceweight/shawl/lace shawl project ever. I completed it Oct 2008 just in time to wear to my wedding 🙂 Its a great pattern!

  • happy new year to all! and many lovely & inspiring knits for the year to come.

  • Happy new year, love the beachy greyness and the Kiri greyness too. You reminded me that Kiri is the one pattern that totally kicked my a#$ in the past 5 years. Maybe I’ll return and kick hers in the new year! (can you tell there’s been an excess of machismo around here over the holiday break?)

  • Kiri, so pretty, can’t wait to see it blocked! I love blocking wires; they make such a difference.
    The bird picture is perfect!

  • Happy New Year, the beach photos are great and I can’t wait to see Kiri blocked. We spent most of the 31st driving through the CT storm so barely stayed up until midnight!

  • kay kay kay … are you succumbing to the beauty and warmth of wooly fibers like cashmere?! YIPPEE … bisous … gumby et sa maman!

  • boy you take great pictures of my beach – did you do the Polar Bear Plunge there too? hehehe

  • I’ve had Kiri in a binder waiting for me to get around to her for ages. I have a few other projects that definitely need to be finished first (or my hubby might boot me out of the condo), but maybe someday soon I’ll have lace in my future!

  • Love your photos of the beach. That is what we call “Naples Light,” it glows. One of the impressionist painters coined that term. Can’t remember which one, but I love it.

  • LOVERLY pictures, Kay!

  • a lovely new year to you
    i like picture three
    florida was warm holiday time
    but i am from the north
    cold walks on the beach
    are in my memory bank
    knitted washcloths
    i had seven new ones
    in my basket for the new year
    happy to see them and the towel

  • For a second I thought the green net was a bit of macrame and you were having a 70’s moment!
    Da beach scenes are calming. Thanks.

  • Hi – This picture reminds me of a winning shawl in spin off contest a few years back. The shawl was slightly felted, by the water coming in off the ocean up on to the sand. It was a beautiful sight and is your shawl.

  • Lovely photos!