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  • Welcome home, Kay!
    That fruit photo looks just like a quilt.

  • Welcome back! It’s been too quiet around here!

  • home sweet home! there is nothing that compares. olive will need lots of special hugging!

  • Olive must be so happy you’re home. I can imagine how glad she was to have you all to lean against. Our animals do love us so.

  • Vacation is fun – but like Dorothy says – there’s no place like home – and I believe Olive would agree!

  • You didn’t by any chance travel to Tel Aviv with Orna, did you? I really enjoyed your description of traveling with Orna in Italy. She is from Tel Aviv, right?

  • Welcome home! Pictures really do tell a lot without many words. Looking forward to more pictures and words about your trip. Meanwhile, looks like Olive will be getting extra love this week.

  • I am happy for Olive that her family has returned. What a relief!

  • Hope you all have wonderful suntans! I’m eager to hear more about your tiyul.

  • that is one happy little dog…

  • That must have been some trip, judging from the start and the finish! Welcome back to North America and the blogosphere!

  • Snuggle bug puppy!
    I bet Olive is glad you’re all home.

  • Oh boy – Olive is PLASTERED to Carrie!

  • Welcome home, can’t wait to see pics and descrips, and get to return vicariously to ha’aretz!

  • Olive’s eyes say it all, “If you ever do that to me again, and by the way I am soooo very happy that you are back.”

  • I have never seen such a look of reproach in a dog’s eyes. Good luck with the piles o’stuff…I’m anxious to hear all about the trip!

  • Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

  • I love to travel but I hate leaving my pets at home. Olive looks so relieved that her people are finally back where they belong – with her!

  • What are those tiny things that look like pineapples and watermelons?
    Or…omg, are those other things giant fruit?

  • Has Olive forgiven you yet? 😉
    Welcome home!

  • Welcome home from your adventures.
    Look forward to the stories and more fabulous photographs.

  • Hopefully Olive doesn’t have a spiteful streak, the only time our dog ever chewed a book was after our 3 week trip to Italy!!!

  • Every vacation should look like that.

  • welcome back!!

  • Glad you’re home safely – this must have been bittersweet for you. And what a perfect puppy pic!

  • Looks like you were missed very bad. Can’t wait to see pics.

  • Wow — Hope everything in between was as lovely and exciting!
    Welcome back.

  • Welcome home…love the picture of the kids and Olive…it says it all… recover! 🙂

  • Little Olive looks like she never plans to move again. What a face!

  • Olive’s thought bubble–
    Note to self: Locate children’s passports.
    Eat them.

  • Ahhhh Yaffa! Thank you for the photos, welcome back. Can’t wait to see and hear more of amazing Israel.

  • Oh, I think Olive needs a whole bunch of hugs! That is absolutely adorable!
    And I’m looking forward to more Israel pcitures, too.

  • Wonderful pictures, each one of them, on their own and together. Can’t wait to read the details of the journey.

  • Looks like you had a fruitful, productive trip! (We’ve been watching Muppet Show sketches on YouTube for summer media fun.)

  • I can’t even begin to say how happy those tiny pineapples make me.

  • I agree with Amy S., that fruit photo looks like a quilt. (What are those big, orange, pumpkin-y looking things in the top row, to the extreme right? They look so nice!)
    Kay, your “First/Last/Home” trilogy says it all. Even if you don’t have a chance to post additional pics, ‘ya done real good’ with these. I especially liked the ocean scene. For a moment, I felt as if I were there; and, it made me very happy.
    A big–“New York”–WELCOME HOME!

  • Olive must be so happy you are home! Nice pictures–looks like it was probably one of those very memorable trips.

  • Such great photos!

  • I enjoyed this perspective. I’ve not been to Israel but have been to Jordan. What strikes me about your photos is the incredible similarity between the way Israelis and Jordanians actually live – on the streets, in the shops, at the cafes and certainly in their senses of humour.

  • My goodness, what a whirlwind – back already! Crazy! It must have been amazing. Wow, wow, wow.