A Flap-and-Gusset Heel Recipe for Toe-Up Socks

October 21, 2019

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  • Kate, you’re the best! Thank you very much for these incredibly timely and helpful tutorials. Now, let me look at that new sock yarn…..

  • Thank you for this. Flap and gusset heels work best for most of the feet I knit for (we are a very high instep tribe) and this will make it easy to convert patterns with short row heels. Your German short row description is quite clear but, if anyone would find a video helpful, Melanie Berg has a fabulous one. It is linked on her Ravelry site. Go to her pages section and then links to knitting techniques. I am sure there are other great videos on this out there but I return to this one every time I need a quick refresher.

  • Since gauge changes with different yarn, mood, and who knows, maybe sun spots, do you check your rounds gauge like this on each pair of socks you knit??

    • Ha! Yes, you’re right about sun spots. Yes, you do need to check round gauge on toe-up socks. I always check after I’ve worked about an inch beyond the toe.

    • I don’t. The “right” answer is that you should, but ~3-3.5″ is about right for most fingering weight sock yarns, and then it comes down to personal preference on how snugly you want your heel to fit. One row off isn’t going to appreciably change how your sock fits unless you’re VERY picky. If you’re using a totally different weight of yarn than you usually do, for sure check.

      • Thanks! Truly love that the answer is yes/no/ymmv.v Thanks for this — gonna try it on the WIP.

      • Not to be boring, but the challenge is that the length required varies also based on how many gusset stitches you’re working, so it’s not quite as easy as it seems…. It can vary more than you expect!

  • I am confused. Heel flap row 1 &2, if I work to one stitch before the marker, am I not moving the marker one stitch ‘right’ not as written ‘left.’

    • Question: on the hell flap toss, when you are doing SSK or K2tog, is each DA considered one stitch? So you are actually knitting two double stitches together?

      • Hello! Each double stitch is considered a single stitch. You’re only working decreases with double stitches on the first two rows, if that helps?

  • I use a flap and gusset heel on toe-up socks all the time as they fit really well. I use shadow wrap short rows though. I have tried German short rows and find them very fiddly.

  • Great article, thank you. BUT, I have one question. Is negative ease not a factor in your foot length?

    • I was going to ask this, too! I though about 1/2″ of negative ease is preferred for the sock length, but that may be what I’ve been doing wrong. My Toe-Up Gusset socks seem to always be just a tad short even though I do the calcs each time.

    • The negative ease happens nicely as a side effect of how the heel curves around foot. Usually it’s just fine, but if you wish you can shorten the foot a tiny bit!

  • Thank you! Thank you! This is exactly what I needed.

  • Thank you for this tutorial. I have your Custom Socks book and I am using it to teach myself toe up socks that fit ! I was confused by the gusset markers because I was using short circulars . I put them back on dps and with the help of your pictures I’m making progress !