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  • Aw Kay, that is an awesome photo essay! And the sweater is gorgeous too — very inspiring. If my hubby plays his cards right, he might get one in a grown-up size.
    Of course my older son has decreed “no more sweaters” (what? I’ve knit you like, four, maybe five, in eleven years!) but has decided he wants a blanket and socks. Whatever. At least this way I don’t have to worry about knitting fast enough to intersect his growth curve…

  • Beautiful! Stunning! Fabulous! One of the years top 10 handknits.
    (I’m hoping to pursue a career as a movie and/or book reviewer someday.)

  • Fab! And excellent amount of growth room. He’ll be wearing it for years!

  • I’ve wanted to knit this sweater since the firt day I saw it. But now I want to knit it EVEN MORE! And I can’t! I have too many christmas presents to knit, sigh!

  • Terrific! I sadly have a fear of knitting sweaters but this pattern is just so beautiful. I don’t recall reading what yarn you took but you say it washes up nicely!?

  • Beyond wonderful! Pictures and all! I just love Joseph’s laugh in the sixth picture – I remember that!
    The sweater looks great. When am I going to knit me some of that denim? Hmm? When?

  • That is one cute munchkin, gorgeous sweater and professional or not- you did one damn good job with the photos 🙂

  • You have started a whole new genre of FO photography – the well-attired darting boy series – bravo! I love all the pictures, which are somehow made cuter by his stubborness, though I have to admit that I gravitate to the girlchild placidly shell-hunting photo as well. Charming children in equally charming garb. Hope you had a great turkey day!

  • Wow, how cute they are–and great sweaters too.

  • Wow, Kay! How beautiful. I didn’t grasp the wonder that is Durrow until now. It’s on my to-knit list for sure. If my little guy is interested, I hope you can offer some insight into resizing the thing.

  • masterful kay!…..what picture-perfect pixie models in your midst. i’m swooning joyfully….

  • That last photo is fabulous! And what a cutie your little boy is! Clearly it runs in the family.

  • Looks great! Sweater and the beaches of good ole’ Lawn Guyland! I do love ’em.

  • I had made a deal with myself about the denim. I was going to wait until I had finished all of the unfinished projects I have waiting. I may have been undone by the cuteness here today.
    See you Saturday!!!!

  • What a hoot! I’ve got an 11 yo boy and I know what you are talking about. The pictures are great though and he has such an impish smile! Beautiful sweaters. It really makes me want to try denim yarn.

  • That’s it. I’m making that sweater. Wow. He wears it well, in spite of running away from the camera (love those shots) the last one is great.

  • oh, joseph – you look smashing!! (the jeans AND the sweater, and the grin!)
    absurdly touched in Sutton QC, but the pregnancy hormones’ll do it to yuh every time

  • Way cool sweater! I’m glad that Joseph loves it – even if he won’t pose for the modelling shots. I love the fact that you were out with matching black denim-clad children!!!!
    Belated happy thanksgiving!

  • That is fanTASTIfabuLOSo! Funny, as I was just driving home, I was plotting new sweaters for my niece and nephew, definitely thinking DENIM, and trying to decide if all the shrinkage-figuring into the patterns would do me in. You must write me your tips for modifying patterns. Wonderful job!

  • It’s goowjus!

  • What a triumph ! A great success !
    Joseph,you look so handsome and comfortable in your fab new sweater.
    Kay,the mistress of stealth knitting ! And a damn good photographer. :0)

  • I just LOVE Joseph!
    The sweater’s pretty nice too.

  • I don’t really get how you manage to get Joseph to wear a handknit in the first place. I think that’s the real masterwork here. If I could knit a sweater that was a perfect imitation of Polarfleece, I might get a Boy to wear one. But cables? Denim yarn? It’s hopeless.
    That sweater on that boy is one of the cutest things I ever saw, and you’re hearing this from somebody who spent time with a three-month-old baby this week. Adorable boy.

  • Reasons to give thanks–for Kay and her adorable impish child who wears, but will not model, thank you very much, an even more adorable cable-knit sweater made by his mom. Great essay and hope you guys had a very satisfying break.

  • It’s a gorgeous sweater and both kids are just perfect in their handknits. How cute that he wouldn’t hold still. At least he wore it!

  • Wonderful sweater & wonderful boy in sweater! Oh for the days when my guys would run around in handknits instead of (ugh) black hoodie sweatshirts.

  • I have the same problem with my son who now hates to be photographed….Of course my daughter loves it!
    I love the sweater.

  • It looks perfect! Now I want to downsize it for myself.

  • Absolutely fantastic, all of it, the sweater, the boy, the sweater and the girl, the photo essay, his smile–so happy. I love it!

  • i love it.. I didn’t even give that sweater a second look on magknits but on Joseph, it’s really super. well done on capturing the moment.

  • I’m giggling, but what can I say? Boys can be like that! (grin) At least the sweater looks marvelous–even in blurry, non-stop motion.

  • Both boy and sweater — so handsome!!

  • Okay, so Rowan won’t be chasing him down for the next Brandon Mably, but then again, he’s too good to share. Lovely Dutton. I didn’t even think of it for my boy. Now, it’s inevitable.

  • dutton, durrow; whatever!

  • So handsome! You won in the end– it really suits him.

  • Durrow is gorgeous, but so is the Black Whitby. Wow, you’re some knitter!

  • Great photographs. Both Brother and Sister look gorgeous. I love the action shot vs. the thoughtful shot. I am hearing the Siren call of the Denim.

  • Wow! I love it!

  • very nice!!
    ps. did you at least think of me as you went whizzing by on the LIE??

  • Love those cables going up the sleeves… 🙂

  • You just gave us the behind-the-scene-shots of those early years Debbie Bliss children knitting books! Seriously, Carrie and Joseph are lovely in their sweaters and so DebbieBlissesque too.

  • LOVE the photos. ASOLUTELY LOVE Durrow. So much so that I think I have to knit one for my husband. This will make 2 jumpers knitted for him in 18 years. This is an occasion to remember.
    Heather x
    PS the boyfriend sweater curse doesn’t apply to husbands does it ?

  • Lovely! I showed my husband, who surprisingly said he’d wear Durrow if I made it for him. Thanks for the inspiration!
    One question though. The pattern says it has saddle shoulders. Joseph’s sweater looks like a raglan. Did you change it from saddle to raglan, or is the pattern really a raglanish saddle?

  • wow! better than any catalogue photographs i’ve ever seen — the models and the knitwear. gorgeous!

  • oooh, i love it. that looks amazing, well done you!

  • The sweater looks fantastic, and he’s so cute in it. I’m so excited! You finished that sweater in about a twentieth of the time it took me.

  • Thanks for sharing the photos! I just ordered yarn to make this last night.
    ps, I don’t think I would have the courage to get a handknit cable sweater in the sand! That’s really cutting loose in my book. lol It looks fabulous on him and congrats on the accidental sizing. What an awesome feeling when things just fall into place!