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  • Love the jacket, I can never get enough of seed stitch, particularly on baby things. The idea of bleach on denim terrifies me, although it really brings out those pretty cables.

  • Love it, love it, love it. Bleach is denim’s best friend, I feel. OK, I have to say that as I spent yesterday afternoon sloshing half a bottle of bleach over 5 knitted squares of denim (each one a whole ball!). But that little jacket is perfect, very, very ’50s. ‘Twill be a super stylish little sproglet!

  • Love the baby raglan! It is very sweet.
    I finished my first baby kimono yesterday. Love the book It sits open by my bed with me wanting to knit everything in it!

  • that is so cute.

  • Love that baby sweater. Adult size version next? With grown up buttons.

  • Beeeutiful sweater! I love the bleach bit…you are truely brave! Don’t think I’d have the nerve to go at a newly knitted project with a bleach pen. But the results are awesome! The hat is a perfect match and so cute!!! You guys are the best!

  • Love it! I just got a bleach pen and never thought of the possibilities with denim yarn. Thanks for the tip!

  • Kay – it’s fantastic! I picked up some Debbie Bliss Denim Aran this weekend. Only 5 skeins and I’m hoping it’s enough for a baby sweater!

  • That is want-my-own-baby-girl-right-now cute. Meanwhile, I’ll be taking my bleach pen to the grout in the bathroom. I wonder if people googling “bleach pen” get your site because of its frequent appearance here and say to themselves, “Oh, THAT’S what those are for!”

  • That’s an adorable sweater! I love all the detailing, and the faded denim is perfect. You’re slowly pulliing me over to the *denim* side. My little niece is ready for a new sweater…something like this might be just right. I’ll have to get my hands on a copy of that book!

  • more o’s have been f’d …… I am going to have to remember that one, just in case I ever get an f’d o. ya know?

  • The few and the brave – you are certianly among them. I gotta get me some denim… as soon as I finish another 30 mitered squares and everything else in The Book. Love it all. 🙂

  • I just love what you did with the bleach pen! That just takes the jacket to a whole new level.

  • Adorable sweater!

  • I think I need to have another baby.

  • OK, I admit that my heart stopped just a tiny bit when I first read “bleach pen” but I think the results are totally worth it. That, and I bet it was easier than doing intarsia cables at the raglans, which is totally what I thought you had done when I first saw the picture.
    Cute Cute Cute!

  • I am glad the beach pen is in full use! I have had to quarantine mine until I get at least one of the current projects finished!
    I so want to take it for a spin on a couple of cotton swatches I have.

  • The sweater is so sweet! If I wasn’t so addicted to Log Cabins and so eager to start a miter blanket… I might bite at this.

  • “photoshopping as fast as i can”– LOL!
    beautiful knitting, kay.

  • The sweater is fantastic and I NEVER would have thought (and not sure I would have been brave enough) to try the bleach pen, but I have to admit I love the way it looks 🙂

  • How gratifying that your adventurous spirit always has such a nice outcome. Were I so bold and so successful, I’d dance a jig.

  • The sweater is great, but even better is that pearl of wisdom: always accessorize with a non-handknit.
    I never stop learning here at MDK!

  • I think I need to have a baby, too. Oh wait, I am! Lucky me!

  • Who couldn’t love that jacket, of course given my level of knitting tallent, good plan. ;> How do you set a cable by yarn overs (I have done only one cable to date, am in luv)

  • How beautiful Kay! I love what the bleach does for seedstitch – I’m going to fiddle with my swatches today. I’m afraid – wish I had you and Belinda to help!

  • Did you drive through St. Louis?

  • Ann & Kay behind McCartney split!
    No time for Paul after reading new Mason Dixon book!

  • Very cute jacket. That bleach pen is genius. I would have never thought of that on my handknits.

  • What a great baby knit. All my friends seem to be getting pregnant at the same time, so I’m going to have to (get to!) buy some baby pattern books. I love the book, by the way! My sister got it for me in KC (Yarn Shop & More).

  • “More o’s have been f’d” hee!
    I just f’d my first o from the MDK book, haven’t taken a picture of it yet though. Gotta get on that!

  • I love the sweater but your advice about accessorizing the handknit is worth it’s weight in gold!

  • Bleaching grout! What a great idea… all I had thought about were yarn uses.
    Just goes to show you. Never skip the comments.

  • Wow, a bleach pen! I never would have thought of it. How daring! I’ll have to try it now.

  • A gorgeous sweater. I love the cables. But I have to say, the sweater is way too classy for that hat. The hat’s cute and all, but this is a handknit car coat for pete’s sake. 🙂

  • Glorious baby jacket! I love shadings of blue and the cables 🙂

  • I really, really like the tight cables offset by the yarnovers. And I really, really like the bleach pen effect. Now, could you overdye the bleached parts? Does Clorox make an overdye pen? Possibilities unfold.

  • F ’em if they don’t like the handknits.
    and i’d like mine in a nice sage green. absolutely F’ing cute.

  • Awesome sweater!

  • Lovely work and some timely inspiration- I need to get gift making for my gazillion friends producing babies this year..

  • AWESOME jacket! It came out perfect! Bleach can be a girls best friend sometimes….;o)
    Great colorway on the socks too! Trekking is great stuff!

  • I second, third, maybe even fourth the instructions for the yarnover framed cables. I love cables and I have been trying to recreate the cable thingie on my own for about two weeks!