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  • They are really beautiful!

  • And a tribute to the MDK legacy. These are great –

  • EEK! It’s all the stitch patterns from the book! Even the piano bench cushion pattern! So fantastic!!!!!! I cain’t hardly buhLIEVE it. They really are beautiful. Cindy, you’re amazing. xoxoxoxoxox

  • Wow! Cindy really rocked it hard with those squares. Completely inspiring and lovely.

  • That is truly awe-inspiring, and so clever! A tribute, to Mason-Dixon, and what a wonderful way to illustrate it, in the Squares. A tip of the rosewoods to you, Mme Cindy!

  • Awww – absolute perfection with so much heart and soul knit into each stitch. Nice work!

  • WOW!
    Those are BE U T FULL!
    Your blanket is going to be unbelieveable (sp?). You know what I mean.

  • They are absolutely gorgeous!!

  • WOW>>>>>>>>>…………….. amazing.. My 2 little squares will be so happy to be stiched with such wonderful squares… (all of the squares have been wonderful!)

  • Wow! What gorgeous squares! Beautiful!

  • You got the assortment with none of those awful cherry cordials in it, Sugar.

  • CINDY! Those things are AMAZING!!!! Gorgeous. Lucky you, lucky us, lucky blankie!

  • So PRETTY. So PERFECT. So SQUARE. I love them.
    Well done Cindy.

  • delightful cindy
    the blanket is so full of talent and care
    toujours gai toujours gai

  • They are so…precise! Wow!

  • Gorgeous, now I feel truly inadequate.

  • Holy CRAP.
    That’s all I’ve got. Just … holy CRAP.

  • those squares are quite lovely. i’m with maryb. holy crap.

  • Those are amazing ! I may have to buy another 9 million (if only !) raffle tickets now just to make sure I beat everyone else to that blanket. I’m in serious covet mode :0)

  • Wow.

  • So that’s what “Bring your A game” looks like in the knit world. Wow!

  • Clever AND beautiful – well done, Cindy!
    Not only a fantastic contribution to the blanket/s, but also a lovely tribute to Ann and Kay…

  • What a beautiful homage to the Mason-Dixon style of knitting. Inspirational, stunning.

  • How clever! How precise and square and wonderfully flat! I love it! Ann and Kay, you must be choked up by these! I’m a little teary myself…

  • Wow.

  • I’m lining up behind MaryB in Richmond and Maryse, HOLY CRAP! My four little squares hope one of them gets to be by one of Cindy’s to bask in a little reflected glow. Wow.

  • OMG!! Great Squareness!

  • Omigawd. What an amazing mass of squares. Cindy, you totally rock the squares! They’re wonderful and beautiful and plentiful and so MDKful. Clever, creative. WOW.

  • Wow. What a beautiful selection of squares. Way to go, Cindy! I’m so impressed.

  • wow. cindy is amazing.
    kudos to cindy! go team cindy! hurrah!

  • simply manificant!

  • Such exquisite squares. Very inspiring. My log cabin squares aren’t.
    What fun you’re going to have putting this all together!!!

  • Uh, Cindy…….Wow!……Beautiful……..Amazing……..Uh………just WOW!!

  • WOW!!! I’m in awe. Moss grid, ballband, dotty…. it’s all there… and done so beautifully. Wow.

  • When I saw the squares posted early this morning, they just amazed me. I had to come back and tell you there are truly gorgeous. I am in awe. Excellent work.

  • positively the BEST LOVE!!!!!!

  • Oooh, I wish I had even thought to do something other than garter stitch. Mixing it up would have made them fly by even faster! Pretty, pretty knitting.

  • Unbelievable – jaw droppingly so!

  • Wow, and double wow. I went to Cindy’s blog and again wow. Such amazing knitting! I am in awe.

  • So richly colored! Really glorious squares.

  • Cindy – oh I’m so jealous now. Why oh why didn’t you send them to me over at the UK Blanket HQ? I’d even pay your postage for those! Damn it all woman, I’d even fly over to America to collect them! Sigh. Very heavy sigh.

  • I’m getting all Gee’s Bend-y over Cindy’s knitting. Wow.

  • I’m getting all Gee’s Bend-y over Cindy’s knitting. Wow.

  • I was going to say HOLY CRAP….
    and then I got to some deep deep thinking….about all the variety and possibilities in this world… and there is really no limit to what people can do.
    Cindy is an inspiration for us all…..

  • I am both humbled and overwhelmed by the beauty of these squares, and the generosity of Cindy. A master knitter.
    Such a gorgeous tribute to Ann and Kay too.
    Fab !

  • I am both humbled and overwhelmed by the beauty of these squares, and the generosity of Cindy. A master knitter.
    Such a gorgeous tribute to Ann and Kay too.
    Fab !

  • Oh my dog that’s amazing. Great job Cindy!

  • Oh my…
    Would you look at all the…
    That’s just….

  • So many of them, and there all so cool!!!!

  • Another “Oh. My. God.” moment…THANK YOU CINDY!!!

  • Those squares are amazing! They should be framed and auctioned off individually!

  • those are spectacular!!!!

  • those are spectacular!!!!

  • Ok…where does one go to buy tickets to try to be lucky enough to win one of these gorgeous creations?!?!?!?!
    And how do I find the link to Cindy’s?

  • Oh, the colours! Oh, the even-ness of those stitches! Oh, the possibilities! It’s enough to make a woman run for her knitting needles…

  • Those are amazing!