The Franklin Festival: (Almost) a Year of Franklin Habit

By Kay Gardiner
August 17, 2017

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  • In these stressful times, Franklin has made me laugh and really appreciate the hand made. He has made my life richer by his knowledge, skill and talent. I will never miss a Franklin article or blog. I have to admit that I love Roz, too.

  • I love all your contributors, but you, Ann, and Franklin seem, as Stephen Colbert might say, “like a freaky three-way [of knitting!]” that was just meant to be! You are all so wonderful. I also don’t think that there’s an end to the Franklin Habit skill set. He writes, he draws, he designs, he teaches, AND he’s funny…and I have seen through your blog that he reviews books as thoughtfully and well as anybody I’ve ever read.

  • Franklin is, indeed, always a joy to read. I appreciate MDK for the quality of -all- its writing and the lightness of heart it brings.

  • I not only own that cookbook, I indexed it!

  • Hi Kay,
    The exciting news is that you can DOWNLOAD A Thousand Ways to Please Your Husband.
    I believe that the following link will work.

  • I have the Bettina cookbook! It was my mother’s. Someone gave it to her as a wedding gift. The lemon pie is to die for.
    Julie in San Diego