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  • Kay, I’m just bowled over by your quilting. Or should it really be called flat fabric sculpture? or free-wheeling hand-sewn canvas? My brain just doesn’t work that way when it comes to quilts (must be the production side of me coming out), but I certainly appreciate it when I see it. 🙂 Thanks for showing us what you’re up to. Will we see a Mason-Dixon quilting book next?

  • Re: Union Jack/flag- it came up in a Doctor Who episode, that’s where I learned it!

  • Happy Weekend to you too! Our spring break starts next week so I get to choose a car craft for the long ride to Memphis!

  • Now exactly what is wrong with Clorets and a rainhat, young lady?
    ::shuffles off, muttering and leaning on her cane::

  • The Etsy headquarters is certainly a “no-frills”, “decorated-on-a-budget” kind of place, isn’t it?! That vault would make a great moth-free yarn stash storage room.
    One random question: When you look out your apartment window, do you ever wave to the people in the apartments across from you? I would be sorely tempted to do that!
    Like you, I was a bit uneasy about our President appearing on a late night talk show. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and learned quite a bit from his explanation of the AIG failure. His sense of humor also shone through, and I loved the story about his daughter being more excited about the dish of Starbursts on Marine 1 (I never knew the helicopter had a title) than she was about flying past the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. I really chuckled over that; I could just picture my 6-yr.-old granddaughter reacting in the same way. I was knitting on Martha from Rowan Studio #2 while watching Mr. President.
    I love your US flag mini-quilt and the flag that gave you inspiration. If you keep posting your quilting adventures, I’m going to break down and start a mini-quilt of some kind. I get those left finger perforations when I quilt also, because I have never gotten accustomed to using a thimble. The calluses are a welcome relief!
    Mary G. in Texas

  • Kay, I caught the last half of your Etsy appearance, and it was fun. Worth repeating? Regarding the very cute flags: what if you set them on alternating points to get the diagonal lines? I’m trying to think of what triangular shapes could fit the concept… Some of the blocks could be backwards, letting the star blocks meet in the middle or in outer corners.

  • Re: What has become of me? What’s next? A pocketbook on my wrist, containing rain hat and pack of Clorets?)
    Kay, I’m afraid that it’s entirely possible you are already doing the 2009 equivalent of pocketbook/rain hat/Clorets, as young people today probably don’t know about those fold-up plastic rain hats or Clorets, or maybe even pocketbooks(!)
    Yours in aging solidarity,

  • When you get a purse hook for that pocketbook on your wrist. I’ll be sitting right next to you in the crabby old lady seats on the bus. Wearing my Turban! I don’t have a turban but I remember my Grandmother purchasing them at the 5 and dime, the ones made out of thin terry cloth. Remember those. I want one and there is nary a 5 and dime to be found these days. Vermont Country Store website here I come.
    Gwyneth aka PurplePurlGirl(Ravelry)
    p.s. I could use a rainhat.

  • You are not old until you have a supply of gently used kleenex in your cleavage or your sleeves. Do not fret, you are not there yet.
    And if you are, don’t tell us.

  • I initially had the same reaction re. the Leno appearance, but really, I think it’s the 21st century version of Roosevelt’s fireside chats. He started those because he couldn’t get press coverage that he felt was fair or favorable for his New Deal, so he went directly to the people. And didn’t you love the story about the girls going for the starbursts?

  • Radioactive crafts? I love that! Now what’s up with the owl thing? I tell you, get sick and leave blogdom for a bit and come back to owls. Care to enlighten me?
    I hope you’re doing well!

  • Radioactive crafts? I love that!! I’ve been sick and away from blogland for a while only to come back to owls and more owls. Care to enlighten me?
    Hope you’re doing well.

  • Radioactive crafts? I love that!! I’ve been sick and away from blogland for a while only to come back to owls and more owls. Care to enlighten me?
    Hope you’re doing well.

  • Want to talk old lady? To me, LOL means “little old lady.” That’s waitress speak for “refire that soup! it isn’t hot enough!”

  • I wonder how many people disapproved, felt uncomfortable w/ FDR’s Fireside Chats?
    I think POTUS is so smart, he knows can reach a lot of people that way with his message.
    I think my discomfort would kick in if he was on Facebook.
    Janet, who is on the far end of the baby boom.

  • I tried & tried to get to your talk but I guess Etsy’s bouncer didn’t like the looks of me. I got stuck on a page that said “authorizing,” and never got beyond that. I waited 45 minutes, and at that point, I figured you were back in Manhattan, having scooped all the good Etsy stuff. I loved your partial list of goodies. When are you going to show us all the rest of them?

  • I watched you on Etsy-it was fun, but I find all this virtual stuff mind-boggling. Whoever said the POTUS on Leno is the 21st century version of FDR’s fireside chats got it right I think.
    I guess I’m just going to have to “get with it” and come into this “new” century-kicking and screaming as I go.
    I haven’t seen Clorets in a coon’s age..I wonder if you can still buy them?
    your comments and all those above gave me a real chuckle.
    I defintely see a quilt book in your future.

  • Sally A.: Etsy’s bouncer didn’t like the looks of me last night, either. I quit trying after 20 minutes of ……………………. Authorizing…………………………
    Mary G. in Texas

  • To Janet, I have bad news for you:
    Does he get any dispensation for being there before he became president?

  • To Mary Lou,
    I agree with you completely. US presidents who have connected most successfully with the American people have understood and used the media of their eras. I really AM an old lady (69!) and I think Obama has used the technology brilliantly to communicate with the people of this country.

  • Never fear! I Googled “Clorets Mints”, and it seems they are still available. It’s easier to find the gum, however (who remembered there was GUM??). Anyway.
    Love the quilt idea. Liberty of London fabric. I was actually AT Liberty of London fabrics before I was aware of what they were (I was just 30, but still stupid), and didn’t buy a thing. A few years later, I asked a friend traveling to London to buy me some “Liberty prints”. I told her where to find them, told her I trusted her taste and would pay her whatever. She returned home with some kind of gift (china, I think), saying that she looked, but they don’t make the fabric any more! I let her have her little white lie; not every tourist is heavy into fabric shopping, after all…
    Sudden memory: Northern Star Quilter’s always have their grand quilt show the first weekend in May. It’s at JFK High School in Somers, NY. Beautiful quilts on display in the gym, vendors galore, all-day lecturing in the auditorium. (Bring your own lunch, their stuff is expensive.)
    Be there or be square, you all!

  • P.S. On my computer, the colors of your newest knitted dishcloth are reminiscent of…..CLORETS!!

  • Fussbudget? I’m speechless! But laughing. x x x

  • How big is your mini-flag? How are you going to quilt? I mean what pattern? Can’t wait to see it. I used to quilt, now I knit, you are messing me up. Now I want to quilt again.
    The way the colors fade in and out in the Liberty Jack is really neat.

  • Oh, the importance of Doctor Who episodes in the pursuit of knowledge 🙂 looks like a great idea to me.

  • OMG! I had forgotten about Clorets.

  • OMG! I had forgotten about Clorets.

  • That “door” reminds me of the very ancient “Get Smart” series opener!
    I guess I tried to get on the virtual Etsy too early; nothing came up when I tried to access it.

  • This is the problem with announcing that you like something, such as owls. People will be giving /pointing out/ making/ bringing owls to you for the rest of your natural life. At some point, you will be forced to become unladylike and shriek ” No more owls!” but it won’t help. My sister is still digging out from the elephant proclamation or 1985. My MIL had nineteen cartons of souvenir coffee cups after a chance remark that “you could at least bring your mother a coffee cup when you go on a trip”. I considering announcing that I collect precious gems, just to see what happens, and because, you know, they’re small.

  • Now that I look at it, it’s not only the diagonals that give movement and vibration, but the fact that they’re outlined with darker fabric, too. And there’s a lot of play in the vertical stripes of “Old Glory” that can be made with high contrasts onf dark/light fabric “stripes”, mimicking the high contrast between the red and white stripes on our flag.
    Or maybe not; just saying.

  • I meant to say HORIZONTAL stripes in “Old Glory”.
    Even though our flag doesn’t have diagonals, I think a lot can be done with contrast of intensity in color, as well as using darker prints that “read” as solids, contrasted with lighter ones that don’t. And you can play with “positive” and “negative” aspects, too.
    (Just how this is done, I haven’t a clue. Once I have to match up more that two colors, I am lost!)

  • Ann, love your quilt aesthetic–fresh and breezy! Check out http://www.thimblelady.com for a method to eliminate need for callouses on your finger tips! She’s a dear. (This would be for the quilting part-if you need callouses for the piecing part you need a thimble, girlfriend.)

  • Oops! Meant “Kay” –you three letter name girls–what can you expect? I really do know you apart. Just my Barbie bubble de jour. Sorry.

  • I remember that my grandmother always had Clorets gum, Juicy Fruit gum (IF I was lucky) or Speermint (spelling?) gum.. (which as a KID I did NOT LIKE) and butterscotch candies in her purse and of course an endless supply of Kleenix under her watch band.