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  • Hope you feel better soon! I hope you are not too weak to knit. That would be a total waste of a sick day. ????

  • Feel better soon! I hope you get some knitting in. Thanks for blogging even though you are sick.

  • If you have what I have, be prepared for a 2 week siege, conjunctivitis optional. Get well sooner than I did.

  • I feel your pain or at least your cough and running nose! After thinking I’m so healthy amidst all these sick people I take care of , I have been coughing and sneezing for a month!!!! Feel better soon❤️????!

  • Knitting, hot tea, warm blankets, Jane Austen marathon on tv. Rest, relax, blow nose, repeat.

  • This is a wonderful Snippet! It lead me to checking out the website. They actually have written a profile one each knitter, which kind of brings forth their unique personalities, and is written with a gentle sweetness. The prices are high, but folks do need to really value the time and work that is put into hand knit it garments.

    So thank you, Kay. I am sorry that you’re feeling under the weather. I hope the “crud” isn’t too cruddy, and soon returns to whence it came.


  • Beautiful snippet, thanks for starting my day with some inspiration. I hope you bounce back real soon.

  • Thanks for the reminder. I have a started Mitered Crosses Blanket in my UFO bin and the rest of the yarn in another container. Guess I’d better bring them out and get them together again. 2016 is my year to finish projects and only shop the stash.

    • “Only shop the stash” – a motto to live by (for a while!)

  • Too sick to eat your birthday dinner? Oh dear, I hope dear Olive brings you a bone.

  • How terrible to be sick on your birthday. That’s just not fair. Slow and expensive…I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a RTW cheap sweater and rushed out to knit it myself. I say “I can knit that for three times the cost”. And thanks for reminding me that I want to knit the blanket.

  • I’m sorry; I feel your pain! We had a house full of noro virus for our anniversary dinner last week. I also missed out on my richly deserved and long awaited enchiladas. And your snippet is fabulous, inspires me to take out the stashed fair isle kit that would look better on me than in a bin.

  • Oh dear. Sorry you’ve not been feeling well and especially on a day with enchiladas available. Possible upside: if you haven’t yet become obsessed with the OwlCam, this is the time.

  • So sorry you have the “crud”, Kay! This calls for a nice cozy blanket, a comfy pillow and marathon TV watching…maybe House of Cards (I’m obsessed!). I hope you have the 24 hour version and will have your dancing shoes (or knitting hands!) on again real soon! Feel better!

  • It’s horrible to be sick when spring is beginning to sprung ….
    Feel better soon!

  • What is the current total Mitered Crosses has raised? I’m currently making my second (both gifts) and am planning on at least one more gifted and one for me!

  • SAD about your creeping crud! You soldier on with blog posting. Kudos to our fearless leader!

  • Notwithstanding your plague, a wonderful time was had by all others who attended your bday meal. Hope you get to enjoy it yourself today.

  • Girl, be careful with those enchiladas. My sweetie Brian got the crud a few weeks ago. It’s a sneaky little beast–you think you’re better and then role over and it’s snuggled right up with you all over again. Take it easy and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Sorry it hit on your birthday but hope it was otherwise happy! You can always reschedule it–I’ve done that a few times.

  • Take care of yourself! Lots of tea and chicken soup, and lots of naps with a warm, fuzzy Olive! Feel better soon!

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear you’re sick. There is some awful stuff going around. My poor hubby has been hacking for a month. We went to an event last night and I could not believe all the people coughing in the audience. Somehow, I’ve escaped it. Thinking good thoughts for you…

  • Sorry to hear you are ill. sucks to be sick on your very own birthday.

  • Feel better! And, thanks for doing a post even when feeling so bad!

  • Thank you so much for continuing to raise money for Mercy Corps, a world-reaching service agency located in my home city of Portland, OR. We are justifiably proud of Mercy Corps and all the good that they do.

  • I bought your Mitered Crosses Blanket pattern when it first came out. I finally got around to starting it this year, using, in part, yarn spun from my late, great Newfoundlands’ fur. I’m about halfway done and chugging away. Thanks for the great pattern!