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  • Where do paper cranes fit into the Bat Mitzvah scene?

  • Maybe the Mother of the Bat (is that a technical term?) needs a nice new shawl? Or that special pair of socks??
    You must throw one origami frog in with that gang of cranes, just for a bit of asymmetry.

  • Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten done early with a project I’m knitting on deadline. The best I’ve done is about five minutes before I was due to give it to somebody. 🙂
    Most of the time it’s “yeah, I’ll be getting this to you eventually”
    Baby sweaters? Only when the kid is 16. And obviously:
    1. Does not fit into it and;
    2. Doesn’t play with dolls, so I can’t even pass it off that way.

  • I saw some of those ski hats in London when I was there recently. From a distance I thought they were handknit, too, but alas, at closer inspection they were mass produced. They do look just like the ball band pattern though.

  • Bat Mitzvah with a little Asian flair? Why not?

  • Yesterday when you commented that you aren’t the one to manage a big family event to-do list, I thought, “oh, now really. you can.” HOWEVER, seeing that you have something done early, I can tell my confidence was misplaced. Can this really be the right way to do a big life event? Something done early? I’ll bet it even fits.

  • How about designing her a ballband kippah?

  • The cranes look great! What kind of paper are you using? It’s incredibly lovely!
    (I had a thousand white paper cranes for my wedding, years ago. We had crane folding parties at which I would teach everybody to fold, and then sit back and watch the insanity. I folded probably five hundred, myself, and had to string all 1000 when they were done. Totally crazy, but they looked amazing hanging in the gazebo where we did the ceremony. I wanted 1000 cranes because I saw it on Northern Exposure, way back when. Yes, I am a child of pop culture:)

  • Don’t you have time to knit a blanket??

  • Sara L – oh, Northern Exposure! How I loved that. It was always on really late here so we used to sit up and watch it whilst at college. Ahhhhh.
    Anyway, where do these cranes come in and do I need to improve my paper folding? Can’t believe the knitting progress. If I was going to be cruel (just a tiny bit) re: the Entire Plan going to Plan, I would throw in the ‘you must have forgotten to …..’ line. Ha! I know, you’ve not knitted Olive a celebratory sweater. I think it should be in the same sparkly stuff as Carrie’s cardi.

  • thanks for the crane pix. Lovin’ every minute of it here in TN.

  • The cranes are lovely. However you’re planning to use them in the “decor” === they’ll be a wonderful touch. (Cute sweater, too! Every Bat needs to be surrounded with her Bat-Mom’s love during the ceremony!)

  • I love the covey of cranes!!! they’re amazingly resilient, too. I was given a string of several of them by a Quaker friend doing the peace crane thingie, and they’ve held up through several cats and moves and still look very crany. So I still want to know how they fit into the Bat Mitzvah motif? or is this the mitzvah of the Mother of the Batgirl?

  • No pressure or anything but when I feel like I’m just going to freak out at work, I think “I wonder what’s going on at Mason-Dixon”. You have no idea the mayhem you’ve prevented.
    I may need more posts today. Just sayin’

  • You’ve got some lovely origami papers there!

  • I love reading your blogs…..I have one very small request….is it possible to increase the size of your font???? I getting old and am having trouble reading the print….LOL See that wasn’t too bad! Help cg

  • I love reading your blogs…..I have one very small request….is it possible to increase the size of your font???? I getting old and am having trouble reading the print….LOL See that wasn’t too bad! Help cg

  • OMG…how the hell did that happen! Sorry

  • wow, you finished a baby sweater, before the baby arrived!! That never happens!!

  • i mean any sweater, from the angle that i was looking at it it looked a little unproportional, then i read the post underneath it. It’s still amazing, even more so now.

  • Sweater = So! Cute! Sparkles!!
    Batgirl = that is just plain HIGH-larious!
    Cranes = rilly rilly pretty!
    Mazel Tov, Carrie!
    Mother of the Bat! Also hilarious!

  • Great job. You must post photos of the sweater and the cranes “in situ”.

  • Maybe you need to knit a felted crane to put in the mix (from Knitalong- Larissa and Martin Brown’s book). How about a felted indigo crane with white sashiko stitching on the wings to go with the Asian papers or a felted ballband crane? (Ok- maybe that’s going a bit too far…)

  • I am having a baby girl in April, and you are welcome to knit something for her to occupy your time.
    Just an offer, because I’m generous.

  • Lovely, lovely cranes! It’s like a patchwork quilt that has magically transformed into a flock of birds 🙂
    By the way, I wasn’t going to bring up the “one thousand folded cranes” thing, but now that it seems you’ll have some time on your hands…

  • oh well something else to do
    pretty paper is my down fall
    i like to sit up at night and watch
    hgtv house hunters and house hunters
    international tis relaxing& fold cranes
    ps if you look on the right side of your
    screen you find 100% just keep clicking
    and the print will become larger

  • Beautiful sparkly cardigan. Just the thing to look gorgeous in without shivering.
    I love the paper cranes. I had a slight [!] origami obsession when I was 13 or so. There was a fab shop near the British museum that sold wonderful papers.

  • Oh …make that Oy…Bat-Girl is one lucky little chicken! The cranes are lovely!You’re making HOW many? That is some work lady!Well,she only gets to do this once and I know there’s a lot of love in each of those folds. I’ll be thinking of you everytime I see a piece of paper! Take care…

  • Gorgeous cardi! I think I need one of these for myself in an old brassy/gold color!

  • Thanks, Kay… blushing. Good luck with the cranes. And that’s some gorgeous paper, by the way.

  • you seriously have that sweater that far along when you cast on Saturday – dang – once again I am in awe of your awesomeness 😀

  • as for what to do while staying up til 0300 the day of B-day:
    Save 300 cranes to fold!
    the ones you have look great

  • That Carrie: beautiful, smart, and now with even more sparkle!

  • I made almost 200 cranes a few years ago and strung them in my orchestra room as a metaphor for practice (if you want something beautiful, you have to do it a little at a time) The kids really enjoy them.

  • Is no one else swooning over the completely awesome Brangelina of Dishclothes? (Sorry, but I can’t think of any other pop cultural reference that is so All Encompassing – well, maybe the i-dish?) Love the ballband, but mitered! hanging! just makes that dishcloth sing. (Everything else is rilly rilly nice too.)

  • BatGirl! What a great name — all girl-power-y and stuff.
    Love the cranes… I have one that a hotel staffer left on my pillow in Tokyo. It watches over the yarn which has decided to live on the dining room table. Thank you for making me stand up and look at it — beyond the ELavold Silky Wool (now, why did I buy it in both red and gray??)

  • When a paper crane’s wings stretch out, and its flat, pointy back becomes entirely something else, that is a delight. It’s a glimmering moment of transformation. Paper into crane, yarn into cloth, girl into woman, straw into gold. All are wonderful.

  • I love seeing your cranes – they are making me feel very emotional. 10 years ago my then 7 year old daughter and I folded 1,000 cranes as a gift for a friend who’s daughters had died in a plane crash. It turned out to be a great project and a much cherished gift. I am glad that you are folding yours for a happy occasion! What is your plan for display?

  • The Mitered Dishcloth is so Reese’s (two great tastes that taste great together).

  • Cardi and Cranes–how did I miss them till now? They’re both great! I hope that the cranes make to the bat mitzvah, too (so colorful and cheery, so nicely made). Can’t wait to see the cardi on Carrie!