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  • Errr. Tea cosies?

  • Aaaah, a post–like rain after a long drought! Knitting, nada–quilting, yessireebob.

  • I’m knitting scarves/stoles/shawls for my nieces, grand nieces, and sister in law who live in cold Grand Rapids, MN. Thus far I’ve knit some sort of plain jane scarves in mistake rib and baby cable rib. and I did the ruffled batkus in a very shed-y Gedifra angora/merino blend in the most luscious eggplant color. I’m halfway through a Jade Sapphire Cashmere scarf in the driftwood color, Haruha is the pattern (thought it looked familiar — Nancy Bush used it in the new Handknit Homespun book for the Prairie Scarf pattern). I’m planning to do Hawthorne from Twist Collective Fall 2010 in a fingering weight. I also have some Wagtail Kid Morhair and two skeins of Road To China Light waiting to discover what they will be.

  • So pleased to see a post from you! Maybe you need to take a break from shawls to knit some fingerless gloves for yourself to wear at Fall Ball. 🙂

  • I’ve missed you Kay! Clog slippers and Patons Kroy socks. We are getting ready for Winter.

  • How do you manage knitting at Fall Ball (or Spring Ball either)? When I was in those bleachers, we had to watch for foul balls hurtling toward the parent section. Come to think of it, during soccer season we had to watch for young bodies chasing the ball out of bounds by the parent section.

  • So great to hear your voice. You make me want to knit shawls even though I don’t wear shawls.

  • The Pogona is lovely, but I can see that it is suited to those of us who are narrow shouldered.
    I realized today I have no knitted hats. Not a one.
    I should go forth and cast on!

  • I am knitting too many things at once. A Clapotis in Rowan Denim (should I wash it hot; will it shrink too much; can I mix in some new Denim with old Den-M-Nit to make it longer???) and a hat for my daughter, plus I have a charity blanket to finish up, and I just got some laceweight yarn I am dying to get started on. Oh, and there are several socks-in-progress around the house…
    Always nice to hear from you… but where’s Ann these days, eh?

  • I agree with everyone else who said it: it is very nice to hear from you again!
    I also support the knitting of fingerless mitts. They are fast, easy, and as pretty or utilitarian as you want to make them. Plus, if you wear them while knitting at Fall Ball, you can sneak glances at them when tending to the current project on the needles.

  • One of you likes Liberty of London? A wee bit of topic, but take a look at this if you haven’t already:

  • Shawls and socks! Although I’m suddenly inspired to knit hats for Christmas (after I swore there would be no holiday knitting this year!)
    And I love that shade of cerise – totally me! I’m so sorry you can’t wear it….

  • so nice to hear from you. we miss you! beautiful knitting as always. I don’t know that I will ever be able to pull off a shawl of any type…being blessed with linebacker shoulders, it just never seems to work out. but I do love seeing you knit them. : ) thanks for the update.

  • Kay! How I’ve missed my Mason-Dixon girls! The red thing looks terrific and the dog is adorable, as always.

  • Dangit…I really don’t need another project right now, but I fell for this. Hard.
    Arhg…so very … perfect!!

  • Right now I’m working on EZ’s Pi shawl, in about the same red as the second shawl you have pics of. I, of course, RAN OUT of this red wool, so now I have some brown wool added on. I love the look of it! October should just be shawl month, shouldn’t it? 🙂

  • I am knitting Lanesplitter, but I fear I have misjudged. I love texture-y skirts and I love colorful skirts, but this may be a bit too wild for me with both the color thing and the texture thing going on. I am not even using the original colorway (oh do I love that yellow garter ridge sailing from hip to knee on the model, though) — much more muted greens and browns with the occasional stripe of salmon. I worry that with those colors it will look like something Maid Marian whipped up when her wimple started showing signs of wear.

  • Hi – nice to hear from you.
    That shawl sure looks nice against the dotty thing.
    I’m finishing the Christmas socks that I started last November. A yarn store opened close to me and distracted me. But now, I’m coming to the final toe decreases on one sock and am ready to start the toe decreases on the other.

  • Oh, that dog! I may dognap her and bring her home for Ev. I suppose if you’re getting cold hands at FallBall you’ll need some new gloves then? I s’pose I’d better get finishing! x x x

  • The traveling sweater with woobu yarn. knit two purl two hell.

  • That pretty red shawl reminds me of those checkout aisle magazine articles on day-to-night dressing. You know, after work just take off the jacket, add some dangly earrings and you are ready for happy hour. Drape the shawl one way for the business meeting, another for the cocktail party, and the Laura Ingalls way for the ballgame or walk in the park. Well, and maybe one more way if you really are a vampire back to work after midnight. Nah…nevermind.
    Anyway, so lovely, clever and versatile! Good job!

  • You are so crafty. Start the post off with a picture of Olive and you know all will be forgiven for being quiet for so long. That dog comes in handy!

  • September kicked my behind too! Between High Holidays Hullabaloo and school I feel like I got hit by a train. I really posted to say. Enabler! I cry enabler on you! I just bought the West Knits 1 ebook off of the Ravelry. I must knit them all!
    Thanks Kay!

  • “A tad too Jane Austen.” I pondered that for awhile and realized there’s no such thing.
    And I’m just fixin’ to finish my fourth Turtleneck Shrug (by Teva Durham, from the Scarf Style book) and launch into another shawl/wrap/scarf thing. We may be having our usual spate of warm October days right now in Minnesota, but pretty soon I’ll need all manner of things to wrap around my neck to protect it from the cold.

  • So good to see a new post, with Olive bonus. Missed you. On the needles at the moment: a moebius cowl, a mistake rib scarf, a feather-and-fan neck thing-y.

  • Ginger, also in summer tweed is on my needles, may finish one of these days. Love the Olive pose!!

  • Too busy to knit – have a lot of I wish I had time projects…Just for the record I have a saxaphone player and a cellist (let us not forget the flute player either). Harried moms at the beginning of the school year unite!!!!!

  • The green in the shawl matches the green in the baseball photo and the gray matches the fences. How nice that you will be color coordinated for your baseball watching!

  • I’m blocking a great Girasole – what a great knit, but oh my, it’s large. Got the urge last night to start Christmas socks as Boy #1 is spending “spring” semester in Dublin. Sweaters for me, scarf for a friend, but very little knitting for CHristmas. My Pottery Barn discount is good for that!
    Olive is just too cute, who could ever get mad at a face like that?

  • off the needles three scarfs for red scarf
    and one wee hat for save the childern
    now go buy me something ann is twitting
    twitter twitter little star how we wonder
    where you are

  • I suppose the more accurate question–for moi–would be what am I NOT knitting?
    Citron, gift for a milestone birthday (already passed) just sits there. Baby hoodie–one row a day. Striped scarf (for ME for a change), production stopped weeks ago.
    Just can’t shake those knitting blues…

  • What *is* that dotty thing? I especially like the textural look of it in the second picture. But Olive is very cute in the first picture.
    Shawls: if you can’t wear it like a shawl, wear it like a scarf. I’m getting more intrepid with how I wear them, because I like to knit them.
    Oh, and yes, you do need fingerless mitts. Then you can wear them to knit at Fall Ball.

  • Not related to your post today…..but check out these couture knits made with copper yarn (okay, there may be some crochet in there too)…..
    Had to share.

  • I’m loving the Westknits too:: wishing I had that gumption, to be so fearless with the colour and the style! Hi ho, hi, ho, it’s off to knit I go….

  • Yo, Kay, I’m still plugging away on my Volt, having begun the fourth and final color section. But how long will all that i-cord take me?

  • Need to get back to my Modern Log Cabin (is there an E in Modern) now that KnitPicks so kindly sent me another set of size 6 tips (I broke mine moving the darned heavy thing around when turning it).
    Also have the plethora of charity baby hats going. # 6 is on needles now and will start decreases in another inch or so…

  • What a great book Folk Shawls is! I did the aran pocket shawl w/o the pockets – uncomplicated shaping but enough pattern to make it interesting. Thanks for reminding me to get it out again!

  • Usually I read this blog for inspiration, entertainment, information. This week I just keep returning because Upside-down Olive makes me smile so much. She is a charmer!

  • My heart thrills each and every single time the dotty chair makes an appearance here at MDK!
    Love the jaunty look and the Jane Austen. The complexity of that little treasure, however…phew. I’ll need the smelling salts. I’m impressed.

  • In Texas, Fall Ball would be Little League WITH the nice weather – just sayin…
    I’m knitting the Secret of Crysopolis shawl – love it!