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  • Oh, that Puss! Yes, indeedy. So, no way was I leaving the theatre, even when the Wee One became a bit overwhelmed by the spells and the castle re-entry. (It was her third big-screen movie, but the first I’d taken her to; these things are not so scary when viewed on a small TV screen while bouncing on the bed~)

  • haha- the play between donkey and puss was the best part of the movie. who can resist those kitty eyes?

  • It must say something about Antonio B. that I never thought he was sexy UNTIL he was a cartoon cat. Or maybe about me, and how I should really try to see an occasional grown-up movie for a change. (now that I”m over my Steve-from-Blues Clues phase… he was looking pretty cute for a while there)

  • Susan–When you start getting the vapors over Steve (didja notice the green-on-green rugby shirt? or is that the old guy?), or any other Blue’s Clues character, it’s time to get a babysitter for a few hours. You really, REALLY!need some Me Time.
    My tack on this important Parenting Issue is to define ‘kiddie movie’ very broadly. I include almost any chick flick in this category. Romantic comedy and Jane Austen: the earlier the better.
    xox Kay

  • Kay, you are so, so right. That was a few years back, and a worried friend dragged me out for some adult entertainment, as I recall. But J is a big girl now, almost 9, and the last movie we watched together was The Best Years of Our Lives (sob). She fell asleep, but the first words out of her in the morning were “what happened?” Time flies, faster even than Ann’s knitting needles.
    (Nice save back to the knitting content, huh?)