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    Oh, the beauty of the blanket and the cuteness of the Olive and the beauty and cuteness of the mom-blond!
    (Oh, and not to mention the fun of the slideshow. There’s an almost Eadweard Muybridge —pioneering animal photographer—quality to it.)

  • Oh God help me. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  • Dear Mom-blond with coffee, or Ms. MBWC, as you may prefer to be called in this age of acronymifying even to the point of awkward to pronounce strings of letters,
    What are you doing to me? I had just finally added up my stash of Noro Silk Garden, purchased due to massive envy of a blanket you made years ago, and considered that perhaps it would sub in perfectly for a GARMENT, for once, for a simple, beautiful pattern that I would definitely, actually wear but for which the specified yarn did not present exactly a color effect I was thrilled with, and with extreme aim to actually use some of this stash, not merely in economic motivation (though we oughtn’t ignore that factor in a world where two children are in daycare and I’m in school bringing many swatches of fabric but no actual dollars into the home), but moreover because the purchase of this yarn was predicated on the LOVING of this yarn and wanting this yarn to be near me.
    A garment, for myself, a first in over 16 years of knitting, unless you count a pair of socks, which, after 14 years, never did get the ends woven in but are in serious need of boro-style darning.
    And you bring in exhibit A, the mitered crosses, which I have resisted to date, having contributed directly and mightily to Japan Red Cross, and also in deference to the insane project to which I have dedicated myself, the crocheting of winter hats for all the best small children friends of my small children, as well as the small children personally created to myself, and for which I hope you can forgive me the crochet, because it’s Malabrigo, and in direct reproduction of a hat made by a friend’s mother for my first child and now outgrown by both children. You counter with exhibit B!
    To which I can only look you coolly in the eye, Ms. MBWC, and ask:
    Am I going to make a sweater, or what?
    Perpetually bedazzled by the Gartistry you present, in run-ons as deep as the stash,

  • I also just made a purchase request through my local library for Craft Activism. The personal knitting book budget is currently sadly depleted due to recent Fiber Festival attendance. (But what squeeeeeeeeeee fun that was!)

  • Adore, then adore some more, bisous! Can’t wait to see the new book.

  • I love you !
    That Olive gets away with murder !

  • Fully Squee’d! Olive is SUCH a sweetie. Also, clearly that is a very young mom, not part of the MAMA (no capris or 3/4-sleeve T uniform).

    I want blanket, dog, and iced coffee. (Leaving Mom-Blonde behind to continue blogging, without which I would have withdrawals. Another reason I want coffee.)

  • Squeee! OMG it’s gorgeous! And Olive is too cute.

  • Squee. SQUEE!! I don’t like to do garter stitch and I want to make that blanket so badly. Lovely, thanks.

  • Oh me oh my. That is one terrific spread of log cabin garter stitch wonderment. What I said yesterday about finishing my UFO blankets before starting something new…What was I thinking??!? This is KNITTING for heaven’s sake, and I must heed the call of the new and the beautiful. So I say, Bring It, Fussy Cuts! The UFO’s are back in the box and my Noro stash awaits the imminent arrival of my Craft Activism book (step on it, Joe the UPS guy!!). Really curious and excited about making an enitre log cabin blanket without sewing up…and about how this concept earned its name!
    Olive is as cute as ever. Love that girl.

  • That is a gorgeous blanket and a lovely looking mom-blond. The only thing I want to know is when did Olive get so big?! She doesn’t look like a little puppy anymore, though she is still a cutie.

  • Squeeeee! Olive is so cute she need not have the ability to spell the word ‘design’, but she may want to learn how to use spell check. Or perhaps Olive took the ‘i’ in design after departing the gorgeous new blankie. Now, going to check my Noro stash, and ponder why it isn’t bigger.

  • I squeed especially shrilly when she licked her chops while yawning. Le sentiment de l’existence–Olive gets it.

  • Most dogs would get in trouble for being so familiar with an afghan.
    Not Olive. She can do no wrong.
    The blanket is gorgeous. Log cabin and Noro, aaahh…

  • OK. Squee. I, personally, don’t squee. But just for this occasion: Squee.
    I do, however, shout “Olive!!! Olive!!!!!!! O fabulous queen of dogness o the beautiful OLIVE–”
    ahem. (Lovely blanket too.)

  • The book arrives tomorrow – bought before seeing that wonderful blanket. I am half through my mitered cross made with Kauni EN and EQ. I will not start a new blanket as soon as the book comes, I will not start a new blanket as soon as the book comes, I will not….

  • OMG SO CUTE! THe blanket is beautiful, but the Olive interaction makes it perfection!

  • If I don’t stop reading your blog I’m going to end up divorced. There’s only so much Noro I can buy in one year. But January 2, 2012 I’m starting that blanket. With or without Mr. Wonderful. But hopefully with.

  • Wow. That IS beautiful. I ache to get back to my mitered cross and now I have to get onto the next one which only increases the ache cause I have so much work to do to justify the knit’n but I’m pretty sure I can use work to justify finishing up the mitered crosses and I’m going to find a way to work this one in as well. I’m thinking spring……Happy New Year!

  • Love it!!

  • wonderful blanket good for gale
    may you and your family
    be inscribed for a good year
    happy new year

  • Olive is bound for fame! Love the blanket and the slideshow.
    L’shana tovah.

  • Oh, Olive! Squee!

  • OMG Squee. Olive Squee. Mom-Joli Blonde – You squee girl!
    I think Olive’s Vote of: Lip-Smacking Good rules.

  • How does Olive manage to get cuter and cuter (and cuter)? The new blanket is a complete winner! Perfect use for Noro.

  • Olive is an awesome afghan model!
    And she is the most adorable dog ever! It just kills me that she is one-of-a-kind – I would LOVE an Olive of my very own.

  • She’s growing up so fast! And she knows her turf so well.
    And you get at least as many squees.

  • Squees all around — for the blanket (thanks to both of you for feeding my garter stitch hankerin’), Olive and the blond!

  • Love Olive! She is the best pup! (After my own Rip, of course!)
    Oh yes, LOVELY MCB, too!