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  • Okay, now I just have to decide what kind of cake to bake . . . and how big?!? Or, maybe dozen upon dozens of cupcakes . . . hmmm . . . yum!

  • I want to do the top down version! in the round, set in sleeves and crewneck.

  • Okay, I can’t remember if I commented, but I have been casting my vote as though it were my patriotic duty. Can I still use a button? I think my choices won out in every feature of the design – how amazing is that? So, see, I really did design the perfect sweater. Now, I would like to go knit it. Thank you very much.

  • YAY! I have a non-existent sweater named after me! Hoorah! I will now use this as an excuse to fail to finish Christmas gifts in time…you know “sorry Mom, your gift will be ready later, I spent November designing the Perfect Crewneck Sweater”
    But a question: Must we all knit them in the smallest size? That would be pretty darn useless for me…or any of my gift-recipients…but I’m willing to make a sacrifice for the good of the Future Search.

  • GASP! A horrible day in Libby-land, and what happens? ANN MENTIONS ME IN THE BLOG!!
    I must put down the ice cream and turn off the sappy breakup music IMMEDIATELY and figure out how to knit a sweater!!

  • I don’t get the little egg sweaters either. But I’ll offer to photograph the big group shot of everyone wearing their finished results, drinks aloft.

  • Whiskey goes best with the Tangerine flavor.

  • Plans sound great. We’ve chosen something affordable I think. Can you post the likely bottom line on the dollar amount minus needles? The frugal Hungarian amongst the irisheyesknitters, with two children nearing university days, likes to know the bottom line before she falls in love with a sweater….

  • I think the perfect two-pointed collar has already been designed, I saw it in a Debbie Bliss cardigan pattern in a recent IK. (It also features waist shaping, set in sleeves, and a row of buttons down the front. hint hint) But the gauge of *that* pattern is 17 st = 4″.
    I am math-phobic. My head already hurts. Did I mention I need a large size? On a cardigan, maybe 46″-48″ or so?
    And, yes, it is true, I am, tragically, blogless. More time for drinking, you know.

  • Tara, Amy and I will be up-sizing the sweater so that you don’t have to make the smallest size. I’m hoping we will have a wide range of sizes to choose from!!
    Oh, yeah — cupcakes, definitely.

  • Will Judy and Amy be resizing the whole sweater – necklines and all? We neckline designers only need to layout the oniginal size?

  • Damn. I didn’t think you were listening when I said I’d clean up. Just as long as it’s not, you know, COMPUTER cleanup. As it has been well established that I’m pretty much a nincompoop when it comes to that. And what the heck did I do volunteering to do cleanup for, either? That is also not my forte. We’re still trying to decide what the hell my forte IS. But ok, I’ll hose down the place afterwards. Love the buttons. Should I take one?

  • P.S. Those swatches just serve to confirm that the community chose the RIGHT yarn. They look LURVELY!

  • I’m happy to upsize elements – necks, sleeve length, you name it ** convert it to a sweaterdress ** I mean, pocket size.

  • As my first act of pastoral care…….
    Let us pray:
    Dear One who knits us together on the internet (through the creativity of our Perfect Knit Mothers Kay & Ann)
    We LOVE knitting,
    We LVOE yarn,
    We are grateful for the fruit of our efforts (known to you, God, now as the Perfect Sweater, please take no offense to our human claim of perfection – we’re trying for consensus here which should please you to KNOW end given the current state of human affairs),
    And since we’re not sure what lies ahead;
    We ask for your BLESSING as we:
    “do the math, buy the yarn, create the sweater, photograph the FO’s, have the party and pour the beverages……
    All of which gives knitters a sense of meaning in this world of ours (which, by the way, is often tough to live in – which is why we knit)
    Let All the Knitters say (type?) AMEN!

  • AMEN!!

  • Amen!

  • Confession – I voted my little heart out, and I too have never made a sweater. Ghetto Knitter here….. As soon as all this holiday knittng is done, I shall cast on for the Perfect Sweater!

  • I can’t believe we got a real, honest-to-St. Pete PRAYER for the Perfect Sweater Congregation.
    Amen, Amen, A—a-men, A-a-men AMEN (there’s music to this, it’s the one that goes: See the baby…..on Christmas mo-nin’….).
    The Internet desperately needs a singalong utility. Put your hands TOGETHER, people! xoxo Kay PS I’m researching cotton yarns for the Perf. Sweat. Calmer anyone?

  • Oh, YEAH, and I have a sizeable stash of Calmer. But I also wanted to say (I’m hogging your comments today, sorry)…that I LOVE that you’re doing the Cascade at 5 st/in. I like it at that gauge better than 4.5. Much nicer fabric, I think.

  • Ann, could you email me a link to or excerpts from archived voting and results for the Perfect Yarn that I could use to persuade the aforementioned vendors?

  • I am EXCITED! My decollete is ready for its v-neck NOW! I may have to start yarn shopping for colors soon. What color is MY perfect handknit?

  • Woo-hoo! The honor of having my very favorite neck shaping named after me and my ever so vast amount of spare time 🙂 Made my day, I tell you.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on some Cascade 220 – I’ve never seen the stuff in person. Oh, and when are we all finishing this up?

  • YES! Someone definitely needs to get us all a discount on Cascade 220. That would make my day for sure.

  • Can I be UK liason? Or has someone else volunteered? I can host a UK perfect sweater party? ~x~

  • “Bex says she’ll try to find a vendor who’ll give us a discount on Cascade 220! After all, who wouldn’t want to be the one to be selling the Perfect Yarn?”
    Why bother with the vendors – go straight to the manufacturer!

  • I’ll be glad to bring the cocktail fixins for a NYC knit-nite. Have made little kid sweaters with sleeves, big person sweaters without, so knitting water definitely in order.

  • Libby et al,
    The mini sweaters can help make Barbie even more fashionable (like she needs help) or decorate a tree, or even a bookshelf. Somewhere in my blog archives is a little lineup of mini sweaters. Fun! Easy! Use up scraps!
    I can’t wait to see how the Perfect Sweater turns out.

  • I am just so thrilled that we got here without having to play any goofy games or camp song singing.
    The singing you hear in the background? That’s a sevenfold Amen ringing out the news that we’re ready to knit. Whoot!

  • well, first we have to design the thing, but you all know what I mean.

  • Depending on the deadline, I could try the funnel cake collar… I have some design ideas that could work and not look like an unholy union of Ugly and Pastry.
    I think I’ve just sunk myself, haven’t I?

  • Amen!
    The color you have used for your swatches is loverly. What might that be?

  • Amen!
    The color you have used for your swatches is loverly. What might that be?

  • I can help with the maths too, if you need another re-sizer…

  • The funnel cake neck would just require some creative attachment of i-cord, no? And I agree with Cristina that whiskey and Emergen-c go well together. I like the cranberry myself.

  • Funnel Cake Neck: could be i-cord (though you’d have to jigger it to work with a cardi), could be some creative use of YOs, bound-off and re-cast-on sts, and some ruffle-things. Before I design, I’d have to make a funnel cake and eat it from the inside out to determine how best to proceed.
    We could do a Future Search for the Perfect Funnel Cake-Necked Sweater when we’re done with this search.

  • I’ll volunteer to photograph the proceedings. Nothing like hiding behind the camera – and you know, I can’t really knit with that monster in my hands. 😉
    Love the swatches. I’ve got some of that ridiculous blue in my stash. Not a lot, but enough to LOVE!

  • What a beautiful swatch! What color is that 220? Since it comes in sooooo many colors, color choice is going to be a tough one! A big thank you and toast to the volunteers! Since you already have the bartender, I’ll volunteer to bring some booze.

  • For those who havne’t used it, Cascade 220 is a very nice yarn that knits beautifully at 4.5, 5 or 5.5 sts per inch. It runs about $6.95 per 220 yard hank (that’s why it is called Cascade 220, and yes, it will have to be wound). It comes in over 150 colors, including lurverly heathers, such as Ann used. There is also a superwash version. I haven’t used that. Now where’s my margarita? Does tequila go with funnel cake?

  • I have never knit a sweater either!! Perhaps this will be my first. 🙂

  • I’ll volunteer for any test knitting that needs to be done for the neckliners or whatever. I have quite a bit of Cascade 220, so I’d have plenty to practice with!

  • Haha… I agree that the “egg cozy” idea is pretty ridiculous – but the tiny sweaters make great Christmas ornaments, especially with little tiny wire hangers!
    I finally got to visit a “real” yarn store and checked out the Cascade 220. It comes in many nice colors but its awfully scratchy for someone who doesn’t deal well with most wool. 🙁 Guess I might be looking into the cotton substitutes, etc.

  • We at SAMASFOW shall be swatching in Merino. Any day now. Hmm… Must… find… 5 stitch per inch Merino Yarn. What a delicious challenge!

  • OK I have been voting!…. Can I knit a long with everyone!?!? lol