Get on Board the Vogue Knitting Live Love Train

By Kay Gardiner
January 5, 2017

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  • registered for the walk!

  • Will be there in spirit!

    • Me too, but I would always struggle to be anywhere by 7.30am, let alone bright eyed and bushy tailed…..

    • This is my category, too. My spirit is going to be on the jealousy spectrum. Just might get out and to my local caff/carb to read the MDK website. Hang in the Lounge.

  • Have fun!

  • That’s my yarn store, the Yarn Cupboard! It’s almost as good as being there myself or having you venture up to the land of snow drifts to the store itself!!

  • Will Olive be there? What coat will she wear?
    I will not be there, but look forward to living vicariously through you!

  • I’ll be there…arriving Thursday! I will look forward to seeing you guys! This is my first time to attend, and I can’t wait. So much yarn to love and plan future projects with…happy times ahead. Let me know fun shops or local restaurants near the area that I should be sure to visit.

    • So glad, Laura! Kay wrote a post about her favorite NYC yarn shops. VKL is pretty much a giant yarn shop itself…

  • I so wish I could be there, as well! Will be sending good vibes from mid-Missouri for sure, though.

  • Some day, when my kids are older and do not expect me to drive them to Activities all weekend, I will go to this and bask in the goodness.

  • Sounds great! Wish I’d remembered about it months ago since last year I decided I’d take a class this year. But that requires serious advance planning! I’ll walk with you all on Sunday in spirit. (And covet that FI Field Guide) Enjoy!

  • Hmmm…”Sunday in the Park with Olive.” Sounds like a Bernadette Peters vehicle….;-)! (Wish I could be there!)

  • Argh, will be there in two weeks! Reprise on 29th??

  • Ok..finally figured out that i can make it if i drive, no train that early… hope to see you girls at the right time and place.