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  • ann —
    a couple of things…love the funkiness of this sweater. big fan of it actually and think everyone should have something like it in their wardrobe. i mean, seriously, how many “classic” cardigans can a girl own without wanting a little spice. (me, personally, i own about 10, five of them in black!!) that said, i cannot wait to make “elfin” the cardi version in the new rowan!! no, i did not receive my copy yet (hey, why should i…i am only a fully paid up member, but that is another story) to the contrary, like you i viewed it on a website. FOR A LONG TIME!! you need to come to nyc in the fall and we can wear our funky sweaters together…and by that time miss kay will have made a funky one for herself, or will have made that great sweater and knit skirt outfit that is in the jeager book that she has.
    please go easy on our friend kay about the photo posting…we appear to be having technical difficulties. (operater error, actually!!!) so, be patient, pictures will show up soon somewhere.
    knitfully yours,

  • I really like the rasta cardigan too.
    Maybe if I have enough Gay left over I’ll marry it with something stunning & knit some stripes and squiggles.I know fat girls shouldn’t wear stripes,but do I care …NO !

  • Hi Ann.. do post us daily photos of cat and footwear. I love shoes almost as much as I love yarn.

  • Lis/Kay/Ann,
    Really, just because we are members do you expect Rowan to get us OUR mags in this lifetime?
    I say we start an Elfin knitalong Lis, what do you think? Would love to see a drawing of that on the blog! 😉

  • I adore the Dreadnaught! It’s so funky. Pretty please post a close up of the fringe when you get a chance?
    And shoes and cats are definitely happy viewing, even after Kay posts pics. 🙂

  • Ann–LOL about ‘St. John’s knits on ganja’!!!!! Do they have St. John’s suits in England, and if they do, does anybody wear them??? (Emma et al: these are very expensive knitted suits worn by tasteful ladies of a certain age who favor elastic waists and plenty of gold braid and buttons. Sounds horrid but I have always coveted them and not just because of the elastic waist!). All the Dreadlocks cardi needs is a coordinating elastic waist skirt, some boffo buttons, and perhaps shoulder pads, and it would knock the socks off St. John’s. xox Kay

  • ‘Fat girls shouldn’t wear stripes’. Uh-oh!!!
    HEY who made THAT rule????