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  • FYI: There was a nice piece on Gee’s Bend on NPR last night (on All Things Considered, I’m pretty sure). There was a quote that made me think of you all, where one of the Pettways said they don’t sell so many quilts anymore, because now people see them and want to make their own.

  • So which one is Ruth – left or right ? They both look a little fierce but she sounds great. (My very own version of Aunt Ruth was Aunt Peggy, also fierce on occasion. Many, many occasions actually :0))Is there a remedial fixer-upper yoga video I could get ? – I may need it just to fit into my frock for the party season never mind worrying about my look for the next decade.

  • I hope that when you ran into Allison you were wearing SMOULDER, my personal bigbonegal production sweater!!
    Good to hear that you walked the Freedom Trail. Didja visit Newbry Street (as our fellow Bostonians say?) and find that new, new yarn store at the end?
    I know how much you miss Aunt Ruth. She is watching over you…especially when you do yoga!

  • one of our favourite children’s books is “make way for ducklings” and at the end of the story, elliot always says, “i want to go to Boston.”
    i’m going to go try to find that NPR piece…

  • What a co-inky-dink (as my dad would say) — I, too, spent Thanksgiving in MA and was in Boston on Friday night. Quite a trek for me, considering I’m living in southern CA at the moment. We spent much of our trip in Rhode Island and love-love-LOVED it! If you’re in the area or online, check out Sakonnet Purls (letsknit.com). Charming!

  • I only meet cool knitting people by accident when they are wearing extremely cool knitted stuff and I am …well. Unwashed and braless.
    I love monuments too.

  • Aw, I’m getting that Alexander Hamilton feeling again, imagining the scribe who wrote the text of your plaque. “May the youth of [sniff] today when they visit this old [sniffy] house be inspired with the [bwaaaah] patriotism of Paul [boooooohooooooooooooo] Revere.”
    Love this travelogue, especially the peek at Aunt Ruth, the inspirational young limberkinder, and my favorite–a chance meeting with a fellow knitter.

  • …..precious little yoga-ites on the mats….i envision lots of giggling and collapsing during the headstands…….kay…you are the bestest mom!

  • My mom became a Yoga Instructor around age 50. Go for it. She’s more flexible than I am at 24 🙂 And I do yoga, too, so yes, this is saying that my mother can sit in full lotus for long periods of time, no problem. Just so you know, she started in her early 40’s.