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  • Stowe is my favorite too. But it was hard to pick an absolute favorite. I love every design in that collection. Waiting for the snow and ice to start here in Michigan. The morning commute should be fun.

  • Agreed! I think he is an excellent photographer, but have been underwhelmed by previous BT collections. This one bowled me over. Trying to force myself to use stash, but may have to buy some BT yarn.

  • Yes! Loved it all. Don’t you want to just BE there? I imagine all those people wearing those lovely things in a that beautiful place like a little theme park where I could go for the day.

  • That Stowe looks like the kind of (rare) design that would look good on everyone! And Kimmswick is, I don’t know…cheerful? clever? Witty! Makes me smile. Can’t wait to see all the projects that start showing up on rav and blogs 🙂

  • Hudson, NY? Holy crow! That is the ugly city closest to my pretty little hometown. And in true Jared Flood style, he made it look quaint and lovely. Wafts of memories hit me while looking at BT’s book (including the night our little town beat the dickens out of the city’s basketball team. I couldn’t speak for days (everyone in the school was hoarse). Who knew these memories were buried in this befuddled brain? Thanks for pointing it out, Ann. And Kay, best wishes on winter survival!

  • I’m mightily tempted by Stowe, too! But I’m worried about the fit. I find that clothing that has dual ways of wearage usually fits poorly or is unflattering. I’d hate to invest the time and effort of knitting Stowe only to hate wearing it. You know what I mean?

  • And I forgot to mention how much I loved the photos of Hudson. What a great-looking town — those buildings!

  • That new look book is mighty tasty. Good thing I’m on a yarn diet! Stay warm, Kay!

  • Oh I want that scarf so bad it HURTS!
    Stay safe in the storm, all you guys on the east coast!

  • Oh I want that scarf so bad it HURTS!
    Stay safe in the storm, all you guys on the east coast!

  • I saw this new BT book online this morning and wondered why it had just now been published as Spring is approaching. There are several sweaters that I would love to have. I like the fact that you can buy the individual digital patterns or buy the whole book. I am torn, because I really want the book for the wonderful photography; otherwise I would just order the digital patterns. Decisions, decisions….
    Stay safe and warm this weekend, Kay and kids, (and everyone else in the northeast U.S.).

  • i was born in nj elizabeth close to ny
    batten down this is another big one
    the sandy survivers do not need anothr
    monster storm
    off to lookat the book
    jane brockett has lovely photos of a church
    wonderful patterns for quilts off the windows etc

  • I too love them all! I love that Julie Hoover names her pieces after places around St. Louis!!!!!!! I’m finishing up a BT shrug and planning my next project!

  • You could also listed to the Bowery Boys podcast about the blizzard of ’88. They posted it last night. Perfect when you are kitting and tucked up safe and warm.

  • You could also listen to the Bowery Boys podcast about the blizzard of ’88. They posted it last night. Perfect when you are kitting and tucked up safe and warm.

  • You could also listen to the Bowery Boys podcast about the blizzard of ’88. They posted it last night. Perfect when you are kitting and tucked up safe and warm.

  • Yarn Porn. I mean this in the very best possible way, as I will buy the book, with intent to make the Kimmswick scarf… but even if I don’t, it’s just such Lovely Yarn Porn…. sigh.

  • I’ve had a soft spot for Hudson as a photo location for ages but never did anything about it–so happy to see it done so well. And you’re right about the patterns, too. Bar raised!

  • Oh my. That look book is awesome. I have to walk away from the computer now, lest I abandon my day job completely – which would be a bad idea…

  • Don’t need a blizzard to appreciate the incredible designs, dreamy photography and tempting yarns. Thank you for sharing, Ann, and I am sending Southern Texas Warm thoughts to you, Kay. ~bj

  • Gale, I am the one gobsmacked! Why Hudson? Did you ever see Kinderhook?

  • KAY!
    you snowed in yet?

  • I have a Cocker Spaniel who adores coffee, she will even eat the beans when they fall on the floor. Doesn’t jack her up but really surprised me.
    So – will this be yet another “snowstorm of the century” that fails to pan out, or is it like our last hurricane, just as bad as they say?
    Already did the grocery run and have battened down the hatches here in upper Manhattan, hope things go well for you on the slightly lower upper west side.

  • What Ann said! I’m obsessing over the Ives cowl neck.

  • So far its a 3″ of Honey Cowl storm, tosh merino dk in terrarium. But then we are about an hour south of you. Stay safe and cozy Kay.

  • Remember the blizzard in NYC 2 or 3 years ago on Christmas holiday? 20+”. We were visiting in Brooklyn, had to portage our luggage up Warren two blocks to the “Big Street”, stand on a snow drift while watching for the car we had called, go a long way out of our way to get to the airport, but at least we got out!!—-only to come home to Chicago and 2 weeks later another 20+” of snow at home. Does this count as 40+”.
    I really feel badly for all the people affected by this storm!!

  • Wait – is the terrier supposed to be a video? Because I would kind of love to see that.

  • Do you let Olive drink coffee? My Yorkie prefers tea—if you leave your cup where she can get at it when you leave the room, she will sneak some. The little slurping sounds give her away.

  • I wish I had seen this before the power went out yesterday. It would have been great to read through. Jared Flood’s work is awesome!

  • The cabled mittens….they are my destiny.

  • I agree with all the Brooklyn Tweed love. I’d really like to hear from knitters who’ve finished and are wearing the patterns – are they easy to knit?
    But really, why I’m writing is to say that, this morning, in Hastings, East Sussex, England, the postman delivered Mason Dixon Knitting – all the way from Houston, Texas! I love your book and have been reading it and laughing, whenever possible throughout the day. Lots of inspiration and I feel that I can tackle a log cabin blanket without fear! Thank you for writing such a lovely book…

  • dear kay
    the daffys are under all that snow and ice
    hopefully long island will recover and it
    not snow on march 31 warm down here