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  • oooh – gorgeous socks, what a lovely parcel to receive in the post. The stitch markers look lovely on your charm bracelet as well!

  • Hmmm, handknitted socks (in the same voice/tone as Homer Simpson’s ‘hmmm doughnuts’) – nothing better. I had a few pairs. Then my mother nicked them for herself. You are one lucky gal.

  • I feel that the loyal readership of MDK ought to get a close-up of the heel to witness this Eye of Partridge of which volumes have been typed hither and yon. Beautiful socks! Emma, I bet those were fun to declare. 😉

  • Rene–The thing is: Emma might chime in and say that it’s NOT Eye of Partridge. It might be some kind of double-moss. Very sturdy and attractive, makes the sock hug the back of the heel perfectly.
    Amazed at the architecture of sox,

  • My pleasure sweetheart.
    It is,indeed,eye of partridge.I very much enjoyed knitting those socks for you and am so glad that they fit.
    I love making bead stitch markers too,but not a word to Allan about my hefty investment in glorious,hand decorated,glass beads,some of which are Venetian.Nearly as much fun as buying yarn !

  • Dear Kay,
    I cannot believe that hithertofore you have not pulled a hand-knit sock onto your so very deserving feet. I cannot bear a factory-made sock to come within a yard of mine (which are much less deserving).
    So even if this great pleasure has come later to you than it should, it has come in wonderful style in the form of such a beautifully-knitted pair of socks.
    Emma, where can I learn to do eye-of-partridge heels?
    Aara xox

  • Socks are so fun! I waited twenty years to try them because I despise knitting on four needles. Then I got the book about kntting them on two circular needles, and find them the best project ever. I have a pair on as I am sitting here now. But it looks as though I am going to have to try something fancier.

  • Kay–How fun is that? I too watched Emma’s socks enter the world on Emmavision. I’ll make a deal: if you wear Emma’s socks, I’ll wear the socks Polly sent me. Once. So we can say we did.
    I love that wavy gravy pattern.

  • Wear em? I’m not taking them off!
    The worry is, washing them. They will get their own little Martha Stewart washer-baggie so one doesn’t go missing. We’re not talking Old Navy elasto-sox, y’know?
    xox Kay

  • Love the socks. Love the lazy Saturdays. (My older son protests mightily if there is any attempt to get out of pajamas and into actual clothes before 11 am…)