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  • I love those Fiesta yarns. So shimmery and the colors are great. Fun pressies. 🙂

  • Since you’ve confessed, I have to admit that just yesterday I broke down and purchased a pair of flip-flops and furry yarn and have begun making these bad boys. My excuse: they’re for my 16-year old niece. (Of course, I’m practicing on a pair for me. Got to make sure hers are perfect!)

  • Dear Kay,
    I was in the Hutchinson yarn shop last week browsing for future gift ideas. As a non-knitter, I’m clueless you know. The little old lady that runs the place was showing me a whole variety of yarn. She showed me that fuzzy stuff, and I REALLYdidn’t know what a person would do with it. It sure didn’t look knittable to me. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  • kay…. your flip flops are TOOOOO CUTE! is there a pattern “out there?” i envision you creating them for carrie’s next birthday…. as party favors!!… FUN!

  • Check these out. I saw some a couple of weeks ago, and they are soooo cute.
    I wonder how we could make these with knitting needles.

  • Hey ladies — there is nothing wrong with some basic idiot knitting from time to time. This is supposed to be for fun — not just an elitist thing.
    There is a pattern for those flip flops at: http://community.webshots.com/photo/119971840/144624970urkLaz
    I made some too and have gotten lots of “positive” comments on them every time that I wear them — and I’m mid forties!

  • Those flip flops are so cute that I was halfway to the stash box before memories of last winter’s bunion surgery came flooding back. How do you think they’d look on my ortho-birkenstock-old lady sandals? Maybe with some nice big socks?

  • The furry shoes are very cute. If you can crochet I have a free pattern on my website. Very simple. http://www.marloscrochetcorner.com/Furry%20Shoes.html