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  • Good to see you’ve scheduled knitting time into your fall schedule!! Love the ruching – can’t wait to see the finished garment.

  • I love the gray-blue dimensionality! Such character!

  • Good to see you’ve scheduled knitting time into your fall schedule!! Love the ruching – can’t wait to see the finished garment.

  • It’s Lurvly! Like the way the color shifts around in different light and settings.

  • On size threes.
    I’m going to go lay down now.

  • The yarn does look bluish in the bottom picture – quite gray above but let’s ignore that. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the finished sweater :)…

  • Ay ay ay.
    I hope the sleeves get the ruching treatment as well? That’s a lot of knitting; I am just sitting here staring at it, but that might have something to do with it being the first day of school here. Finally I have a moment, but alas, no energy…

  • Ann, every time I buy yarn these days I think of you. I am all about gray-blues, the blue-greys, the green-grey-blues, and the tweedy greys.
    I just faved Rowena on Ravelry. Have you taken over my mind?

  • My knitting production definitely dipped when my kids got their licenses and started driving themselves to practices and activities, etc. Enjoy those stolen minutes (hours. . .) while you wait. And wait. And wait.
    Love the color. Love the ruching. (I feel so Project Runway when I say that!) Can’t wait to see the finished sweater.

  • I think blue-gray is most appropriate considering you’re Mason-Dixon gals.

  • Holy buckets! That is a lot of knitting on small needles, I don’t care how much time you spend waiting for your boys. Wowza! I will confess to casting on my own lots-o-stitches sweater over the weekend in anticipation of time spent with the in-laws, but my 250 stitch cast-on for the Tangled Yoke cardigan out of Rowan felted tweed on size 5 needles seems lacking in comparison to your mammoth effort. Did you finish already? Are you done yet?

  • “there’s no Ravelry database of handspun, you know”
    Um, I think you can stash handspun yarns on Ravelry–though since I’ve just finished my first 4oz of my very own handspun (and I don’t own any other handspun) I have not explored it further. Check out the stash section.

  • Not everyone has a 5 foot long size 3 circular needle at hand? But I thought that was totally normal.

  • I think you may need to translate what you mean by ‘hookup’ – being married to a Endsworth guy I know what you mean, but I have never heard the term in the way you mean it used by anyone else.
    No longer reading about those Tigers in Kuala Lumpur, but now Ottawa.

  • Oh my… you ladies have to stop posting photos of such lovely knitting! I’m fighting the urge to rush out and buy my own copy of Knit 2 Together and find some yarn to cast on my own Rowena! (Darn, I have to finish the last panel of my sister’s afghan first I guess…)

  • My first love is ballband dishcloths that you-know-who got me started on a while ago, I pack them so I I always have one, then comes the Noro scarf, have made more than I will admit too….love your colors whatever it is….now about 5′ needles…Ann I am really impressed, I’m sure I would have had that sucker wrapped around me and tied in a knot! Have fun, can’t wait to see the rest!

  • You had me with that green/blue/yellow scarf thing. How can I be lusting for a scarf when it’s 90*? I may need to go have me a lay down before I start thinking about sweaters on size 3s!

  • What’s wrong with grey??

  • I mean gray. I’m an American.

  • Love it… Swedish blues are in my DNA… most of us have eyes that color.

  • bon jour lovely knitting it,s 90 here
    have you seen the rideing jacket
    all garter stitch from the big easy d bliss
    i can see you in the jacket at one
    of your historical meetings
    tis red scarf time again
    and oliver is 11 years of age

  • I love the sweater! And I am amazed by your knitting speed! You must be a Continental knitter. Any hints on how a “thrower” can go one handed?

  • I love blue-grey/grey-blue and the sweater is beautiful. I’m traveling with some socks at the moment, but have to get back to my cardi cozy when I get home. Glad you are back on “knitting-track”.

  • Your sweater done swole up? They make a cream for that. Yes ma’am, I speak English and Southern.

  • If I had a blue-grey that lovely, I’d be knitting it too. I’ll just have to be content with the very soft dark grey alpaca sweater I’m working on.

  • Oooh – I’ve loved this sweater ever since I first saw it — didn’t Theresa of Knitting Underway make it?
    I think it’ll be subtle and wonderful in your blue gray.

  • Funny, you don’t LOOK bluish! (Yes, I was actually going to go for that old joke…)
    Heck, I luuuvv that blue-gray color; I just don’t have the proper skin tone for it.
    In checking out the Rowena sweater on Ravelry I can picture you in it very nicely.
    Liked your summer knitting. Glad for the inspiration!

  • You are a knitting fiend! I can’t believe the work you turn out and all so beautiful. I remember looking at that book a couple times. Now I think I want to buy it.

  • Bluish gray is a WONDERFUL colour. Can’t get ’nuffoff it meself.

  • Ann, have you slept? Are ya wearing one of those caps that can carry two beverages and be consumed through a straw for sustainance?(sp)Geesh!

  • with the temperature in the evenings andd mornings these days
    i want to grabla little homespun garn myself and start cranking out the neckwarmers. brr. thanks for sharing your travels ann!

  • Do you really want to be saved? Because scrolling through the comments, I don’t see any volunteers to rescue you…

  • I am hoping that with school back in session and my lovely daughter now having activities again for which I am the chauffer, perhaps my knitting will pick up again. I am missing it, but just haven’t had the time. I have several UFOs in need of my attention …oh and that new yarn that I am waiting on that I ordered….

  • You are amazing. Seriously.
    And blue-grey or grey-blue is one of or two of my favorite color/s. Along with grey-green or green-grey.
    Can’t wait to see the model shot!

  • Gråblå is a beautiful colour! I have sheep that walks around with a blågrå coat of wool…

  • i am saving the Rowena project in the back of my mind too, but no yarn has jumped to it yet.
    Yours is just lovely, can’t wait to see how it fits you. Which at your pace will be in the next two hours or so, right?

  • Truly lovely and impressive. I’m not big on ruching but this sweater could change that. But I must confess what I really want to see is what you turn the luscious bog whortleberry into.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one knitting in grey these days. Mine is a grey Icelandic wool baby blanket. Talk about impractical. The mother (me) requested it, so I have to finish it before the babe comes in Feb.