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  • Kay,
    I love all the felting ideas. Here is one you will have to try in the future, after your hike to Newark. I am not sure how to do the link, but here it is below.
    Basically, wrap styrofoam balls (the rough kind) in fleece and then felt. It makes lovely lovely ornaments or larger, much lighter balls for cat play or to fill large glass vases that tip.

  • I love that Robot! So very cute!!

  • Kay, you know I’m generally not one for -alongs, because I am an easily distracted knitter and can never catch up to the group. But if you want to do a Squarey-along, count me in! I loveLOVE him and have promised myself toy knitting in January. (After Squarey comes Spherey.)
    Just in case you haven’t checked in between the felted balls and the transit strike, it is breathtakingly COLD here in the Midwest these days. Seep-through-the-soles-of-your-boots cold. Pack extra socks! Or be prepared to knit really fast…

  • Is that a DENIM robot?

  • Is it wrong that I looked at your felted stitch markers and thought “Mmmmmmmm . . . felt kabobs!”

  • I hope you get to the station on time!! Happy Holiday.
    I’ve been making Spherey and I love him; they are all adorable. Very nice.

  • Kay, I hope you and your family have an uneventful flight to Omaha for Chrismukkah. May Santa fill your knitting bag with Rowan Denim!

  • I will miss you. Have a good Chrismukkah. Oh and if you can somehow get to Penn Station, the train to Newark is an excellent option. Not sure though how you’ll get down there. You could drive and leave your car at my house, too, if you want. Another option. Let me know if I can help in anyway. Way to ruin Chrismukkah, nu?

  • I heart your crafting glimpses. Fun felting applications, square toys, denim-ish moons! What more could a girl ask for!?
    I just want you to know that I think you have pulled me into the Dark Side. I ordered some denim from Elann yesterday as per your suggestion. Did you feel a disturbance in the Force? I hope they have enough for the both of us…P.S. I also thought of you as I’ll be making a Rowan baby sweater for a friend. “This baby gift brought to you by Kay.”
    p.s. if I don’t get a chance to tell you, have a GREAT Chrismukkah. Ciao!

  • I own that vase! Now I know what to do with it! Have a great holiday!

  • i love your robot’s face! so cute.

  • Kay & family – have a lovely Christmukkah!!! Love the felted balls and the toy – fabby!

  • Happy Chrismukkah and safe travels to you and Ann and the families! Thanks for sharing the Jess Hutchison toys–I’ve got a nephew and a soon-to-be niece who clearly need all of them!
    I hope this here transit strike doesn’t cause too many problems getting to the airport–I’ll keep my fingers crossed for y’all! I gave up on getting to work today–perfect excuse to stay home and knit or stitch. Or both! Oooo…maybe I’ll go felt some balls in honor of the whole event. Commemorative felt balls!

  • This is FABULOUS! Angel just made some of these with bells in them for her baby. So cute.

  • ro-bot guy would make the most wonderful-est xmas tree decoration! LOVE…..

  • Would it be wrong to marry the Robot? I mean, he’s so damn cute…can you even stand it?

  • I love Spherey – I may have to make him!

  • There is so much to respond to in this post. I really just can’t even attempt it. I love all the felting, and the robot? Well, I didn’t see it coming. Kay and robots? Who knew. But then, I knitted a bird. And then a duck. Didn’t see that coming either. Your robot is fabulous!

  • Dayum, that looks like a bucket of fun! And such wonderful teacher gifts. Have a wonderful Chrismukkah and a Howling Humbuggery.

  • Hi Kay, Hope you do not need to run to your plane. I saw the news here in Hong Kong and hope the strike stops soon. Your felt balls looks so yummy.

  • The thought just occurred to me that I hadn’t read about what you guys are up to for a while- and I realised that somehow I’d inadvertently lost you from my bloglines. Must have been the cat.
    In anycase- glad I realised in time to see all your felting and roboting action- I WILL try some felting over the holiday break. thanks for the ballsy tips!
    And I hope you have a fabulous festive season.
    Best wishes

  • I love the denim robot and I hope I’m not the only one whose inside my head reading voice turned into a robot voice when I read those words.

  • Oh my gosh! Felt Easter eggs…my cub scout spring craft project!! Thanks!!