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  • Ah, memories! Maybe I’ll wear my linen kimono to work tomorrow!

    • Yes! Wear it every day! Put some handles on there and you’ve got yourself the world’s most amazing tote bag.

      • I am embarrassed to admit — I’ve never worn it!

        • The words of the most badass knitter I know… you’re amazing!

  • Omg I bought this bag with these handles already made at the knitting cup. I love your credo. If you buy the handles/buttons the purse/sweater pattern will appear!

  • Squeeeee! Those handles will just get better with age, should last forever, and you can just swap out the fabric if it gets damaged or you just want to change it up. Perfect!

    • These handles just arrived…so happy to have them for the crocheted tote bag I’ve been working on! I especially love that the handles are easily removable so you can wash whatever bag they’re attached to.

  • Such a great amount of whimsy to capture the imagination!

    Oooo, and can hardly wait for the next exciting episode of As the Euro Flex Turns….

  • Yes, please, more episodes of As the Euroflax Turns . . .

  • Thank you!

  • Reminds me of a vintage felted bag from Knitty called French Market — which could be adapted to use with handles, too.

    • Love the French Market bag 😉 I’ve never tried felting but now I really want to try this!! Thanks for the link Maggi

    • I made that bag!!! Need to go dig it out….!

    • I made that one back in the day. We are calling it vintage? GAH! #oldasdirt

      • Well, the knitty.com post IS from 2003;)

      • i’m with you, kay; that’s not vintage quite yet. it needs a bit of time to mellow for vintage. vintage is 25-49 years old and antique is 50+. now i’m definitely an antique.

  • I can’t find the handles for sale anywhere ???

    • Here’s the link to the product, just click on the drop-down menu and you will see the handles as an option: https://www.masondixonknitting.com/shop/four-corner-bag/

      • I just put the handles in my cart yesterday. I want to make the knitted market bag in the latest edition of Making. I’d better hit the purchase button before they are all gone.

  • Having just finished a Shaker Chair taping workshop, this would work using chair tape also–and buttons. Machine buttonholes on the bag being easier than knitted…although some buttons might allow for slim cord to be used in the same way.

  • Wish I could post a photo. My mother-in-law is an amazing technical knitter. Many years ago, she made me a beautiful Fair Isle sweater. She never had much money, so she always knit with acrylic, so the sweater will last forever. It no longer fit me (how did that happen?! Acrylic must have shrunk.) I had it up in the attic and a mouse ate a hole in it.
    I couldn’t bear to throw it out, so I sewed the bottom just above the ribbing, lined it with an old t shirt and added leather handles. Now I have a beautiful knitting bag!

    • I discovered the bag a few days ago and also completely fell in love! The way she attaches the handles is complete genius.

    • What a lovely tribute…

  • Would the mitered square be similar to the squares we made this past year for the charity blocks? Ravelry doesn’t seem to have the individual pattern available for purchase yet (even though it says it will be available April 19). I’d love to start on one!

  • Great bag! You knew someone had to ask: Are there any vegan versions of the handles?