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  • Oh wow ! Totally fab haul.Especially the silk.
    Please don’t sit hugging it for months,or stash it away for years,getting it out periodically to gaze lovingly at it.In other words,don’t do an Emma.
    Knit it.Enjoy it.You will look so gorgeous in a little silk top.Really !
    Birch in denim…I can go with that.But what happens to the leaves on washing & shrinking ?
    Oh dear,I can’t think of a tasteful & polite way to tell you what spunk means in the U.K.I might have to e-mail you !!!

  • Dear Emma–Bear in mind my Anglophilia. I know what it means over there. Or at least I have some idea!
    Love, Kay (And yes, I am going through 4ply patterns like mad in search of a suave and simple raglan top to make out of the silk!)

  • Kay–Holy Muddah of God. I can’t quite imagine how you will ever get even with Polly. Just start mailing her stuff–NOW.
    Whoever’s art-directing your color choices is worthy of Queer Eye. I can’t wait to see what starts coming of the Jaeger Silk. Gray yarn is my weakness. And Fine Cotton Chenille–too funny that you just got some, because I did too. Never thought of myself as a cheniller, but that caterpillary texture is tasty.
    I raise my mint julep in honor of Polly. WOWWWWWWWW.
    x0x0 Ann

  • And Kay–so GLAD to see your mug on Mason-Dixon Knitting. Proof once and for all that I have not hallucinated this whole thing. Or HAVE I?????????

  • Wow, I think I was at Liberty with Polly at the July sale the day she bought some of that yarn, esp. the silk…..just think, Kay, I may have fondled it…..now we have an even greater bond than being Rowanettes and bloggers. I have touched your yarn! Make something with it, and show us pics!

  • Bravo Kay!!! Computer up and running, as is new “Kay Cam.” It was a great moment for you and I am so glad I was there to share it with you…and enjoy my own gifts from Polly as well. Polly, you may have declined to send me your address, but, I got anyway and now I know where you live!! Look forward to a visit from my elves, “Sicilian style” soon!!
    PS…it took every fibre of my being NOT to STEAL the Lemon Curd. And don’t even get me started on silk stuff.

  • Emma–Boorish Americans. Crikey. You can try to educate us, but it ain’t agonna work.
    x0 Ann

  • Dear Ann,
    I write this on behalf of Emma. She’s not going to communicate with MDK directly anymore because she was so deeply offended by your use of the word ‘Crikey’, which is an obscenity in both Welsh AND Gaelic. If you keep this up, Miss Potty Mouth, we will have no international readers. Which means, no more jars from Fortnum and Mason’s. No more personal shopping by Polly. No more shade cards arriving by Royal Post. Banned from Rowan International exchanges, our darlings’ pix deleted from the Picture Trail. Personae non grata. So keep it clean in future.
    xox Just Kidding xox Kay