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  • Kay–The Handknit DK colors are amazing. I’m seeing a Gee’s Bend moment coming. All those close shades make me crazy.
    And the shade cards. Emma, Emma, EMMA. What delirious moment allowed you to launch those to Kay? I mean, she’s worthy and all, but I haven’t even contemplated sending my meager, recent-vintage shade cards to anybody.
    I think Edina Ronay was a character in “The Age of Innocence.” Or the host of “A.M. Nashville” circa 1973?
    You are one lucky dog. Wallow on, woman.
    x0 Ann

  • Re the big ol’ whompin’ basket of the Yarns of the Elders:
    I sit quietly, in reverence.
    Little minute of awed silence here before I click on out.
    (Will be staying out of your way on eBay for a while.)

  • I am **green** with envy over the shade cards! How wonderful of Emma to share! Now, if you are ever tired of drooling over them….

  • Edina Ronay was a 60’s[?]model turned knitwear designer.I have,in my stash,Vogue Knitting mags from the 80’s that have some of her designs in.I can picture her …long,thick blonde hair & big teeth.Not goofy,just big.
    Where is she now ?

  • This Edina Ronay must’ve been hot stuff to have such fancy yarn named after her! Will have to Google her and see if further info is available.

  • I just googled too.Interesting ! Didn’t know she was still a ‘leading fashion designer’,or that she ‘acted’ .Well,there you go !