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  • Love that! Youngest Eagle Scout in Alabama, very nice. Happy Birthday!

  • This is awesome. I don’t think there is anything like it at all in my family.

  • Love this! Happy Birthday to your dad… These types of treasures are so wonderful to have. We have some similar family pictures…from south Alabama in Natchez. They’re priceless.

  • Wow, what great pictures. My Dad just had his 79th birthday and we have one studio picture of him, probably less than 1 year old. However, the picture looks like your Dad, ‘dress’ ahd all!

  • He must have been a beautiful baby, ’cause baby, look at him now. I’m going to start a chant for you to post a current picture of Pappy. He’s a handsome DOG.
    I’m sure he entrusted you with the book because he knew you would not hit the scrapbooking aisle at Micheal’s and RENOVATE the thing.
    Not that this happened to the baby book of anyone who is writing this comment. Not that anybody lovingly bedazzled-up 1958 with STICKERS or anything.
    Happy Birthday Baby Clifton! Many happy returns!
    xox Co-bloggette of Ann

  • What a treasure! Happy birthday grandaddy!

  • What darling pics…and think we all have vintage allbums like that in our collection. I’ve been meaning to scan mine just as a back up in the event something happens to the originals.

  • Yes, you are lucky to have the album and even luckier to still have the subject still with you and nearby! Happy Birthday, Clifton! 🙂

  • My mom shares your dad’s birthday. She’s 81 today, God love her. There are so few pictures from her childhood, let alone all in one Baby Book. So glad you have this kind of treasure–I envy you that! Mama grew up in eastern NC and I’ve just been pondering what different lives they must’ve lived. Those depression years were hard all around. Wonder how old the Cahaba nurse is?

  • Awesome! Wish I had something like that from my dad.

  • Happy birthday, Ann’s Dad! What a great old book!
    Funny how you can take a baby outside on Xmas day without a hat! Doesn’t happen in Canadian baby pictures, I tell ya!

  • And aren’t you curious to know more about Katherine, his “Cahaba nurse?”

  • Happy birthday, plus many more to your Dad! That album is fabulous- my favorite part is the style of the cursive writing. It looks just like my father’s handwriting.

  • Precious photos. Kiss your daddy for me, so I can imagine kissing my sweet Papa. I wonder if your dad ever got to meet Helen Keller as my dad did as an Alabama scout? My dad was about 10 years older than yours, but very active. He served as FDR’s honor guard when his train came through on the way from Nashville to Mobile.

  • I, too, am curious about your dad’s “Cahaba nurse” who looks to be all of 12 years old in that photo. Happy day to your dad and to you — you’re fortunate to have him around to celebrate.

  • Happy Birthday to your daddy! I love the photos…I have all of my mothers pictures and I cherish them so.

  • I love the pictures and was going to suggest saving them to a disc, but,duh, you have already saved them to your blog.
    I was watfhing news about the foresst fires and one fellow was saying he got the dogs out but all his military service medals are gone.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • I am the lucky and blessed one to have Ann as my daughter. Very lucky. Dad (Meador)

  • dont you just love the older family photos!!?? I was lucky enough to sit down with hubbys gram almost 20 years ago and she let me go through old albums and pick out any photos i wanted (i was so lucky!) She said no one else had even shown an interest in them. She remembered every detail on them, even costs of houses purchased, every ones name, etc. I made a scrapbook album with them and all the family history she had given me..which years later helped when dementia hit her hard. I treasure that album now even more with her gone.
    happy birthday to your dad!

  • I love this post! Happy Birthday to your father. Please tell him that one of your knitting Scoutmaster friends congratulates him on his amazing accomplishment of Eagle Scout! Many happy returns.

  • What beautiful memories these pictures must elicit.

  • Happy Birthday, Mr. Clifton, Sir! We won’t even make you tell us whether being a Blog Dad is better than an Eagle Scout.
    Many more! Loved your sweet note, too. Nice when both sides of an equation are feeling blessed.

  • The epitome of “warm and fuzzy”. I have photos of my mother, but not in a wonderful album. Only two of my father in his entire childhood.
    Happy birthday, Ann’s Dad!!!

  • How wonderful to have that book and even better, to have your dad. Love and best of birthday wishes.

  • Just gotta comment on how nice to have a book like that – I’ve got a few photos of my parents as children, but not many.
    That photo with the older girl is haunting to me too – do you know who she is?

  • Your dad does still look like those 10 month old pictures! He’s a wonderful person- thank you for sharing. I hope you all had a great celebration.

  • My Dad was 80 last week, but he’s 3000 miles away. The book and your daddy are both sweet – keep them near and keep Kay away from that book.

  • Happy birthday to your dad!

  • Happy Birthday to your dad. Presciuos moments. Bless you all.

  • Thanks, Ann! Anyone else thinking Bonnie and Clyde? Happy Birthday, Uncle Clifton! Dan

  • Thanks for sharing your family photos. My son-in-law is named Clifton. I think it must be a southern name as his parents are from Georgia and Mississippi. I’d never heard of the name before having spent most of my life above the Mason-Dixon line!

  • Dad still has the same expression he had when he was 10 months old. Great to see these old photos.