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  • The 2 mouthed monster pumpkin look is in this year I think. Way cool!

  • Not sure what y’all are implying with that double mouth business. Trying to figure out which one of your boys came up with that one.

  • Mmmmmm… pumpkin puree facial…
    Perhaps the pumpking double mouth is the better to eat you with?

  • Also, looks like it already got your poor headless kitty. ;))

  • Sister Buffy,
    You know the drill. October 30: an early morning push to start carving pumpkins. David, who’s out of school, nags me all the way through Pop-Tarts (Pop-Tarts fer chrissakes! What more does he want?), I manage to get out of the bathrobe and scuffs so I can go out the front door to start bringing in the gourds. I ask him to conceptualize his designs for the three pumpkins, and I start carving. I carve and carve and carve. David drifts in and out, mostly out. Next year, I swear to myself, we’re getting one pumpkin.
    We get to number three. I look at the drawing and say, “What’s this?”
    “A beard.”
    “I can’t carve a beard. It’s too . . . hairy.” He assures me that I can. That is how we end up with a two-mouthed monster pumpkin.
    xox Sister Ann

  • Three?! Sis, I’m coming south of the Mason-Dixon SOON to check up on you. This tangled blog is affecting you.