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  • Happy Valentine’s to you, too! And I get to knit with Malabrigo today, so I guess I’m good!

  • It looks like a beaded necklace. Lovely, as you say.

  • how funny that you should say that about malabrigio. I had 20 kilos arrive on my doorstep for the shop this morning, I’ve never seen it in person before. Do I *have* to sell this or can I just keep it?

  • I agree with the provisional cast on for a hemmed edge, when I find myself in the unfortunate situation of knitting a hemmed edge. 🙂
    Another tip, I was walking out in the cold during the Perfect Sweater debates wondering aloud how Hemmed edge could possibly have won…then thought about the sweater I was wearing, a gorgeous Oleana from Norway (http://www.oleana.no/) which I knew had a hemmed edge. I checked it out, and to my delight, I saw that is has a k1p1 hem, one row purl where it folds and then continues in st st for the body. This alleviates my greatest annoyance with hemmed edges, that they want to flair out. The k1p1 hem snugs up a bit so the inner hem width is slightly shorter than the outer knitting so it lays beautifully flat. The ribbing might seem too tight at first, but it always relaxes with wearing.

  • VERRRRRRRY interesting! The flare-out is definitely the hazard of a hemmed edge. It wants to flare. It just does. I think I MUST go have a try at this k1 p1 idea.
    And holey kamoley, the Oleana clothes are beautiful. Where in the US can a person find these things?
    Thanks for the idea, and the visit to Oleana. Here’s the only Oleana I knew about until today, which come to think of it is actually Olana. Olana was the home of the Hudson Valley painter Frederic Church, and it is one Turkish/Moorish/crazy delight.
    The photographers for our book, Steve Gross and Sue Daley, included Olana in their book Catskills Country Style, which is just gorgeous despite its tragic lack of handknits.

  • I think I just choked on my tongue at the provisional cast-on idea.
    But hey! I’ve had SEVERAL things I have done lately that require a provisional cast-on, so I think I’ll be OK!
    Any idea when the pattern will be ready? Because, for some gawdawful reason, I’m ready to knit this thing. 🙂

  • A provisional cast on, you say? What a great idea 😉

  • Turkish Delight and Malabrigo for Valentine’s Day! Oh, Ann, you darling!
    xo, c.

  • The head designer at Oleana is Solveig Hisdal, author of “Poetry In Stitches”
    Wonderful, beautiful book by the way.
    I had the good fortune to visit Norway and bought my Oleana sweater there. Fortunately, I had one all picked out before I got there or I might have gone into beautiful sweater overload and not been able to choose anything.
    Here are a couple of sites that sell Oleana, I have not used either of these:
    I have purchased two kits for Poetry in Stitches sweaters, I ordered from Pinnsvinn in Norway, they have excellent friendly service and the prices were great, even with shipping :
    Here is a US distributor, I have no experience with, except they have nice pictures:
    I don’t have a digital camera (yet), but I will try to get some pictures of my Oleana sweater so you can see how great the hem is.
    About the provisional cast on, I am assuming that when the appropriate length of sweater is knitted (sweater outside length = hem length), the provisional stitches are put on a needle and knit together with the working stitches (k2tog) to form a smooth transition while hemming at the same time. Is that the plan?

  • Happy Valentines Day to you both! May the chocolate be dark and plentiful.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day. Kay, did you see your vestment Red Scarf Project scarf over at Gale’s blog? http://ezisus.blogspot.com/2006/02/red-scarf-project-sequel.html
    Look in the album at the end. She has a clickable link to it.

  • Wow, that Malabrigo is gorgeous, haven’t seen that before, but I’m sure it is at some LYS in New York.
    Still holding out for the seed stitch edge.

  • can you surely feel the LOVE in that red scarf project? delightful and delicious…..

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I wore my malabrigo sweater for the first time today. Surely there was no softer sheep ever devised!

  • Well I treated myself to2 new skeins of Noro. Wow the colors!! I hadn’t even heard of it and had to search high and low in Nashville for it but I found it!! It is so soft and the colors so vivid. I hope I can make something out of it!! Also I have finally learned how to do cast on stitches but just cannot get the cast on slip not.. oh well.patience is a virtue