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  • I don’t know, Kay. The guinea pig is spoiling the mood for plaintive fiddles. I’m hearing banjoes and picturing Ann chasing the critter around combing it for fur to spin once the Point 5, Araucana, and Kureyon run out.

  • Re. Squeaker try this limk: http://edition.cnn.com/2000/FOOD/news/06/07/guinea.pigs/
    But be prepared, the content may not be too tasteful… 😉

  • Ah…I wondered what that sound was.

  • Ann! I cannot believe you are getting away with 10 1/2s on that stuff! I did an afghan square in Araucania for my sister’s wedding afghan (substituting for Manos) and I’m using freaking 3s! I am a super loose knitter though. Maybe it’s the pattern or the fact that I am using basically toothpicks to knit it, but it turned out awesome. There’s a pic on our website. All Hail Grundy County!

  • Ann&Kay : This inspired combination of unrelated prose and pix is where Mason-Dixon was leading us along, wasn’t it? I feel like I have exercised parts of my brain that have been snoozing since I read Virginia Woolf’s “The Waves” many years ago.
    Kay : See you Friday! Thanks to Susan, we have organized a small but determined contingent for a Chicago-based sew-up session, so bring some squares along if they are not at the bottom of the moving piles. We can order them some kirs, too.

  • Kay, For those of us who do not knit and only read the blog to find out what you are doing (since you have not been a great correspondent lately) the random pictures are a very nice touch. Of course the picture of Joseph makes me miss you guys, but I know I’m really missing you when even your familiar handwriting on a moving box triggers a little homesick feeling. Hope the move went well! I can’t wait to see the new digs.

  • Great combined post.
    Knit on girls !

  • Note to Laurie and others: The handwriting on the moving box is not mine, but a long-suffering moving man’s. (“I suppose there’s more yarn upstairs, Ma’am?”) By the end I had converted them to the Yarn-Rich Lifestyle. When moving in, one helpful mover suggested putting all the yarn together in one closet. “Great! idea!” I chirped, “But better make that two closets!”
    And in my fatootlement, I had forgotten that Friday was Kir With Evelyn Day. WoooooHOOOOOOO! Will bring squares!
    LOL at the flattering reference to Virginia Woolf. We like to think that we are every bit as confusing and obscure as Virginia, minus the brilliant writing. xox Kay

  • Look again at the picture of the moving box, Kay. Are you sure the “MBR Closet” was not written by you???

  • Laurie, far be it from me to argue with you when you are really sticking to your guns, but I swear that neither I nor my alter ego, “Ma’am”, labelled even one box. Which is why I laughed at all the ‘YARN’ and ‘Knitting Books’ labels, because they showed the guys were paying attention. They surely must see it all, in their line of work. But I bet they rarely see quite such quantities of knitting materiel. xox Kay

  • Don’t think I haven’t pondered roast pig with fava beans n a nice chianti.
    Kay, so happy to see that the Squares made the move safely.
    Off to go dress a deer and scrape some raccoon hides.
    xoxoxoxox to everybody! Can hardly wait to return to my cushy suburban life-style. Positively craving some stop n go rush hour traffic.

  • kay…. am lovin’ your joseph’s polar bear hug, awaiting the new digs…..yes-er-ie…. home IS where the heart is….. XXX

  • glad you had a good time at yarniverse, but when i go there, they’re so rude! (i don’t go anymore!) they were so nice over the phone and email, but as soon as they saw me, everything changed… they got mad at me after they didn’t have what i wanted and insisted that i can’t use the german version of a rebecca pattern (i bought it in germany and don’t have the english)… i couldn’t believe it! i haven’t been treated so rudely since i was in high school and shopkeepers followed me around to make sure i didn’t steal!