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  • Hatty and Socky and Scarfy New Year to you, too! One of the delights of 2015 was getting you guys back in regular blog mode — who knows what might happen in 2016!

  • I love multiples. I would totally send you my 2 chocolate oranges if I hadn’t already given them away. It sucks to find out (okay, realize) that you are allergic to oranges and orange flavored things 10 days before Christmas. ::sigh:: I was really looking forward to them both

  • The hats are perfect…happy new year to you too! I resolve to learn how to use the Ashford spinning wheel now in my house. I am a co-owner with a friend…and I must make peace with this lovely purchase.

  • Happy new year to you both. Okay, Ann, what’s around your neck? Looks intriguing.

  • Hatty and Socky New Year to both of you. Not that Christmas is over I will have hats and socks for myself, and not a moment too soon. I did break down and buy pom pom makers, so mine will be perfectly appointed.

  • I took inspiration from the pattern; then broke down and used the pattern…then dragged my tired heinie out to JoAnn Fabrics today – a Saturday in snowbird season here in Fort Myers – bought a super large Pompom thingy, and the Pompom looks like doodoo. Anyhow, the yarn I’m using is not the boutique Plucky available only if you get lucky…but Cascade Boliviana which is a merino and fairly inexpensive.

  • So great. My multiples are mittens this year, I returned to Fetching and jumped in on the Trip Mitts kick.
    I’m making an effort to modify my iPhone habits. This is not a resolution, it’s an noncommittal acknowledgement that I could [knit/garden/read/socialize/cook more interesting meals or in short] do a lot more if I would just put down the phone.
    There was a Sesame Street song with the line “You’ve got to put down the duckie if you want to play the saxophone” back when KidO was 4, it’s gonna be my ear worm for a while. I hope.

  • Ha! I had forgotten “pull from the tangle” (how could I? Such great advice for life!), but remember the Thorpe marathon. I think Thorpe is still in my queue….

    So far, my only resolution is to finish the two sweaters on the needles and the one I’ve committed to in a KAL.

  • Happy New Year!

    Glad the blog is back! Loving my MDK coloring book.
    Ann, when you come to visit David in Cambridge,
    Be sure to come to Needham and visit my LYS
    Black Sheep Knitting.

  • Hatty New Year to you both as well!. I am knitting a second mitten at the moment. The first is TOO large, and I’m not sure of this one yet. I predict my first multiples of 2016 will be 3 (4, maybe 5) mittens until I crack this pattern. Followed by a set of mittens that fit perfectly, in a yummy warm wool. Then socks are back on the agenda. SO glad you’re both back.

  • I resolve to knit every day, even if it can be only one stitch. So far I’ve knit every day of 2016!!!

    • That’s one of my 2016 goals too!

  • Ann, sorry about the chocolate orange. I found one before Christmas at Walgreens and just finished it yesterday. No doubt the universe will lead you to yours when you most need it (chocolate, that is). You all look great in your Conversationalist hats. Your boys are becomming men, and are quite handsome.

    Kay, I read your “Pull From the Tangle” as if it were the first time, and got to love it all over again. I also keep thinking of the knit shop in Omaha that you introduced us to the other day. Would that I could visit it in person, but it is quite far. Still, never say never. 😉

    Ann and Kay, wishing you and yours many, many blessings in 2016.

    Knit on!


  • Ann–oh, THOSE hats. Now I get it! Very cute.

  • The ventilated/topless hat is priceless! All the best to you in 2016!

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  • For all you hat makers who want to “do some good” check out the 25000 Tuques project at

    It’s a knit along in support of Syrian refugees relocating to Canada in the middle of winter no less. The message “our only enemy is the cold”, let’s get some warm hats on all these new Canadian heads!
    Happy knitting New Year!


  • resolutions? schmesolutions!

  • Hattiest (and cowliest and scarfiest but probably if I know you guys, sweateriest) of New Years to you too! Thanks Kay, philosopher/knitter extraordinaire for re-visiting the Pull from the Tangle concept. I had no resolutions til I read that. Now, in the second year of a new and extremely demanding job that is wreaking some havoc in my life, I can go forward with this idea in mind. It’s akin to your “Do it, call it good, and move on” philosophy that I can use more of. Part of my plan for more balance in life is to start knitting again. I swerved into the yarn shop the other day on a total whim and departed with a ball of Mad Tosh vintage in Tart, a delectable cherry red with black undertones. Valentine’s day handwarmers, anyone? Hey, we are so glad you two are back at the blog! So very grateful, really.