Hello, Books

By Kay Gardiner
March 2, 2019

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  • It pleases me that a book on writing and the English language is a best seller. Now to get one of my own. (I was going to put an exclamation mark there, but thought I might be judged, given the context.)

  • ooh! Thanks for the heads-up. I think all three may join my library!

  • I’ve been meaning to send you this…
    I wasn’t sure if you knew of all of these!

  • thanks, kay! have these on hold for me at the library now. appreciate the tip!

  • Love Green Mtn Spinnery! Extremely welcoming to look around and ask questions and if u get there before 2pm they probably give u a little tour! Last year signed up for a great retreat with Ms. K. Atherly and I gained so much along with meeting fabulous people and the food was outstanding! Thanks Moreen!!!! ❤️

  • OK, I’m confused. You mention “At the Spinnery,” but there is no photo of the book… on the other hand, there is a photo of “Painting with Wool,” but you don’t mention it!

    • I too was just about to ask about Painting with Wool, because that’s an intriguing title. I already got At the Spinnery— slim but packed with great patterns. 🙂

    • My copy of At the Spinnery is digital, and as I wrote the post I realized that Painting With Wool has not yet reached its publication date, so I’m saving it for next time (it’s about needle-felting and it’s beautiful).

      • Phew! Thank you for clarifying re: Painting With Wool. However, your intriguing omission sent me on a search for it, and it does look fascinating! Thanks for the pre-pub alert!

        • I definitely recommend giving Dani Ives a follow on Instagram (and via mailing list). Her work is breathtaking!!

  • Tx! He also had a good interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air (you can hear it via the podcast).

  • Thank you for the shout out for At the Spinnery–it really is full of excellent patterns. xox

  • Already have my Dreyer in hand and semi-Post-it-noted (but I haven’t read it all yet). I’m swooning over the beautiful model on At the Spinnery. Those eyes! If I knit that shawl will I look like Ariana? she says only half-joking. Off to look at the ebook on Rav.