Help! Pick a Color for Me!

By Ann Shayne
April 5, 2018

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  • As spring is (hopefully) coming go with light olive.

    • Agree about (hopefully) spring. Light Olive.

  • What are your favorite colors? What are you drawn to?

    • Blue is my flavor color.

  • I love the Wine!

  • I love the dark grey green colour, but it depends on your skin & hair colour. Beautiful wool!!

  • I see what you did there…. Now that I’ve visualized the sweater in all those gorgeous colors I want to buy all the yarn!

  • Not only does it depend on your coloring ( it is for you yes?) but your closet. In my case, for example, I need another grey sweater like a hole in the head. And the blue yarns wouldn’t shine with my standard wear of jeans. Since all of the colors are so inviting, you can’t lose. I vote for the greens.

  • The wine tweed would look good on anyone!

  • I suspect you chose the colors you prefer. I am partial to the Bright Olive

  • Since you are a blonde I would go with a lighter color. If you have warm skin tones then either the orange or either green, if you have cool tones then the denim blue. The neutrals here are very pretty to me, but don’t we all have enough neutrals in our closet? (Denim blue is almost a neutral but on a cool blonde it could really pop.). Full disclosure: I will be forever influenced by 1980’s Color Me Beautiful. Otherwise I would full bore have gone straight for the Orange because it is such a happy color.. Chloe

    • I went full bore. Ann can pull it off.

  • After all that I would go for the bright olive.

    • I agree!! I love the bright olive! That’s the color I’m going to choose.

    • Me, too! I love those fleck in it!

      • flecks… There are multiple flecks, not a single fleck.

  • I am with Neil Diamond on this one. I think the weekends should always be spent “Forever in Blue Jeans”. I’d choose the denim…of course the red and orange both make my heart sing. Have you thought of making more than 1? Stripes?

  • I’m going with light olive. Reminds me of spring in my currently snow covered home!

  • Oh my goodness. I am so glad I am not the only one to have colour choice difficulties. Happens with every item I set out to knit!

  • If it were me I would go with the limier of the two olives, but that is just because I like to jazz up my wardrobe a bit and that’s something I don’t have much of (yet). I might have accidentally voted for something more boring because I didn’t grasp that you need to put a check mark in before hitting Done. Beautiful colors — I suspect you will be happy with any of them.

  • Fawn.

  • Depends on your skin tone. Use what will brighten and compliment your skin tone in either greens or the orange. It’s the weekender! Make it a fun color outside your norm.

  • Light Olive gets my vote

  • Definitely Denim

  • I’m in the light olive for spring camp.

  • So many options, so little time! The light olive makes me think of the color of very early spring leaves.

    The way I pick yarn for sweaters, scarves, hats, etc. is to hold the different colors next to my face, to see which looks best. Natural sunlight is best for this step. And I occasionally put a moratorium on a color when I discover it makes most of my clothes options. I really like that orange, but I rarely look as good in orange as I do in blue & green, so I’d use that as an accent.

  • IIRC, you are a green person, right? In which case, the olives. Or are you looking to bust out of a color rut?

    (I am drawn towards reds, personally)

  • When in doubt, I always go blue. I would choose denim.

  • The denim looks wonderful! I also love grays. But the denim will be great with many colors underneath.

  • I would go with either bright olive or denim(it’s CLOSE to gray).

  • I would do a stripey with two of the same colours, as in two greens or two beiges. I would go with a colour that you do not already have in your wardrobe- easy peasy. I’m making one with two blues, looks quite rich. Good luck

    • Wow, I like the way you think!

  • I vote for the wine.

  • I am liking that dark grey green, or if you want something more cheerful, the lightest olive would be stunning too.

  • Well that was hard. Do I vote for what you always wear? Vote wine and throw you a curve ball? Hope you don’t mind living with the result! Although you just have to knit it, not wear it.

  • I’m in the same quandary boat. I think I am going ORANGE!

  • Definitely the bright olive, with whatever red is closest to the flecks for ONE ROW ONLY (cast on or cast off rows) at the hem and sleeve ends. Maybe also around the neck — your call.

    • Yes!!! ❤️

  • I voted for the red, which really looks more fall to me, but I love the light green. Very spring but I tend to greens myself- so maybe the red votenwas me stepping outside the box? Also orange pops. Tough choice

  • OMG your endless loop sounds just like me! I couldn’t even vote for a color for your sweater because I was paralyzed by so many beautiful choices . . .dark red looks good. Denim would be nice. Oh, that dark gray green is fabulous! Hmmm, that wine is very nice, too. . .

  • After this winter, you need to bust out of your usual colors. Go for wine.

  • Olive is not a spring color to me. It’s a good color for olives. It also doesn’t feel that different from what you usually choose, to me. I voted for the wine. It’s a lovely, rich color and would look great with all the different neutrals you have.

  • I really really love the orange, but I voted for the wine. Because that’s a LOT of orange. And the wine will be so wearable, looks good with everything.

  • I thought that was going to be easy until I realized that I had to scroll down for more options!

  • I think the cream color will show the details of the sweater best, (except for grey, which would have been my first choice). And it’s a nice, light color for warmer weather. Goes with most colors. Oh, but maybe the wine. Or the blue. Good grief. You asked ME?

  • I love the light olive! Or to be conservative cream goes with everything, skin, hair and eyes and other clothing. Color is therapy, so let your body tell you what color it needs!
    Mary in snowbound MN

  • I voted for orange for the process, not the product. Years ago while knitting a pair of endless gray socks, I noticed my world view brightened when I knitted an orange stripe. Knitting orange makes one happy.

  • It was between the cream and the denim. I went with the cream because I think that will go the best with your coloring.

  • Dark grey green is the best color for tea, knitting, and long hiking trails if you already have 90 grey sweaters, in my experience.

  • I’m going with Kay’s unspoken Denim vote. You can never have too much denim yarn.

  • Denim blue! Or cream. Or gray.
    Oh, wait, we’re talking about a sweater for you, not me!
    Still, denim. That color just pushes all my buttons.

  • I love the different colors.

  • orange. always orange.

  • Dark red. It has some nice color pops. Pick something out of ur comfort zone!

  • Actually I prefer the midnight blue Donegal tweed

  • They’re all lovely colours so I can see why you’re having a hard time deciding. I voted for light olive as I’ve got a friend with very similar colouring as you do and that colour looks fantastic on her and I think it will look fantastic on you. (It would look dreadful on me. I’d probably chose wine for myself.)

  • Dk grey green!

  • The time I saw you drawn to magenta in Chicago. I picked wine because I think it would be divine on you.

  • I picked the red, as it should help you stand out from the sea of cute aqua mini-dresses at Clif’s graduation…;)!

  • You are loving the Survey Monkey! And I am loving Denim. I can see you wearing that.

  • Wine

  • Light olive

  • I was drawn to the denim and I think it would be great with your coloring. I wear a lot of jeans, though, which seems like a lot of blue….I decided you could buy new pants for your beautiful new sweater. Denim!

  • I would vote for that gorgeous blue in the picture!!!!

  • So many beautiful colored I have the same problem

  • Denim

  • One of the greens of course! Today someone told me my name is really “Chris-Green”!

  • Red

  • I went with Denim because blondes always look great in blue.

  • I too vote bright olive. At least for the first one. I might have to promise myself another in dark red later.

  • I think the cream would look lovely.

  • Light gray and bright olive

  • I’m of no help because I’m in the same boat! I’m thinking I might even knit a different sweater because I can choose a color for that one!

  • Not knowing what color family really speaks to you, for me it’s usually blue, I picked the wine red shade, caught my eye.

  • I vote for Wine!

  • Denim for spring and weekends!

  • I’m thinking Fawn Autumn would be awonderful look,especially with type of yarn you’ve choosen. It will have to be a cooler weather piece.

  • That denim really calls to me. I hope it calls to you too.

  • I love the wine. (in more ways then one. LOL), Bright and beautiful.