Here Comes the Sonya

By Kay Gardiner
December 28, 2017
Make Something That Makes You Look and Feel Great (and wear it)

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  • Happiness is contagious!!

  • Love love love Sonja’s creativity, style and joie de vive. She has inspired me to join her from a distance. Slowly, one stitch at a time.

  • Sonya’s personal style has made me braver about mixing and matching, especially my hand knits and weaving. No more invisible senior me! Thank you!

  • Her articles have truly been a joy to read and her pics are just fantastic!! I am so happy MDK was able to have her come aboard!

  • Wonderful artist, maker and writer, love her columns. XO

  • Her style & enthusiasm gives me courage to wear what I like & make with joy!!

  • I can’t love this post, or Sonya’s work, more. Thanks for this quick reminder of how much joy she spreads. (And thanks to all y’all for featuring her here!)

  • You have given me a wonderful end-of-year gift, and I thank you so much for that! While I’ve read all of these posts by Sonya at the time that they were published individually, it was a real treat to reread and digest them. I’m so glad that you are including her posts, and I hope you will continue to do this for many years to come!
    Thank you!!

  • Thank you, thank you for sharing Sonya as inspiration. I made most of a Tunic No 1 yesterday (just some finishing touches needed) with my very own sewing machine. And I’m dreaming of some flourish-y shawl/scarves and poppy little cardigans. The Statement on the 100 Acts of Sewing page has made me rethink and reconsider the way I dress in middle age. Sonya — you make me want to make — gracias!

  • I purchased 3 yards of linen to start one of her projects. I can’t decide which one to start with and since it’s Snow White and I can’t wear white I haven’t decided what color to dye it. This will open up two things, making handmade wardrobe and natural dying. Pretty exciting stuff that is!

  • Love reading Sonya’s posts. She is indeed an inspiration, Her joy , her spirt, her art, are all totally making me do and dress with even more fun than I was doing before.
    Thanks Ann and Kay for inviting her .

  • Love Sonya’s sense of style! Each outfit looks happy!

  • It is so much fun to see Sonya’s handiwork and the outfits she puts together! This retrospective has made me appreciate how her wardrobe subtly changes with the seasons. Oh, and the Ewe Be Ewe post may still be my favorite. What knitter doesn’t develop a case of sheep love, after all? Sonya expresses it beautifully!

  • I sewed up my first Dress No. 2 in flannel yesterday–because it’s 11 degrees below zero here. *shudder* Thanks to Sonya I’m dressing better and happier in retirement than I ever did working. Now that the holidays are (almost) behind us I can buckle down and make another Dress No. 2 in linen, a couple more Dress No. 1 in flannel and denim, a few pairs of Pants No. 2 in knit prints to coordinate with the dresses… Can you tell I used my fabric store coupons to their fullest over the last month? Thanks, Ann and Kay for bringing Sonya into my life. I’ll be forever grateful.

  • Love this woman! Love her style! Dares me to be me!

  • I have loved the posts with Sonja’s projects. I now have 3 of her patterns and love sewing them–something I sew that actually looks good. And not only that but my friends have asked me to make them some things too! I love her pairing of patterns and colors..just everything about it. This is giving me the strength to redo my closet and get rid of some of that stuffy old stuff. Thank you so much and hope to see more from her.

  • I love Sonya’s style! She inspires me to enjoy what I make and wear what I love! Thank you!

  • Sonya is my number one handmade heroine. She is so inspiring.

  • It would be so interesting to see pictures of everyone in their Sonya outfits!