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  • and you’re offering cheetos too?! Sigh.
    Have fun!

  • Have a great time sewing up everyone. Wish I was there to watch and snack – I’m all done whipstitching for now!

  • Rumor has it my Ann broke out a BRAND NEW CHIBI for tonight’s festivites.

  • I think holiday stress is getting to you.

  • I-cord? One of the optional embellishments that the winner can take care of –

  • Ah geesh. I ADORES me Cheetos. Wish I could drive by…but I’ll be there in spirit!

  • have a lovely sew up

  • I can’t wait to see it all put together.

  • Thanks so much for a morning laugh with the tattoo pic – I really needed it after a crazy weekend and endless snow!

  • I’m loving the church sign, although in MN it would read “(and bars!)”.

  • I think I see one of my squares in there!
    Wish I could join in the sewing up party, but this silly dayjob requires that I’m at my desk until 5:30, and given the holiday traffic, there’s no way I’d make it into NYC before it was all over. Happy sewing! Have a Cheeto or two for me. =)

  • And I thought all along that your tattoo said “Born to Miter”…Off to buy more raffle tickets!

  • Cheetos? You’ll get orange-powder fingerprints all over! Quick– choose an alternate snack!

  • Cheetos? You’ll get orange-powder fingerprints all over! Quick– choose an alternate snack!

  • I keep scrutinizing the squares but I haven’t seen my [somewhat distinctive in their stripey nastiness] own. Trusting that they are in there somewhere 🙂
    I followed the link from your tattoo image and now have a couple festive license plates to add to our Christmas letter. Thanks!

  • Laura, you beat me to it!

  • I was driving home from work this evening, and suddenly realized the sewing up of the blanket must be underway…did y’all feel a sudden burst of good vibes blow in on a cold Massachusetts breeze at about 6:15?
    Hope you had (or are still having) a blast! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • hope the festive sew-up is fun– best from up here!!

  • Dang–my brain is officially broke, I totally thought this was tomorrow night. Good lordy–I have officially lost it.

  • Dang! My brain is officially broke, I really thought this was tomorrow night. Shoot.

  • and multiple-comment…I’m gonna go crawl back under the Christmas preparations now…

  • Hope it all goes really well. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished blanket/s.
    You know that I wish I was there.
    Much love to everyone.

  • CRIPES. If you’d mentioned the Cheetos, I would have been on that JetBlue flight!

  • Ah, dammit. I got an offer of actual freelance work late last week, which in light of recent circumstances I said yes to in about four picoseconds — but it meant not getting to Knitty City until 8:10. “You just missed them,” they said. “We’re closed.”
    Nertz. Sorry I didn’t get to lend a hand.

  • That blankie hangin’ on the line? Could it be more beautiful? I think NOT! What a treat to see it, I couldn’t quite visuallize how it was going to look (how THEY were going to look). And tell me that’s not a real tattoo. It’s not real, right? RIGHT???? (grin)

  • I love the blanket on the clothes line…the squares are much larger right? Is it me? Love the colors though.

  • Clearly, next time, you ought to mention the Cheetos as part of the sew-up in advance of the actual sew-up. I’m rather regretful at having missed the chance to meet Cara and the Other Ann, but after last week’s layout marathon, I’ve been running my own home renovation and post-renovation clean up marathon. Last night I was occupied giving away furniture and camping equipment to enthusiastic takers and missing Cheetos.
    And by the way, the secret to Cheetos and knitting is chopsticks. Keeps fingers and knitting clean, can also be licked off and used as cable needles in a pinch. Just sayin.

  • Oh my Gosh. I just got such a fun xmas present.
    Hi Ann, this is Ashley. My partner Molly is old friends with Tif and Liz in Burlington. I was sitting in their living room, and saw the MasonDixon knitting book. I pulled it off the shelf and said “Oh I love this book! I have just finihed a babyblanket based off patterns in this book.”
    Then Liz busted out and said “That is my sister-in-law”
    “Liz! i said, she is famous!!!!!!”
    so now I feel like I have kind of met you one-step-removed.
    Which is super fun for a fellow knitter like me.
    I love you book, I have gotten your book for many people, AND i have recommended it too countless knitters. I have made several of the baby blankets and a group of friends and I are going to do a Noro blanket together. We are all knitting for the next few years until we have enough squares for all of us to have a blanket. fun fun fun
    Happy Holidays.