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  • Well, I hate to say it, but if you did the Perfect Sweater in red, white & black, it’d be pretty close, wouldn’t it?
    I’m seeing a plain pullover with a simple intarsia chart for the front.
    I’d be glad to volunteer my services in aid of such a worthy project.
    Oh, I do think the buckle will require a few yards of Lurex Shimmer.
    What fun! Seldom is a Christmas Sweater worthy of preserving for future generations, but this one is IT! xoxo Kay PS If Nicki paints her face green, this would work as a Grinch Sweater as well, for those years when one does not feel so Santa-y.

  • OK, here’s the recipe.
    1 raglan pullover pattern (Ann Budd, Yankee Knitter)
    10 cups of red yarn
    3 cups of white yarn
    1 cup of black yarn
    1 teaspoon Lurex Shimmer in pewter
    Back: Knit the ribbed edging in white. Knit the body in red. When you get to the mid-waist, knit 20 rows of black. Then knit the rest in red (edited thanks to Mary!).
    Front: Knit the ribbed edging in White. Knit the body in red with a centered vertical stripe of white, approx. 20 stitches wide. Put the 20 rows of black in the same spot as you did on the back. Resume the red with white center stripe and finish the piece.
    Sleeves: White ribbings and red the rest.
    Neck: Pick up sts in white an dknit a mock t-neck.
    Finishing: Duplicate stitch the belt buckle in the lurex shimmer.
    Serve with Christmas cookies and milk.
    xoxo Kay

  • Ho Ho Ho!

  • I don’t think Kay really means white for the back. I’m sure she’s thinking red.
    And then you take one of your mom’s old wigs from the days when moms wore wigs and make a beard out of it. Well, that’s what my mom did….

  • I . . . um . . . well maybe I’m a Scrooge . . . but please don’t tell my Mom, because I don’t want to make one.

  • Ahemmm, I think you need seriously spiked EggNog instead of milk to get the buckle positioned right on the belt…

  • Ah. The scroll-down. Well-played, well-played.

  • If I could help, I would, but that’s the first time I’ve seen such a sweater. (does she want to remake it so that the fit is different? or to give away? or so that two people can wear them and be like santa bookends in family pictures?)

    Is it a bad thing that I still have Pingouin yarn in my stash?

  • I’m a little afraid that MDK is about to make the Hallowed Halls of You Knit What?!
    If you must, I second Kay’s recipe. Looks pretty straightforward to me!

  • Oh.My.God. Pass the eggnog.

  • ExCUSE me, but has nobody offered to knit up the SANTA PANTS that obviously need to accompany this?
    I see a kind of gaucho length, generous cuff. Doesn’t anybody have a pattern for such a thing?
    BTW, I actually had some eggnog last night and it was the drunkiest thing I ever drank. The artisan who crafted it, Hartley, explained that it is spoze to have bourbon AND rum in it, one quart. I’m using the leftovers to strip an old dresser down in the basement.
    And PS let us all light a candle for Kay’s transportation situation tonight. If there is indeed a transit strike, Will Kay Make It to Omaha for the Holidays? Stay tuned . . .

  • Did Ann say, “gaucho”?
    Barbara Walker has a recipe for making those from the top down and in the round. Harem pants, too, in case you’re interested (I mean in the pants, not in polygamy).
    Can we have some of that eggnog at the Chicago Winding Party?

  • Yes to the eggnog. NO to the gaucho/harem pants. For that matter, no to ANY knitted pants. Feh! There Should Be A Law.

  • I think the one with the feathers for I think the one with the feathers for < $30 might be cute enough and you wouldn't have to own up to having knit it. 😉

  • (…well, don’t try putting a less-than symbol in a comment — it’ll think it’s html and delete the rest of your comment!)
    Anyway, what I was trying to say was, I think the one with the feathers that’s less than $30 is cute enough and then you don’t have to knit anything or admit to having knit a Santa sweater!

  • I LOVE this sweater. I have to make one! Maybe by next year.

  • I’ve been thinking about this sweater all day (please.help.me.) and I realized that it reminded me of those t-shirts from the seventies that had the bib from a pair of bib overalls screen-printed on them. Ya know, tacky trompe l’oeil? I saw one recently on That 70s Show (now there’s a confession). (Yes, it was Hyde who was wearing it.) (The character who most accurately reflects Young Kay’s wardrobe: Jackie. Believe it or not.)
    I once wore gauchos (denim, with my brown suede boots–oh I was ultra cute all right) on a First Date. It turned out to be a Last Date but I’m not blaming the gauchos. The gauchos were a good look for me. And if a man can’t appreciate a good outfit, it’s best to move on, ya know?
    xoxo Kay

  • I think the sweater is a hoot, I’d make one for a toddler in a heartbeat! I don’t knit for dogs though, or with dog hair…
    Here’s to handknit family classics!

  • everything i knit these days is sort of like knitting with dog hair (and cat hair, while I think of it . . .)

  • Oooo. I’m glad I returned to the comments. Gauchos? Kay, you are sooo Jackie.

  • Move over, sugar plums, thoughts of this festive number are going to be dancing in my head! My ghast is flabbered. That is . . . wow, it’s so . . . let’s just say I’m glad it exists, was worn, and photographic evidence exists.
    Also, if you really like the fauxverall t-shirt, be aware that you can actually knit one, too!

  • Also, I have to admit that while I didn’t have gauchos (my friend did), I did have knickers. My friend and I would call each other and wear them on the same day. Knee-high striped socks were involved. It was the early 80’s and I can’t be held responsible. I blame Ronald Reagan!
    Maybe you shuld be glad that date didn’t work out. He could have had a gaucho fetish and you’d still be wearing them to this day.

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