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  • Gratitude back atcha. It’s always lovely following along with the hijinx in this little room on the internet.

  • Merry Christmas back at you. And many thanks for giving us The Blog to hang out in! Knit on!!

  • Beautiful yarn.
    Beautiful gas bill.
    Happiest of midwinter festivals to you and yours!

  • Face to face with you all would be lovely!

  • A fine and smile-making list πŸ™‚

  • Merry, merry thermal Christmas to you! Awesome on the gas bill. I’m curious how the electric bill will balance. You’ll have to compare BTUs to KWHs, or $ to $ may make more sense.
    My thrums are in slippers (Thrumbelina), no fiddly thumbs for my thrum(b)s.
    Your Boreal yarn is perfect. Magic yarn!

  • If you are thrilled with the savings in December, wait until July – that is when we saw huge savings in electricity!

  • Yay for 68% fewer therms (and a new vocab word for me).
    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Joyous Everything to both of you!

  • Happy Holidays to both Ann and Kay!

  • Thanks Ann and Mazel Tov Kay! Happy Holidays to all and happy knitting.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!!!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful blog. It would be great to hang out for real, but this is a wonderful substitute :o)

  • I have not been by your blog in many months, but I picked the right day. Gratitude is so important, every day. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Gratitude right back atcha. thanks for a fun blog and Happy New Year.

  • A good day to stop by and say thank you to Kay and Anne for all the knitting and living inspiration. Thanks also to all their friends who stop by. If Kay says she can do seven Thorpes before Christmas, I know I can get at least one done. (PS Very fun project with a nine year old granddaughter who likes to braid.) Hope to see the resulting photo! Happy Holidays, everyone!

  • Oh how my Christmas wish is to have yarn magically show up at my door and that the gas bill decreases πŸ˜‰ Oh how my Christmas wish is to have yarn magically show up at my door and that the gas bill decreases πŸ˜‰ <3

  • That’s a great list! Merry Christmas!!

  • Thanks to both of you, and yours, and all the readers who feel like the virtual crowd around the table at my LYS. That gas bill ranks right up there with the middle-aged thrill of the Breathe-Right nose strip.

  • Happy Hannukah and merry Christmas to my very favorite bloggettes!

  • Happy Holidays to you all! I love how when your therms go down, you think of going to Yale. So glad that menschy Kay had great hair and shoes (and son)! And I”m sure the coming weeks and days will bring more wonderful stuff, in this big hanging-out place you have! Cheers to all!

  • Thanks for the wooly fun and merry, merry to you both. And Kay, I’m working on Scmatta number eight! πŸ™‚ Best holiday gift ever.

  • Thank you for the giant room conversations! Merry Christmas one and all πŸ™‚

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah from the Great White North

  • Happy Holidays to Kay & Ann – love reading your blog – always something amusing/enlightening/creative/inspiring!

  • Thanks for letting us all hang out in your fun corner of the interwebz! Mazel Tov and also Happy Christmas knitting – wishing you both a year of friendly fair isling!
    Also, we had the exact same response to our electric bill when we put the solar panels on the roof. (this is not a competition though!) Yee Haw y’all!

  • I read all the GT installation posts with bated breath, as I would love to do this myself. Hurray for fewer therms! That is super cool (well, warm, in this case). My yard is such a mess I would welcome an installation. An opportunity to redo it all!
    One day…. Anyway, happy holidays and happy knitting!

  • Well said, esp on point 1, 2, and 7! I am unfamiliar with this slow down thing , and same with the saving money on your heat bills thing– but I’m all for them.
    Happy new year and more light for all!

  • Oh, my – this Grand Manan is luscious! Look at that stitch definition. Mmmmm.
    Very grateful to you, and Kay, and that this lovely enormous room exists for us all. Thank you for that, dear Ann.

  • Thanks for your blog, ladies. It’s always a treat to visit and nice to feel you welcome people who as MS. Davies says, ‘come quietly’. Grand Manan, by the way, is a truly beautiful place, so good yarn karma happening there.

  • Ann, I think you should have skipped the I LOVE TOFU comment. Your combox would have overflowed with passionate comments from tofu-lovers…Just saying. Okay, returning to my knitting needles.

  • We saw a similar drop in cost when we added insulation to our house shortly after we moved in. The previous owners had a balanced bill pay of about $300 a month, and I was flabbergasted that there was insulation in only 2 rooms in the house.

  • Bonne annΓ©e, Ann & Kay! Mwah all around!

  • mehitabel has been howling all night
    she is unhappy mayor bloomberg replaced
    her with lady gaga she needs a warm place
    could she use kays place she does like
    to dance. archy would like ann to know
    that he and his friends find her basement
    real cozy and can help type her novels
    have a merry new year everyone

  • I bought a new refrigerator, same size as the 25 year old one it replaced and highly rated for electricity use. My bill was $20 lower the first month (summer in Phoenix). The next month they raised the electric rates! Can’t win.