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  • Oh, my.

  • Ann, you must stay home for a while, you are scaring me!

  • I see. Well. Maybe your new toys should stay home when you come and introduce your book, you know, the knitting stuff, to Toronto.

  • eek.

  • DUDE! Now my teeth are gonna hurt all day!!!!

  • Dear Ann,
    You just ain’t hooked up right. 😉

  • :oX – keepin my mouth shut around you, dang!

  • Hmmmm….pondering whether I need to call the guys in the white coats!

  • Both you guys need a rest!

  • Zowie owie – that’s the stuff of nightmares! I prescribe many restful hours of George Clooney movies plus liberal application of knitting water. Also – stay away from eBay!!!

  • *backs away slowly*

  • Have fun making beautiful jewellry – at least I HOPE that’s what those are for 😉

  • Craft tools? It looks like you are going into dentistry, did you know dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession? Get thee back to nice safe knitting!

  • Dear Ann,
    couldn’t you just try flossing first?
    yours in dental health,

  • I just fell of my chair laughing so hard!!!!

  • So Clif taught himself to ride so he could get he the H E double tongue depressors outta your immediate vicinity!

  • Hm, getting the message here… No sewing for Ann. Nope. None. Knitting 4-evah!!! Rock on!

  • Well. And there I thought I wanted to meet you and all……:D
    Notice that big smile is TOOTHLESS.

  • Taxidermy???
    The mind boggles.

  • Ya’ll are a regular rolling carnival. You’ve got the book and the knitting and the Moses basket. You’ve got guest celebrates and weird car buttons . . . now with the sewing and the dentistry. If you add a weight guess booth and some conjoined twins you’ll be set! 🙂

  • Good God, woman! That is SO not funny. *shiver*
    I just got my book last night and it is wonderful!!! Love it, love it. : )

  • You know I have had to cut back on my yarn budget cause I owe money to the endodontist, periodontist and dentist (no kidding – my mouth is a real popular hang out for dental types!). You know I think I could have all my problems dealt with by A & K!

  • Here I was just starting to really like your blog and check you out regularly – and then you have to go and induce nightmares like that. The plus side is, if YOU have them at your house, then my dentist does NOT have those tools at his office. (Don’t tell me you didn’t buy them. I’m finding small comfort, thinking that they have been bought off the market, never to appear again ….)

  • I’ve used half those tools in my job (and I’m not a dentist). Seriously, if you’re trying to extract a tooth, there’s really nothing like a tooth extractor!

  • I know you’re crazy inundated and busy with your book and i’m sure life in general. If you can….would you mind sharing the colors and yarn used in this blanket. They are lovely!