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  • Hee! That really does say it all. Glad your trip was fun. 🙂

  • welcome back Kay.. did you attain goal A or B?

  • Hi Kay ! Sounds like you had a fab time.Abd you got Ann’s red alpaca too !
    Hope you’re enjoying a hug & kiss fest with the little people.Save one for e,plus one from me.
    The important stuff : buy any yarn for you ?

  • Ummmmmm, Polly, I think both Goal A and Goal B required that I gain no weight while tucking into hefty quantities of great Northern Italian food. Not to mention, Wine, which in my case always leads to More Food. Now I can see, quite clearly, that my goals were not realistic. When I noticed that I was waking up in the morning with an imprint on my tummy from the waist of the pants I had been wearing THE PREVIOUS DAY, I put 2 and 2 together and, as we say in Weight Watchers, modified my goals. My goal became: remaining ambulatory. I succeeded. Sort of. I don’t think I’m going to be the most ambulatory person at the gym tomorrow. But I will be one of their more highly motivated customers. Love, Kay P.S. I apologize for the over-share about the state of my tummy.

  • Ah, Emma, there was NO CHANCE of shopping for yarn in Italy. We were driven like oxen for full days of slogging through meals and vineyard tours–an ARTISANAL chocolate factory, a couple who makes grissini in the back of their shop—-it just never quit. Plus the towns were so small they barely had a store selling chewing gum, let alone the Adriafil cotton yarns of my dreams. It’s always good to save something for the next trip.
    I did get a short window of opportunity during our stopover with friends near Paris. I made a beeline for Le Bon Marche on my single morning of shopping, and also stopped in at the Anny Blatt shop in the Marais and the IMEX Mercerie down the street from Anny Blatt, which just refused to be open when I was there. I came away from the experience with a few balls of Bouton D’Or for my friend Elisabeth, 11 mismatched balls of great age of Rowan Denim in BLACK–which the Bon Marche lady kindly dug out of a dusty bin in the back for me. Not the haul I would have liked!!! But fun to re-visit my Paris yarn haunts. Must get to Emma & Co. for an update!!!! Love, Kay

  • Kay, Kay, Kay, KAAAAAY! Omigod you made it! You sound . . . different . . . all sofistercated.
    Suffice it to say that Mason-Dixon Knitting without Mason-Dixon Kay is like bread without cheese, wine without a glass, artisanal grissini without the stuff you’re spoze to put on artisanal grissini. What is the sound of one blogette blogging? DREADFUL. I’ve become so delirious that I’m thinking about Alice Starmore in a friendly way. Thank GAWD you have returned. Please, help me before I start intarsia.
    Stunned to hear you scored extra red alpaca. As Locqueen says, lol lol lol.
    I know the darlings are happy to see you. More later.
    Welcome home!!!!!!!!!!!! x0x0x0 Ann

  • Ann–Honestly, I think you did really well as our Spotlight Solo Blogger of the Week!! I suspect, though, that those of our readers who are also bloggers themselves, were able to spot that Alice Morestar post for what it was: shameless stirring of the blog pot!!! But you get mucho credit for going so far as to knit a swatch of starriness to produce a good visual. Lis and I are chompin’ at the bit to defend against any legal proceedings that may result from that picture.
    It’s Day One of my attempt to live in a world that does not include handcut mini-tagliatelle with butter and sage AT EVERY BLEEPIN’ MEAL!!!! I’m a strong woman but I expect it will be hard to prevent my lower lip from quivering when I face a tuna sandwich and a Snapple and realize that this is meant to be Lunch. We are living in a country that is in the Ice Age as far as civilized eating goes. I don’t know how we stand it. Love, Kay
    P.S. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I am enjoying having more than a teaspoon of coffee this morning. An Italian could do the backstroke in the amount of coffee that I consider minimally necessary to start the day.

  • Ah ys,but a little espresso packs a mighty punch !
    What I want to know is how most Italian women stay so slim…I’m growing just thinking about a decent risotto !

  • Kay…While you were on vacay, I posted a picture of my Vintage Vogue Jacket and a few pics of my progress. Glad to see that you are back. Ann… You did an amazing job running the show in Kays absence!!!

  • You were in Paris and you didn’t stop by to visit??? Well you ‘d better plan better next time:) Seriously, I’m glad you had a great trip and nice to have you back.

  • Hi Louise–I was so pressed for time this visit, but luckily I get to Paris every now and then to visit one of my best pals from college, who lives there with her hubby, 1 big boy and 2 little boys conveniently aged to correspond with my 2 kids (at the moment, in the group of 4 there are 2 five-year-olds and 2 six-year-olds–how cool is that? you just feed them every few hours and otherwise they entertain themselves!). I shamelessly drop in for weeks at a time during school vacations, and take advantage of the availability of a babysitter and playmates, which frees me up for wandering around, meeting Parisian knitters, and shopping for tablecloths, scarves and yarn.
    Last time I got to meet a fellow Rowanette, Pauline, who welcomed me warmly and steered me toward Le Bon Marche.
    I hope you’re feeling o.k. and wish you Bon Courage as they say in your country! Love, Kay