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  • Happy Anniversary, Kay! I remember the early ’90s graphic-free email that I had in grad school . . . We’ve come a long way, baby. Admiring your denim devotion and recalling you were wearing some when we met ~

  • Hey, it’s my (our) anniversary today, too! A bit longer than you guys, though, at 20 years. I remember when we were first married when I thought that being married 20 years was just an eternity! (Oh, right, well, it is….)
    An excellent point about wedding photos, too!
    (I’m still reeling over the teeny-tiny stitches in your Square Neck Cardigan. Holy Toledo, Batman.)

  • Happy Anniversary Kay (and Mr. Kay)! You’re making me want to go pull out the wedding photos because you’re right, there are people who are gone now.
    You’re on quite the kid knits juggernaut, aren’t you? Love the sweater.

  • Happy Anniversary, Kay! David and I celebrated our fifth on Sunday. Fall weddings rule! The pictures of your huppah remind me of mine: nearly toppling over during the ceremony, and the whole ceremony delivered in a South Carolina drawl, which really shocked the Long Island relatives of my husband’s. Hebrew sounds very different coming from a southerner.
    Now my brother-in-law is planning to elope in Hawaii (no, thank you!), so I’m going to share your thoughts on the pictures. And perhaps remind him of the last great picture we have of Great-Aunt Dinah.
    I hope you have a great celebration.

  • As someone who just got married this summer and is trying to scrape together the money to order wedding pictures, I appreciate the tip! Hope that we are as happy as all of you sound. (Yes, twenty years does sound like forever.)
    I also love the soccer sweater picture: both ’cause it’s still on the needles and because it doesn’t rely on fancy Noro or an expensive pattern to be beautiful. Uplifting! Thank you!

  • Okie-dokie. That is scary (ish). You knew my 21st anniversary was last weekend, right? And my “catch” was 40 at the time we married, right? (no, you didn’t know that, because this is the first time I’ve mentioned it to the whole Internet. And he was robbing the cradle, but don’t tell anyone) AND we were married under a huppah and he stomped on a wine glass (we still have the shards, wrapped in tissue, somewhere — do you?) Ours was really not too raucus, though. Kinda low-key, no dancing, etc. Didn’t want to scare the Vermonters too much, ya know.
    Here’s hoping the soccer ball doesn’t end up gray after the requisite hot-water wash…..Happy anniversary!

  • Happy Anniversary!
    Myron and I are still courting after 18 years and 3 kids. We really should get married just so we can have some great photos like these.
    Soccer sweater is fantastic. What soccer maniacal kid wouldn’t love to have a mom who could knit such a thing?
    I have lately been empowered by Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns which is encouraging me to take baby steps towards designing my own projects, but I must admit I am still relying on the ol’ Noro to make them beautiful. And I will always be in awe of Kim Hargreaves.
    Up here in Canada, we just had Thanksgiving. Thanks to Ann and Kay for MDK!

  • Happy Anniversary Kay!
    I think you are due for another big and loud party, like a 13 th anniversary party!!!
    love the soccer sweater and the little cardi,

  • Happy Anniversary Kay. Love the photos – I think attempting the chair thing at our wedding tho’ would have been to risk life and limb .. not to mention expensive wedding hair-do. Guests at Scottish weddings tend to drink a lot. Actually, guests at most Scottish “occasions” tend to drink a lot ( Scotland v. Moldavia at the footie tonight – I can feel Alan’s hangover from here)

  • Dearest Kay, dear Hubby,
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU! Way to hang in there! I hope you guys have a tender day of misty watercolor meh-hem-o-reeees and at least one bottle of fizzy to celebrate the years to come.
    PS And on the Hebrew malaprops, wee David was always on the prowl for “matzohrella” at Passover. At least he didn’t call them saltines, which based on part of the family heritage (the Southern cracker half), he’d have every right to.

  • Happy Anniversary! I guess 10/13 is an auspicious day as it’s also my baby’s 3rd birthday. My how time does fly when you’re having fun. In fact, I just finally finished (well, not all the seams are done) his first sweater. Why, yes, it’s the one I started for him before he was born. Luckily, I was way off on the guage and it should fit him next year. Hoorah for guage errors! Best wishes to you and your hubby!

  • Happy Anniversary Kay! (Our 19th is on the 26th…time sure flies.)
    Love the soccer sweater.
    Best wishes,

  • Thanks, everybody! I saw Lis today and her comment on my wedding pix was, ‘Nice Bow.’
    As always, she has a point. This particular veil-attachment device needed to come with a Federal Government warning: “Objects on your head are much larger than they appear.”
    Anybody need a gigantic hairbow with sequins on it? I’ve got it all wrapped up in acid-free tissue paper. Seriously, it’s Vintage. Pin it to your poncho and you’ll be tres a la mode.
    Trope, Don’t rush to get those pictures! I still have all my wedding picture proofs in a big box. Never got around to having them made up. Then the kids came along, and they took over the entire Pictorial Department. Albums and albums of crying, drooling, sleeping, teething, and other Developmental Milestones. Much more fun for me than being reminded of the Hair Bow that Ate Battery Park.
    Aara–If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s just a piece of paper and a somewhat satisfying, ‘So there!’ to the mother-in-law. You just need to take lots of pictures of this courtship.
    xoxoox Love, Kay

  • Happy anniversary !
    Fab football pullover. :0)

  • Happy anniversary Kay. Jon said to tell you three weeks from today he turns 16. Thirteen years ago, he was that not quite three year-old who wouldn’t walk down the aisle with 4 year-old b-ball girl (who had no trouble walking down the aisle). Man, that seems like just yesterday. It was also my first trip to NYC. The city was awesome, as was the wedding. Times fly and life changes. Here’s too many more!

  • Happy Anniversay Kay and Hubby!(what is it with all you skiksas marrying Jewish men, lol)Best wishes for many, many more!!

  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love those wedding shots. I wish I could have been carried around while sitting on a chair at my own wedding. [I got to do the limbo, but the sitting in the chair thing looks like much more fun.]
    P.S. That soccer in intarsia is amazing. You are the Goddess of Intarsia!

  • happy a-day. I love looking through old photos too (esp on rainy days)… my stroll down memory lane. thanks for sharing these. -P

  • o what great photos! I hope you had a nice day. Any MDK readers out there know of any great yarn shops in Prague? My husband is heading off for Prague and London on business. I have Liberty’s on my London list. Any other suggestions?