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  • How great, happy birthday Kay. Knit something beautiful,

  • Kay? is it your birthday? cool. and many happy returns. Love Jan. now go back to your knitting!

  • Have a great day, Kay! Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!

  • Happy BirthKay!

  • Have a wooly birthday!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!!!
    I hope you have a good time. ; )

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  • Wait…does this mean you’re OLDER than me, or am I still OLDER? 1959? 1959? Which?

  • And so again I say – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, denim freak! lots of love, Belinda & Neil x x x

  • And MORE love! Happy Birthday, you freaky lyricist!

  • Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birth…Kay (and thanks for the link, Ann. John was smarter but I’ll always be a Paul girl. Sigh.)!!!

  • Shame on you Ann! You know it is one of my deepest darkest secrets that Paul is my favorite Beatle. (My favorite Monkee was Davy Jones. Consistency is my virtue. I like the PRETTY ones.)
    Anyhoo, Norma, I’m older than you. Let’s just leave it at that. When women our age get to arguing, the mascara starts running and….it’s just unseemly.
    Thanks for all birthday wishes. I love it when people post to our blog from the afterlife! xox Kay

  • We’re all celebrating up here, man. Peace.

  • What he said.

  • Don’t feel bad — I KNOW I am older than you. But remember my philosophy – the older you get the longer you celebrate your birthday — by the time you are 90 the celebration never ends πŸ˜€
    Hope you have the BEST day ever–

  • It’s so easy to WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL.

  • A hunk a hunk a burnin’ birthday wishes to you.

  • We’ve only just begun . . . to wish you a top of the world birthday.

  • I’m CRAZY to have almost forgotten, but these people up here will not hush up about your birthday.

  • Birthday Wishes, Hugs and Stitches. Hope your day is family filled with lots of memories. May the party begin!!!

  • You are a SUPERFREAK! Freak it all day long!

  • Happy birthday!

  • Nobody told me I’d have to spend all my time in heaven next to Rick James. That guy will not shut up.
    At any rate, birthday greetings from the Hardest Working Man in Show Business to the Hardest Working Woman in Knitting.

  • Don’t listen to that guy. Man has no soul whatsoever.
    Keep it freaky.

  • They say it’s *my* birthday, too! To celebrate, I’m going to buy myself a new knitting bag. Hope you get to do something equally fun knitting-wise.

  • Have a great day, Kay! Happy Birthday.

  • Many happy returns of the day, Kay! May you always get gauge, may your Euroflax always wash up soft, and may your ends stay woven in!

  • Scarfs are Red
    Denim is blue
    Another year better
    Happy Birthday to You!
    xxxooo, Susan

  • Wow. All those dead people. Who knew they were bothered about knitting? Or is it the denim? Anymore out there?
    Is there anybody there???? (seance voiceover there) George Harrison, or is he sulking because Paul is your favourite Beatle? I was always a Mickey Dolenz girl….

  • Happy Birthday Kay!

  • You’re doin’ it your way – birthday wishes from Ol Blue Eyes and a young punk

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!!! I guess it’s in honor of your birthday that Knit Happens is having a major online sale! Including the perfect yarn at the perfect price: Cascade 220 is $3.15 a skein!!! Now’s the time for those procrastinators to get the yarn for their Perfect Sweater! πŸ™‚ Oh, and the Rowan yarns look to be all at least 50% off, most of them more than that!!! I have no idea how long this sale lasts, but I just thought you should know.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday!
    Wishing you lots of yarny (non-wooly) goodness for the year ahead & I hope you’ve been given presents that every knitter would wish for!

  • oh man!! have a good one! this means we all get to eat cake when we hook up-right??!!

  • Hope it’s a great one!

  • Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!!

  • Kay – since I am younger than you, I’ll go with the universal juvenile birthday greeting sing-a-long:
    Happy Birthday to you.
    You live in a zoo.
    You smell like wool yarn,
    And you look knitty too!
    Okay, it lost something in the translation, but have a very happy day!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy, happy, Kay! Great cast of commentators – think of the pull you must have to drag them all back for your birthday!

  • Happy birthday, Kay! Hope it’s wonderful πŸ™‚

  • Bon anniversaire, chΓ¨re petite.

  • Happy, happy birthday! Knit yourself a special dishrag today!

  • Happy birthday!! Enjoy your day.
    And I’m impressed…you’re famous in heaven and on earth πŸ˜‰

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! Hope its a beauty!

  • Happy Birthday! Are you by any chance 39? I’ve been 39 for almost 20 years…..it’s a good age, just ask Jack Benny! Enjoy!!

  • Happy, happy birthday!!! And many more. Tomorrow is my daughter’s 22nd (she’s 3 of 7- but not in a star trek-y way) so if my kids (except for the 6yo) are older than yours, that makes you younger sorta. Doesn’t it? Have a great day!!

  • Happy birthday!
    I’m hatching a plan to make a day-run to Portland next week. I might finally meet you!

  • Happy, happy, happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Kay. Enjoy your day.

  • Rock the cake, Kay! Happy birthday!

  • Happy Happy Birthday Kay ! I hadn’t realised before … you share a birthday with my very very best friend of my growing pains years (teenage that is.) My darling “almost big brother” Harry is 49 today, which is quite scary for both of us as I was 15 and he 23 when we met. Just seems like yesterday … OMG That’s a sure sign I’m getting old. Isn’t it ???

  • Happy Birthday Kay! Hope you day is a great one!

  • Yes for birthdays…I am celebrating mine today as well. Off to the LYS to spend some bday cash.

  • Happy, happy birthday!

  • Happiest of Happy Birthdays!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday Kay!! πŸ™‚

  • Happy Birthday Kay!!!!! Hope it is full of love, family and happiness. (Okay, and some good yarn to top it off of course!!!)

  • Ol’ J.B and his sidekick Rick just get me under my skin. One more “UNH!” and I’ll have Sammy D put the evil glass eye on ’em. That cat’s meaner than he looks.
    Have a groovy birthday, Kay. You’re a broad with style.
    Wishing you many more summer winds…

  • Oops. I meant Scarves. Scarves are red, not scarfs.
    Must be my age. Happy B-Day!

  • Happy birthday, Kay! I think of you every time I use my little pony pearls.

  • Happy birthday, Kay!

  • Happy Birdle Dayddle Toodle Yoodle!
    And many moooooore!

  • The last thing in the world I needed to know about is a freaking yarn sale, but there you go YarnMouse, dagnling that low hangin’ fruit! So now I have a sweater’s worth of baby pink RK Wool/Cashemere on the way! I have never knit a sweater and I’m hoping to adapt the Perfect Sweater pattern.
    But man, handing out news of a yarn sale is like bringing champagne to an AA meeting! (not that I have a problem, no really, I can stop anytime I want to…)

  • Ah–yes….needed to hear that peppy song and see that cute beatle! NOT John Lennon!

  • James Brown wrote from the great beyond, I’m only in AZ and yet I am belated. Hope you had a happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday!!! Belated or no, I hope you knit something really luscious and enjoyed the heck out of yourself.

  • Belated Happy Birthday!! Hope your birthday wish comes true.

  • happy birthday kay! and many happy returns, and lots of good cake.

  • Happy Birthday Kay!

  • Happy Birthday Pet!

  • Welcome to the 49-er club!! It means we’re pure gold, so just revel in your sparkly goodness. (And you *are* good.)
    Love, inky

  • Woo-hoo! Happy birthday!

  • may your natal be filled with many cupcakes! hope you’re still 39, like jack benny!

  • Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Kay – may your stash be to the rafters, your needles never break, and your yarn overs and decreases always come out the way they’re supposed to!
    wuHOO! Let’s hear it for March birthdays!!
    (Mine is Wednesday!)
    Knit On, baby!!!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!!!
    Many many happy returns πŸ™‚

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!

  • So that’s at least four of us with the same birthday. March 24 is clearly a golden day. Hope yours was great.

  • Happy Birthday and cashmere wishes to you Kay!

  • Happy happy birthday to you! πŸ˜‰ <

  • Happy Birthday! I also have a March 24 birthday. What a coincidence.
    Hope you had a great celebration to kick your new year off right!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!

  • Yay! Happy happy birthday to you, Kay!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday Kay! But why the Paul when it’s signed by John? (No surprise here – I’m a George girl.)

  • How late to the party am I? Many, many happy returns. I’ve just been mesmerised by the YouTube film – expecting Paul to be sucked off the stage by a huge gust of wind at any moment. I used to cultivate that windswept hair look with spray and brushes and driers, and now I realise I should have just stayed in the wind more…You know the era of which I speak.
    Hope you had a great birthday.

  • Hi, kay and ann,
    i love your book! i’m interested in the ball-band dishcloth pattern (my family makes fun of me for my ceaseless dishcloth production) but am stumped by the direction: “yarn forward”. i’m not easily stumped but i can’t quite figure out that one. is it yarn-over? or slip stitch as if to knit? curious, gail tupper

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