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  • If only I could wolf-whistle by e-mail ! You’re gorgeous – svelte and sophisticated and oh so modern millie.
    I’m glad to hear you make good use of your 4am wake up call time, mine is almost exactly an hour later – must be the time difference – but by the time I’ve got down to anything it’s time to get up anyway !

  • Tres cool (in honor of Becky’s design prowess, I opted for French)! Looks just great, and I would say even nicer things if I didn’t read the husband quotes right after I took a big slurp of tea and promplty started gagging on it due to laughter!

  • We have sippy cups up here, too, you know. I confess to a feeling of moral indignation at the thought that you warm it up for the little stinker–you’re spoiling that boy rotten! In MY well-ordered household, where good discipline and healthy habits reign supreme, at 4 a.m. your sippy-cup refill is ice-cold, mister, if you’re lucky. OK, it’s Ovaltine as per your request, but still, not even tepid.
    I do, I do, love our new look!!! And Heather, ever so grateful to be called svelte, in any context. THANKS BECKY!!! Love, Kay

  • it look fantastic!!

  • Oooo la la! I love it. My favorite new thing is the Snippets section!
    Hey Ann, did ya get my email last week? My comcast is WONKY.

  • It is very good.

  • Ooooo,sexy blog !
    Is that the Nashville branch of the Lightweight D.K. archive / collection I see peeking out of a draw?
    I just mutter something about shutting eyes and going back to sleep.Usually works !

  • looks lovely girls! 🙂

  • Great new look!

  • Blimey – thought I was in the wrong place for a minute!! (well it is first thing on Monday…) Your new look is beautiful – I love it! Also love the same old hysterical comment – now that I’ve learn’t never to be drinking/eating WHILE I read.. one or two accidental, unfortunate & embarrasing (not to mention very public) snorts of laughter…. hhmm need I say more?

  • Wow!
    I go away for a few days & everything changes. (work – tedious – no time to see if Helsinki had shops, let alone some glorious yarn emporiums)
    Got to say that you’re looking good & all those pumpkins need is a Cherry Boobs jumper!

  • I thought I had got the wrong site too – but once I saw the jeans/pumpkins I realised I was in the right place, that picture wouldn’t be anywhere else…..

  • Woo Hoo – I love the new look. Very gorgeous.. And I’m with Emma on parenting techniques, I bet Brooke would choose you for a mum over me! I usually just mumble something about it being the middle of the night and that if she goes back to bed I’ll check on her in 10 minutes to see if she is still thirsty. Of course by the time 10 minutes has passed we’re both fast asleep. Or she comes back through in 15 minutes and DRAGS me out of bed!!

  • Love the new look… it’s really fab!

  • Looks great. Send Clif to boarding school. Or hold on to this gem for rehearsal dinner. Or maybe I should (evil snicker). I’m just back from the beach and all the way back on the train (8 hrs) the conductor-lady for our car was knitting something hideous instead of getting us our . . . our . . . whatever. Back in the day it would have been hot water for tea. Not sure why she is there now. She changes the videotape so we can see even more bad Russian pop videos.
    Anyway, acrylic variegated blue, gray, white, in an (uneven) rib–looked like a scarf. “Thanks . . . honey . . . I . . . um . . . love it!”
    Did you get the 411 on the various sweaters? See I Have Finished . . . Something? (I think)

  • Nice new look ladies. What’s the hamster’s name–did I miss it?

  • Ann and Kay-
    I love your new look, tres chic!
    I love reading your blog every day, you both have a wonderful sense of humor and never fail to make me laugh…and in fact Ann, your Birch tips and that fabulous chart finally gave me that epiphanic (?) moment that saved me from causing myself bodily harm with my addi natura circs! (ah, made it past repeat 4, life IS sweet!!)
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your world ladies!
    PS – Any hints you wanna share for the best places to get Rowan? I have no LYS and would prefer not to have to pawn the family jewels for yarn money 🙂 Hello, my name is Debi and I’m am Rowanaholic….

  • Debi–I’m getting a little teary to think that the Beautiful Chart of Duc Ta was helpful to you. It really is the Rosetta Stone, don’t you think?
    Send us some pix, so we can share in your Birchy glory.
    x0 Ann

  • Dear Debi: A sister Rowanette, May Chong, has opened an internet store devoted to Rowan and Jaeger and other deliciousnesses. She just sent her customers a list of fabulous prices for tons and tons of Rowan yarns, including several shades of Kidsilk Haze. 35 british pounds for a bag of 10! The website is: www. Yarnworld.co.UK. Other sites favored by Rowanettes at sale time are Colourway and Upcountry. It is usually cheaper, even with the transatlantic postage, to buy Rowan on sale from the UK, where it’s lower priced even when not on sale. Happy hunting!
    Kay the Stash Enabler (and proud of it!)