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  • Adequate knitting is my go-to goal. I figure that I’m not up for the Olympic Gold Medal or Stanley Cup of yarn wrangling so “fits and doesn’t look like dog barf” is my usual criteria.

    I agree wholeheartedly, learning to read your knitting is a revelation. Knowing how a knit stitch looks vs. a purl stitch when they’re dangling from your needle has saved me many times (just last night, in fact) from having a one-stitch “design element” somewhere eight rows back to deal with or pretend to ignore.

    Love the new site.

    • It’s such a light bulb moment, reading your knitting. All of a sudden, you’re not randomly flailing around. Order emerges. So great!

  • Thank you for this. I actually got so frustrated with myself for losing track in patterns that I’ve gone back to the basics, working on small things like scarves and mittens and socks, trying to retrain myself to pay better attention. This will help a lot!

  • My knitting equipment bag – not to be confused with a project bag – includes highlighters in three different colours, a ridiculous number of stitch markers in a multitude of sizes, tapestry needles, quilters safety pins, mechanical pencils, erasers, line marker tape, post-it note pads in every colour of the rainbow and almost every size they offer, and last but most important, a couple of skeins of life line yarn (crewel works best for me) in white and black. I use some, none or all of these, depending on the pattern.

  • Yay for writing on stuff- and for visualizing. I love reading patterns for unusually constructed garments because I do this and understand how it all comes together. I’m with you on the charts too. And schematics, for that matter. Just give me the information in a way I can understand it, and I’ll be a happy knitter. Or happier, anyway.

  • I believe I am wearing the same color of nail polish.

  • Awesome advice! It makes me feel less like I’m the only one who makes silly mistakes!

  • Making my first shawl with lace. Highlighter tape is my new best friend!

  • I laughed when I saw the writing on the pattern , that me! So funny, but it helps!

  • I am going back and reading all of your “how-tos” I find them so helpful. Thanks for this!