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  • Wonderful! I definitely get “the look” from my dog when I start up with my knitting. The message is always, “Are you really just going to sit there forever and fiddle with stuff I’m not allowed to eat?”
    Also, I’m surprised by how long Olive looks! How close to full-size is she?

  • A bored, yet faithful, knitting companion. I hope she won’t spill the beans.

  • Olive is certainly never boring! even if she thinks you would be better occupied playing with her than knitting stuff.

  • Clearly Olive needs her own book.
    Perhaps you can get on that when you’re had enough knitting in this anti-knitting weather. Oddly, it’s not the weather that has felled me but the mysterious lack of Kid Silk Haze color 539 in the surrounding shops.
    And so, off to pilates. And then home to do a web search.

  • You’d better put a LoJack on Olive — I’m feeling a bit covetous in the non-biblical sense! Too cute!
    How long before we know what the Mystery Knit is?

  • Oh, more Olive! What a photogenic little girl!

  • Can we clone Olive? She’s too stinking cute! Try 104 degrees and trying to seam up mohair sleeves – no fun and way BO Ring! Thanks for keeping up the posts!

  • That is awesome! Sometimes charts put me to sleep too. You know that old saying: When the going gets tough, the tough take a nap.

  • I’m going out in the temporary (very temporary) cool to plant flowers around the altar of coolness–or the air conditioner. Olive is very cute, very bored but very cute, and I’m not a dog person. Can’t wait to see the boring but secret knitting. I have startitis; I’m not sewing up or knitting something big and hot; I’m casting on everything. What is it with this heat? I’m dyin’ here.

  • Probably the cutest dog ever.

  • Dont the make you feel guilty everytime you pick up the knitting. My little dog does.

  • I can see her BBF is…..

  • Dear Kay,
    Shhhh…..don’t tell my also-cute Bichon puppy Josie, but I am BANANAS for Olive! Every time you post about her my heart skips a beat! (And Josie ‘helps’ make the bed, too!) Stay cool, Ann

  • Olive has gone to great lengths to be sure your cough) hated knitting is at least color-coordinated with her own fashionable wrap.

  • AH hahahahahahahahaha!
    I’m at work, it’s Saturday evening (OT, I’m usually a M-F/9-5er), taking a break and got a much needed laugh!
    Boring weekend. I wish!

  • I do usually hate that “secret knitting” stuff in blogs. I mean, if it’s so secret why mention it at all. But not this time. Ms. Olive is so damn cute that you could be knitting some secret CIA project, and I would love it! Love the pooch and love your photos! Hint at your secrets all over the internet!

  • So CUTE! Thanks!

  • I am now officially absolutely in love with Olive! (It was unofficial since the first photo you showed us). )

  • I LOVE OLIVE. (Please excuse any scary, mash-note capitals.)

  • Dear Olive,
    You are the cutest pup since sliced bread. I’m sorry I’ve been SOOOO busy I haven’t had time to come ’round your Mum’s blog much lately – but I’m so glad that when I do there’s TONS of photos to seen you (even a bit of that wonderful chair I love ALMOST as much as you). I hope you have something fun to do soon…
    Bye Love Candy

  • Don’t you just love it when they pose perfectly for a picture? Of course no one ever believes that you didn’t rig it, but those of us who have picture-perfect pets know it’s true — they just have a knack for creating “must take a picture” scenarios.
    Olive is such a cutie!

  • Okay, she thinks it is boring, but she is too, cute!

  • gorgeous!

  • Stealth knitting is boring simply because you can’t brag about it while you’re working on it. {sigh} Olive is sooooo cute. You should do a book of pictures and patterns called Olive Knits. Lovely doggie sweaters and blankets. She is the best model!

  • I can see . . . that Olive lives that “rough life”. . . of the beloved dog. Her little head on the pillow. Oh, just too precious.

  • gotta’ love supportive pets!

  • Dear Olive,
    I’m on to you now, my little friend.
    Looking all cute & innocent. I’ve been searching for that chart. How very clever of you to hide it, then use a schematic of a blanket for that very purpose, scaled down to your own adorable proportions.
    xoxo from
    That Lady who arrived with many beautiful squares and then even after 8 hours knitting it together Your Lady spent a holiday weekend turning it into one Big Beautiful Piece.

  • I’m in love with Olive — what a cutie, cutie pie!

  • Oh, OLIVE! You’re such a doll…

  • Can I say that there are NEVER enough pictures of Olive? Particularly because my dogs are away on their summer vacation and I am missing them. Lots.

  • Olive looks so much like my childhood dog I just can’t get over it! She’s the best.

  • Try knitting one of those swirly ruffle scarfs where you end up with 2,000 stitches on the needle; one round and I’m ready for a nap! The heat can really take a toll on your energy level, doesn’t it?! Hope things are cooler over there now!

  • Que lindo!! tão sereno no meio dos fios…