How to Make Soft Stitch Markers

April 12, 2019
There's more to do with yarn than knit it. But knitting it is excellent.

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  • Those are great! Thanks

  • Interesting. Or, you could just take a piece of bright yarn about three inches long, double it over and tie a knot in it. I never use anything else as stitch markers.

    • I’ve been doing yarn stitch markers for years. Embroidery floss works well too. Different colors can mark pattern changes as well.

    • Me too, but I am totally digging this as a way to make button loops!

      • Button loops!! Great idea!

  • Beautiful stitch markers! What fun! Can never have enough, right?

    • For me, stitch markers are in the category of “supply” not “tool.” I don’t lose them every day but I lose them a lot apparently.

      • Yeah…..

      • I liked what Franklin Habit posted the other day on IG, something about the black hole being filled with Stitch markers. 😉

  • These are fun & solve the biggest problem I’ve always had with using yarn as a marker. If you touch-knit, you want a marker to feel different enough that your fingers know they’ve reached an action point. With scraps of yarn, there is no tactile difference. With these knotted rings, there is. 2 thumbs up.

    • Mary Lee,

      You are so right. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly knitted an improvised yarn-loop marker into my work, or just knocked it off the needle without noticing. I like that these markers have a little heft. And of course a metal or plastic marker does me just fine, minus the beauty of these soft ones.

  • A lovely gift for a knitting friend! Lots of loomed stitch markers, on a longer loomed cord that can also be a necklace…. fabulous.

    • Very creative!

  • I just use little rubber bands – the kind they sell for doing braids or Loop Jewelry. A few dollars will buy you hundreds, and you can leave them in place to mark your last decreases (when making sleeves or other shaping) and cut them out when finishing. Best tip I ever learned from a knitting instructor at my LYS.

  • Genius! I love these and no more rubber / plastic stitch markers in the world is a big plus!!

  • These look like such a fun project

  • I finally got around to making one of these and I love it. I think it’s going to work so well as a stitch marker – more noticeable than just a loop of yarn, but less likely to pop off like some metal or rubber rings do. I can’t knit much right now due to tennis/knitters elbow, so a stitch marker collection will keep me busy.

  • These look great! I wonder how small one could make them. I realise they couldn’t be tiny, but maybe to suit a 4–4.5mm needle?