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  • If I could manage it, everything in my life would be orange (with maybe a little yellow thrown in.) That said, I really like the border you’ve done. That green makes the orange BETTER, all orange would just be (dare I say it?) too much. Must bookmark the clever cast off process. . .

  • I like the greeny green w/thin orange. I say, “forge ahead!”

  • I think the new border looks great! The orange picks up and echoes the thin orange square, while the thicker green border anchors the edge w/ the rest of the blanket. Well done!

  • Ditto to them. I think the green is lovely, and the orange adds a nice amount of “spice.” There can be more than one right way to knit a blanket, right??
    And I love that border technique–I’ve done more noticeable versions to make edgings on garments, but this is nice and subtle. So, I think that redeems your friend from sending you down that crevasse.

  • Didn’t comment last time, because you already had two many opinions, but I was silently a little nervous about BIG orange. I think the current incarnation looks spectacular, as the two border colors set each other off and complement/bring out virtually every square in the blanket. Well done!

  • Oops, typo above, you certainly had more than TWO opinions, you had TOO many!

  • I say for get Belinda and Cristina. It looks awesome like this; it balances the blanket out quite well. It fits with the character of the blocks, even. I still contend that a wide orange border would have taken over.
    Keep it up!

  • you could do the same border on the opposite side and on the other 2 flip small grean big orange?

  • Forget them, your border looks wonderful. I think a wide orange border would overwhelm your blanket. The narrow orange stripe with a wider green looks awesome.

  • Forget them, your border looks wonderful. I think a wide orange border would overwhelm your blanket. The narrow orange stripe with a wider green looks awesome.

  • Love the border you are knitting now. I wasn’t keen on orange at all, so little is better, IMO. But I didn’t give it before – because, heck, it’s your blanket!
    But I do like the thin orange/larger green with that really neat rollover edge! 🙂

  • I really like the border that you’ve done! I think it looks awesome, maybe even better than orange alone would’ve looked. Ditto on the other comments – the orange give’s it spice, the green brings the whole blanket together nicely. Great idea on the rolled edge, btw! 🙂

  • I thought an all orange border would be great, but I think you have found a better border.
    It is gorgeous, very very beautiful.

  • I love the new border. Hurray for greeny green!

  • Ach – never apologize for green! The green is lovely, and as others have noted, the orange gives just enough zip.
    Green forever!

  • I like the border you’ve got going now, though I wouldn’t have liked it by description: “big green, narrow orange stripe” wouldn’t have conjured up anything attractive to my mind. Which proves once again that one has to try something to see how it works out!

  • Personally, in my opinion for what it matters, I like the thin orange and the wider tweedy… the border shown is very nice… It’s understated and doesn’t detract from the center squares. I do realize I’m throwing in my 2 cents a little late, but I just wanted to comment on my thoughts.

  • That edging is PERFECT! It flows with the blocks perfectly! Hoorah and Congratulations!

  • I didn’t comment on the orange because it is not one of my fav colors. I really like what you have going on now with the green and love the edge treatment.

  • What? Did Christina and…who?…say something? I didn’t hear anything.
    Border is per-FECT!

  • NO, NO. NO. I love the green! Large amounts of orange is NEVER good.

  • At the risk of going against people who probably have way more color sense then I do — I like the narrow orange with the green outside. I also like the info about the garter border, thanks!

  • It looks good!
    Incidentally, you have inspired me to pick up my sock-yarn afghan project (great for all the ends of sock yarn balls that don’t get made into baby sockies or something else) and begun a now-sew mitered square. I did half of it last evening!!! Why haven’t you put huge warning labels all over about how addictive they are?!?!!? Oh, wait. I think y’all did… when you wrote a book filled with them. *cries*

  • blanket with green border is PERFECTION! leave it as is;and I love the edge

  • I love this! It’s so perfect. The orange inside the green harnasses the eye and brings it right to the inside of this gorgeous blanket — where it should be. Perfect. And thanks for that bind off tip. I’ll be using it if I ever get the slog, er, log cabin done.

  • I like that boarder. It looks nice and neat and complete. That side of the blanket looks done, and homey, and very snuggleable.

  • Don’t change a thing!!! The border is PERFECT

  • Although it seems you don’t need any more comments, being a green myself, I must say I think the border looks fantabulous just the way you did it. The orange strikes just the right note. And many thanks for the curling under tip! I am working on a log cabin table runner and had wondered how to make the border its’ best.

  • i was originally in the all-orange camp but the green looks fabulous. i say sally forth with the green — you’re obviously onto something good.

  • I am a big fan of this blanket, especially the completely perfect touch of orange that, I think, really makes the whole thing pop so I was eager to see what you would do with the border to preserve the balance of the quieter/more neutral colors and the bright orange.
    I think your choice to go with narrow strips of orange and a wider border in a different color was a stroke of genius. It looks amazing! I don’t know if I would have had the gumption to rip out all those x-tra rows of orange but wowie was it worth it.
    You have a way with color that I am very envious of.
    Keep up the lovely blog!

  • I like the way you have it now. Skinny orange border stripe, fatter green/other color border stripe.
    Don’t go changing.

  • I *love* the green with the orange. I think it looks terrific!

  • It looks fantastic! Don’t bow to the Orange mafia.

    and if the making of knitted blankets by you and Kay has proven anything, it has proven that there are many roads to a perfect blanket. ‘Big Orange’ would not have been to my taste, but that doesn’t make me a better designer than those who desire it. Thanks for all the wonderfulness you (both) bring to knitting, creativity and life!

  • The only thing I love more than green is orange…but I have to chime in and say that I absolutely LOVE the border as it is now – skinny orange and wider green.

  • Ohh I absolutely love the way the border turned out!!

  • It looks great – keep with it as is.

  • ooooooooooooh, Cristina! Well that told US, didn’t it? Laughing my head off here. It looks fabulous. FABULOUS. And I’m sure I said mix them up a bit if the orange was too orange. But Ann, aren’t you just impressed I knew that wasn’t enough orange? – here’s a thought….. what about mixed orange stripes?! Just to carry on being a saucebox…..

  • oh, and ‘crevasselike hole of despair’ – I am filing that expression away, for a Dark Moment! x x x x

  • Ann,
    This blanket is MUCH BETTER with a thin orange stripe and a wide green border. Brava!

  • Well. I think the new border looks great. Much more subtle than a wide orange one would be. Looks “designer” this way.

  • ha ha. I was waiting to read Belinda’s opinion today after seeing Christina’s call for support yesterday. Love that you called them both out.

  • Well, I may be the only one who still prefers the all orange border. I think it was a bit more “fun”. This one is lovely, don’t get me wrong, but a bit more sedate or formal. Kind of like the difference between Sean Connery and Matthew McConaughy (sp?). Both lovely, but one is more likely to suggest a naked party in your living room than the other.

  • This border is perfect, and beautiful. Keep it.

  • Redheads historically have that troublemaker image, don’t they? (And you can forget about commenting that my red comes out of henna box, missy.)

  • Love love love the border you have. Forget the wide orange troublemakers and keep this the way it is.

  • Glad you went ahead with the wide green border and the tin orange one combined.When I mentioned using paper around it, I was using my photo matting skills. Usually you prick an outer mat and then use a thin inner mat with a kicker color to bring out the highlights.It looks quite nice, once again, it is your blanket and you can make it any way you want. You have to live with it.

  • i like the green on the out side. if you like it keep it. lynn

  • I trust your taste.. and it justified. I love the edge of orange with the green tweedy! Very nice… it repeats the look of the blanket with a nice finish. Speaking of finish.. I’m going to have to re-read that explanation when I haven’t been teaching all day. I got a little lost.

  • You made the right choice! I voted for something else but I absolutely love what you did. Unreservedly. The orange gives it some jazz and the green mats it–like a frame or a final coda. Perfect choice.
    I am so totally copying you…..if I ever decide to mitre on such a large scale.

  • I’ll definitly use this technique for my few little miters…whenever I get back to them. I will need a special border

  • I think the blanket looks absolutely perfect with the green and orange. I love the curling edge technique. Thanks so much for showing how it’s done.

  • I LOVE the border you have chosen–just the right amount of orange. Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  • Beautiful compromise.

  • Shall I dye my hair red? (orange)

  • I’m not an ‘orange’ kinda girl-might be from the gazillion sports teams the kids were on that all had orange in their uniforms over the years. However, I like the thin orange around the border, the green wider strip and the way you bound off the edging! Cleaver! Now, just to remember that if I ever get finished with the current baby blanket that is causing me bouts of narcolepsy!

  • Absolutely love, love, love the color scheme you decided on for your border!

  • Oh that’s PURRRRRDY!!! Even better than I had envisioned. Nice work. What a cool edge making it curl back on itself like that!

  • At first, I was in favor of the wide orange, but I have to say that I actually like what you’ve done much better. Just enough orange to be orangey and tie it all together.

  • Forget Yoda and Obi Wan – trust the force, Anne. Your border is perfect and doesn’t exploit your love of orange, just gently reminds that it is there. Love it!

  • Wow, I love the way this is turning out! I was in the thin orange camp, but this is better… the little bit of orange makes it “pop”, and the green frames it beautifully and finishes it off. Your eye for color is eviable, Ann!

  • I LOVE the new border! Don’t listen to them LA LA LA LA LA just keep knitting LA LA LA

  • I like what you did – Would you be insulted if I told you your blanket is sort of retro, like 1969 only better?

  • Looks gorgeous – love the green. And thanks for the border tip – it really looks great. In our house we are kinds sick of the orange – there’s the Chicago Bears with their orange & navy colors. And our local HS (where my daughters each spent4 years) & U of Illinois in Champaign (where younger daughter spent 4 years) have the same school colors as the Bears. We made the mistake of visiting DD on a football weekend once & I have never seen so many middle aged men in orange polyester Sansabelt pants (I didn’t know they still made those much less in orange!).

  • De-lurking to tell you the revised border is FABULOUS. The orange gives it the perfect amount of zing. Don’t doubt yourself – you made a perfectly lovely choice!

  • Your blanket looks FABULOUS!!

  • I like your new green and orange border. It’s perfect.

  • Hmmm. I know some folks just love orange, but I think your edging with the green and orange is beautiful!

  • I like it a lot! What a labor of love!

  • I love, love, love this border! Ignore the naysayers. Your blanket looks so professional! I love it!

  • Stay just like it is now. Dont change a thing. Stay. Stay. Good Girl.

  • I think the orange sets off the green, or maybe the green sets off the orange. I’m sorry, but Belinda and Cristina are just, well, um, not to put too fine a point on it, wrong.

  • Baht eet ees pairfect!! Let the cavillers cavil but I am delighted and smitten. (I know they secretly love it too.)

  • Well let them enjoy their nay saying. I liked the wider orange too but having seen it done this way I can hardly wait to see it finished.

  • I like it! A big orange border would be way too much. You did it just right!

  • I only read one comment to this post — the one at the top, Becky’s. And I just want to say, “ME TOO, what SHE SAID.”
    That green just makes the orange orangier. I am in love with and in awe of your blanket. And that clever castoff, WOW. I can’t even conceive of myself knitting a thing that HUGE. It’s gorgeous.

  • Carry on, Perfect-Border-Maker.
    It is gawjuss, and I would like to see that beautiful blanket in my parlor, please.

  • I love what you decided to do — it is absolutely gorgeous!

  • The border as now shown is absolutely smashing! I was verrrrrry nervous about an orange border (childhood trauma with a loving, but color impaired mother). But now that I see it, I am totally on your bandwagon. Can’t wait to see it done. Especially the inventive thing you’ll do if you’re right that you don’t have enough orange.

  • I love the green border!!! The orange is just the right width, the green ties it all in. A wider orange would have certainly detracted from the whole project! You go girl, keep trusting your own instincts!

  • I really like the green border with just a bit o’ orange. It’s perfect.

  • They may be mavens, but in this case, Belinda and
    Christina are just Pure D wrong. That border–the green with narrower orange–is perfection on a stick.
    Let the Eeyores eat cake, says
    The Frog Princess

  • I think the green looks great!

  • Rhonda! Are we talking Alec Guiness or Ewan McGregor?
    Forget it, I’m Obi Wan. It ain’t easy being GREEN.

  • strong with this one, is the force.
    still much to learn, have i.
    how do i covet this blanket? let me count the ways…


  • At first I thought the all orange border would be fantastic but now after seeing what you’ve done I absolutely LOVE the thin orange stripe and the wide gorgeous green stripe. I’d say keep it like it is.

  • I thought 10 rows of orange was great, but this is Greater! And, Eeyore is my favorite character, so be nice!

  • I gotta admit…I wanted all orange, but this totally works. Looks great!

  • I’m another vote for thin orange and larger strip of another color. I love how the border you’ve already knit has turned out!

  • The long journey of my Log Cabin Moderne is drawing to a close…only 76-ish garter ridges left before the border. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be seeing the rolled edge border idea – I’m so doing that! Thanks for the endless inspiration – your blanket looks fabulous!