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  • Buffy sounds like good people! Perhaps that is who the Marines had in mind when they sent us a reminder that a hurricane is NOT a kegger. Hmm, so in order to obey orders, I stuck with wine.
    Must say, this education in rodents is becoming fascinating. Have you seen you can now buy rabbit fur to knit? 🙂

  • [Singing, rather badly, but with much gusto.]
    It’s a small world, after all….it’s a small world, after all…
    SO envious you guys got to meet each other. Wish I could have been there, too! 🙂

  • Maybe we can come up with some fantastic excuse to travel to Europe ….

  • thanks for the free advertising! 🙂 we enjoyed having you! i’ll try to remember to notify you when Fable is in….

  • Darn it! I should have a known you’d show up at Angel Hair on the one day I’m NOT there! That’s a bit of a stretch but ya know…”no hubbo, no kids, no job.” 😉
    What a relief to see that Buffy’s still the Buffy I’ve always known and loved. Glad to hear all is well with the family and the new house too. Phew.
    Now, about knitting…let’s discuss your love of blocking and finishing. Remember my Tate coat out of Rowan Big Wool? It’s all knitted and lovely, sitting in an AHYC bag just waiting for someone who loves blocking. Since the proverbial grass is always greener, how about one day we Trade Places and I’ll take carpool duty and you can have blocking duty? Think about it.
    I’ve recently been inspired to shrink both yarn and needle sizes. Right now, I’m actually making socks and there’s four skeins of Koigu just begging to be a scarf worked on size 3’s. Partial inspiration actually came from your foray into Birch – which I think turned out beautifully.
    You Do Need To Get Out More! I hope I’m at AHYC the next time you do.
    P.S. Julie M. from USN (if you see this) – Hi!